What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

What is the widest led light strip? Does the led strip width matter to me? What is the difference between the various strip widths? Here's how wide LED strip lights are.

Flexible LED Strip Lights VS Rigid LED Linear Light Bars

What are flexible led strip lights? LED strip light is a strip-sharped printed circuit board with other electronic parts. And when connected to a led power supply, the electricity is converted into light energy, and the LEDs (light emitting diodes) will […]

What LED Light Colors Mean?

LED lights are available in static solid colors and dynamic color effects, click to know LED light color meaning and choose the right light color.

What Is Color Rendering Index?

For those engaged in the LED light industry, CRI is a commonly used term. You often see the CRI value in the data of the light source, but what is its actual meaning? The CRI value of a […]

What Is LED Color Temperature?

Color temperature (CT) is a temperature measurement method, this concept is based on an imaginary black object, when heated to different temperatures, it shows different colors and emits different light colors. After the black object is heated, it gradually […]

What Is A SMD LED Strip Light?

When browsing LED strip lights, we often see the LED strip lights with the word SMD or SMD5050, forming a special word, SMD5050 LED strip. SMD LED meaning the surface mount LED lights that are installed on the […]