Do LED Lights Attract Bugs?

Why do some LED lights attract bugs? And why are there no insects around some LED lights? Click to know what attracts bugs and how to avoid them.

How to Choose and Install LED Strip Lights?

When we choose the led light strips, we will encounter some common problems like we do not know how to find the right LED strip lights for our own LED lighting projects. There are many kinds of LED […]

11 Features Of LED Light Strips You Must Know

The LED strip light is a diversified combination. The surface of the flexible circuit board that combines a flexible copper substrate, an insulating layer, and a protective layer is filled with light-emitting diodes (SMD LED), and a 3M adhesive tape […]

Is LED Strip Lighting Safe?

LED strip lighting is safe for the human body, it can't cause a fire, and it's safe to sleep with LED strip lights on. All you need do is to properly use it.

Do LED Strip Lights Overheat?

All electronic equipment generates heat during operation, such as our commonly used mobile phones and computers, so as the led strip lights. This heat must be discharged to the outside of the led strip light, otherwise, the accumulation […]

Top 6 Considerations Before Buying LED Strip Lights

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Why Does White LED Light Turn Yellow?

The basic structure of the LED light strip is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, which is cured on the bracket with silver glue or white glue, then connects the LED chip and the circuit board with silver or […]