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CV DMX512 Decoder

DMX Decoder adopted the advanced micro-electronic control technology to convert universal DMX512/1990 digital signal to CC/CV PWM signal to drive LED, which controlled by DMX512 console, realize 0-100% brightness or various changing effect. And can control single color, dupi-color, RGB, RGBW, RGBWY, RGBWW LED lights.

4CH Wireless CV DMX Decoder LT-874S-5A

4CH Wireless CV DMX Decoder LT-874S-5A

  • Input voltage: 5-24VDC
  • Max load current: 5A ×4CH
  • Output power: Max.480W
  • Receiver sensitivity: -96dBm
  • Working frequency channel: 2.4GHz
  • size: L175×W44×H30
  • Weight: 200g
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The LT-874S-5A has been discontinued. We recommend you to use the LT-820-5A DMX Decoder and LT-870S transceiver  to replace it.     Brief introduction LT-874S-5A Wireless DMX512 receiver receive the standard DMX512 protocol data wirelessly. Match with our LT-870S wireless transceiver,supporting point to point, point to multi-point net work Network structure.A transceiver can...
1CH CV DMX Decoder LT-801-12A

1CH CV DMX Decoder LT-801-12A

  • Input voltage: 12-24VDC
  • Max load current: 12A ×1CH
  • Max output power: Max.288W
  • Dimming Range: 0~100%
  • Weight: 200g
  • size: L175×W44×H30(mm)
Various Options In Stock
Input signal : DMX512 Input voltage : DC12V~DC24V Max load current : 12A ×1CH   Max 12A Max output power : 144W/288W(12V/24V) Dimming range : 0~100% Working temperature : -30℃~55℃ Dimension: L175×W44×H30(mm) Package Size : L178×W48×H33mm Weight (G.W) : 120g       LT-801-12A
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