Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?

Positive phototaxis bugs are attracted to LED strip lights, while negative phototaxis bugs are not. Shorter wavelengths, cool white color temperature, and high heat are attractive to bugs and insects.

What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

What is the widest led light strip? Does the led strip width matter to me? What is the difference between the various strip widths? Here’s how wide LED strip lights are.

How to Choose and Install LED Strip Lights?

When we choose the led light strips, we will encounter some common problems like we do not know how to find the right LED strip lights for our own LED lighting projects. There are many kinds of LED […]

Are There Really Small LED Strip Lights You Want?

If you’re shopping for LED strip lights, you’ve probably come across a few small-sized options that caught your eye. But do narrow LED strips that meet your lighting needs really exist on the market today? Small LED strip […]

Is LED Strip Lighting Safe?

LED strip lighting is safe for the human body, it can’t cause a fire, and it’s safe to sleep with LED strip lights on. All you need do is to properly use it.