11 Features Of LED Light Strips You Must Know

The LED strip light is a diversified combination. The surface of the flexible circuit board that combines a flexible copper substrate, an insulating layer, and a protective layer is filled with light-emitting diodes (SMD LED), and a 3M adhesive tape is used on the back, the exterior can be wrapped with silicone gel or PVC glue materials for waterproofing (IP65/67/68).

The LED light strip exists as a single entity, and it can produce the best light effect when used in coordination with the LED controller and the LED power supply.

SMD LED size

As one of the most comprehensive suppliers in the world, we provide the most comprehensive SMD LEDs, including COB LED, 020SMD, 335SMD, 2110SMD, 2216SMD, 3014SMD, 2835SMD, 3528SMD, 5050SMD, 5630SMD, 5730SMD. 

At present, the brightest product we provide uses SMD5730 LEDs, the smallest LED uses COB chip on board technology, COB LED combined with COB chip and fluorescent film LED chip is directly packaged on PCB. COB is one of our superior products.

Currently, we provide led strip lights with different led light colors, Single Color / CCT / RGB / RGBW / RGBCCT / Addressable full LED color. The densest single row LED strip lights is SMD2110 (except COB), and the maximum density can achieve 700LEDs/ m. If you have a soft spot for multi-row led strips, SMD2835 and SMD3528 are good choices.

Almost all SMD2110/SMD2216/SMD3014 can achieve no light spot effect, but their LED size and maximum density are different. As a basic chip, SMD5050 has a wide range of applications. Most of the chips for addressable led strip lights are packaged in SMD5050 components, it is one of the most popular products, and it is evenly matched with SMD5630 in terms of brightness.

Low energy consumption

LED strips can convert 80% of electrical energy into light energy. The LED strip does not produce infrared radiation, and the heat generated by a single LED is small enough, 80% of the light energy is converted into light energy, and the rest is converted into heat energy.

LumensLED strip lightIncandescent light

High Lumens (Luminous Flux)

A measure of the total amount of visible light emitted per unit of source time. Most of the light emitted by the LED light source is invisible, the range of visible light is defined as the wavelength between 400 (ultraviolet) and 700nm (infrared), the luminous efficiency of a single LED is high, and the power is lower than the ordinary LED light under the same light output conditions.

Lighting tasks Recommended  Lumens
Accent lighting (Stairs, Swim Pool)150-250LM/Ft
Nearby working lighting (Cabinet)175-550LM/Ft
Long-distance task lighting (Ceiling)350-1200LM/Ft
Indirect lighting (Backlight)375-1200LM/Ft
Sign (Hoarding)500-1200LM/Ft

Luminous color

In the optional direction of static color change, we provide warm white(2700-3500K); Neutral White(4000-4500K); Daylight White(6000-6500K); Amber; Red; Green; Blue; Yellow; Orange; Tiffany Blue; Marrs Green; Pink, etc. multiple single color optional.

• CCT: warm white + Natural white / pure white + warm white ⇒ CCT tunable white LED strip lights

• RGB: 3in1 LED chip integrated by red, green and blue, which is a four channels LED light strip ⇒ RGB color changing led lights strip

• RGBW: integrated by red, green, blue, and white, and is a five channels LED strip light. ⇒ RGB+White led strip lights

• RGBWW: integrated by red, green, blue, warm white, daily white and is a six channels LED strips. ⇒ RGB+CCT color changing led strip lights

In terms of dynamic color change, we provide Dream Color LED strip light, DC5V single LED group is programmable; DC12V, three LEDs are programmable; DC24V, six LEDs are programmable, coordinated with the controller to achieve color chasing effects. ⇒ Addressable led strips

Meanwhile, you can look at our video to get an intuitive understanding of your preferred led color. 

High CRI (Color rendering index)

The spectrum of the light source determines CRI. The object’s color under the LED light source is compared with the color under natural light, and 0-100 is used as a score to measure the color rendering of different LED colors.

At present, we usually measure CRI by the restoration degree of scene color under a white lighting environment, the color rendering index of the single white color LED strip light in our product is as high as 98.

Long life and good flexibility

Unlike traditional LED lights, LED lights produce light with current passing through semiconductors, and metal wires are used in ordinary LEDs.

LED light strips can convert more electrical energy into light energy, and the energy consumption is small so LED strip light can extend the life span up to 50,000 hours.

You can bend it at a suitable angle at will, and the LED strip light can restore it to its original state very well.

Low dependence on the working environment

LED light strips are made of high-quality PCB materials with an external protective layer, which can work at -20~60°C. At present, the LED strip lights we provide can be as narrow as 3mm, which can meet all the needs of ultra-narrow spaces.

Custom waterproof level

IP20 (bare board light strip): Non-waterproof naked board light strip is only suitable for indoor use, avoid placing the light strip in a humid environment, avoid placing it with metal, damaging the LED components, and causing short circuits during the use of the light strip, Conductivity, and other issues.

IP65 (epoxy resin wrap): solves the trouble of IP20 light strips, can be placed in a humid indoor environment, epoxy resin wrap can be wind and dustproof. Do not place the light strip outdoors. The IP65 light strip can only be splash-proof. Excessive rain will cause problems such as a short circuit of the light strip.

IP67 (silica gel sleeve, heat shrinkable tube package): suitable for the rainy outdoor environment, the tail is sealed with translucent glue to avoid placing the light strip in water to soak.

IP68 (waterproof plastic package): IP68 is the highest waterproof grade, IP68 light strip, can be placed in outdoor hot (<80°C), cold environments (>-20°C), suitable for decoration on yachts, swimming pools, Internal lighting and so on.

Beam angle

The narrow beam angle of 25 degrees is called the spot. A wider beam angle of 60 degrees is called a flood beam, and an even wider beam is called a broad flood beam, brighter downlights with more overall beam angles are very suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.

The SMD LED strip has a beam angle of 120 degrees, and the COB LED strip has a beam angle of 180 degrees. The beam angle of 120/180 degrees can radiate to a larger area, and the led light is evenly dispersed. There is no too bright or too dark light, which is very suitable for indoor reading and work.

The LED light strips can be matched with different light diffusers to obtain different diffusion angles. The lens series aluminum profiles provide the LED light strip with a 30-degree and 60-degree beam angle display, while the silicone led diffuser (flex led neon tube, led silicone tube) can expand the beam angle to 180 degrees, 270 degrees, or 360 degrees.

Custom length

The LED light strip is cuttable, and it can be cut smoothly along the cutting line to reach the desired size. You can customize the length of your own according to the needs of the room layout.

Safe and harmless

We currently provide DC5/12/24/36/48 led light strips to choose from. Are led strip lights safe? The most significant feature of low-voltage led strip lights is safety, stability, high efficiency, and is harmless to the human body.

Correct use of LED lights with soft range to control our sleep cycle; correct exposure is essential to maintain our circadian rhythm.

Different lighting is used in different scenes. In the rest area, you should choose a wide beam focusing and moderate brightness lighting. White/Orange light can match the kitchen, which can brighten the environment and restore the color of food to a high degree, bathroom lighting can use warm white LED strip light.