What Light Colors Do LED Strip Lights Have?

In this article, we will talk about these questions. If you are interested in these questions, let us explore the answers together. 

1. How many colors are in led strip lights?

2. What does LED light color mean?

3. Why are my led strip lights not the same color?

How Many Light Colors Are In LED Strip Lights?

More and more people are willing to use LED strip lights for ambient lighting decor. This phenomenon has to be attributed to its advantages – can be cut and connected, easy to install, high efficiency and energy saving, have a long lifetime reaching 50,000 hours, and safer due to the low working voltage.

The various led light color makes using LED strip lights fun. There are many LED colors for you to choose from that led strip lights can produce.

Single color Always the same led light color in a led strip light. White light color temperature (2700K/3000K warm white, 7000K cool white, 6000K daylight white, 4000K natural white), red, blue, ice blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, pink.
Multi-color1) A led light strip can have different colors, but only one LED color can appear at a time. CCT, RGB, RGBW, RGBCCT
2) Various light colors can appear in one led strip lighting at a time.Addressable dream color(full-color changing)

What Does LED Light Color Meaning?

1. Single color LED strip lights

Single color led light strips indicate that they can only display one color. But you can adjust the light brightness to match your different activities by installing a LED dimmer.

White light color is usually used for bedroom lighting, kitchen lighting, or living room lighting. Other colors are suitable for atmosphere lighting like parties, KTVs, bars, etc.

2. Multi-color LED strip lights

2.1 Tunable White Light

Tunable white led strip lights, also called CCT led strip lights or dimmable led strip lights, have different white led color temperatures in the strip. There are two combinations of CCT LEDs, one is a 2 in 1 white LED, and the other is two white LEDs with different color temperatures as a CCT light interval. Typically, one LED is a warm white light, and the other is a cool white or pure white light.

You can enjoy the warm and comfortable environment brought to you by warm white light. And if you want a bright environment to work or read, you can adjust the white color to cool white.

2.2 RGB Color

RGB LED strip lights mean that the color is RGB, which is a color model. It can produce various colors by changing the three color channels of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) and superimposing them with each other.

It is one of the most widely used color systems. Under normal circumstances, an RGB color each has 256 levels of brightness, which are represented by numbers from 0 to 255. Although the highest number is 255, 0 is also one of the numbers, so there are 256 levels in total. 

256 levels of an RGB color can produce 16 million colors by mixing different red, green, and blue colors. So, RGB LED strip lights are also called color-changing LED strip lights.

2.3 RGBW Light

The RGBW LED strip lights have an RGB light color and a white led color. When you want an entertainment environment, open the RGB color and not light up the white color. And if you need a lighting light, you also can use the white color of the RGBW led strip light.

• RGBW VS RGB: The biggest difference between RGB color and RGBW light color is that the white light of the RGBW LED strip is purer than the white color of RGB color changing LED strip lighting which is mixed by red, green, and blue colors. The white color of the RGB strip is bluish, and the white light of the RGBW led strip is whiter. 

2.4 RGBCCT Light Color

The RGBCCT color model is also known as RGBWW, RGBWWA, RGBCW, or RGB+CCT. It has a more white color than an RGBW strip light. This means it has two white colors, warm white color, and cool white color. And you can think of it as a combination of RGB led strips and CCT led strips.

The warm white color gives people a comfortable and warm feeling, and the cool white color makes things cool and not approachable.

2.5 Addressable dream color LED strip lights (Addressable White/RGB/RGBW/RGBCCT)

You can think of addressable light strips as an upgraded version of color-changing led light strips. The difference between them is that the addressable led light strip can individually control the interval controlled by each IC and these ICs can change the brightness and color of the LED lights in their control area.

The IC is sometimes exposed on the circuit board and is called an external IC. The built-in IC is hidden in the LED lamp beads, which is difficult to see with the naked eyes.

You can use addressable led strips to produce almost unlimited light effects.

Why Are My LED Strip Lights Not The Same Color?

Led light strips have a special physical and chemical structure, the color change depends on the size of the current. When it is a small current, it is red, and when the current gradually increases, the color changes to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and other light colors.

If the power supply of the led light strip is insufficient, the current will become smaller, and the color will be different from the previous one.

Want to understand the reasons why your led strip lights are different in color, check the following factors to see if your led strip lights have the same problem.

1. Led strip light color or brightness attenuation

Caused by a LED voltage drop or current drop, the led light strip is too long and the power supply is insufficient. Provide power at the beginning and end of the led strip to solve this problem.

2. The color of the led strip changes over time

The led strip itself has light attenuation and the LED brightness is reduced. The external force causes the led light strip to accelerate the aging and turn yellow, the specific reason we have explained in detail in this blog.

3. The color temperature of the led light strip is not bought in the same batch

The led color temperature will change to a certain extent after your led strip is used, and this change becomes more and more obvious with the increase of time.

You bought a 6000K pure white led light strip. Three months later, you want to buy another one and install it with the old one. At this time, you find that their white light color temperatures are different. You think it’s a product problem, but you don’t know that this is because the time of use has quietly changed your white light strip. So try to buy enough led strips for your use at the same time.