The Best RGBW Waterproof LED Strip Lights

With a wide variety of features, the Best RGBW Waterproof LED Strip Lights are a great option for a variety of applications. They feature multi-color capabilities, adhesive installation, and 50,000-hour integrated LED life. This product also comes with […]

5 Best RGBW Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Looking for color changing LED strip lights for outdoor use? RGBW waterproof LED strip lights are a great option. Here're 5 best RGBW waterproof LED light strips.

How to Wire RGBW LED Strips?

What does RGBW stand for? RGBW means that there are four colors of R(red), G(green), B(blue), and W(white) on an SMD LED or a group of LED lights. RGBW led strip is equivalent to RGB color plus white light color. Constant […]

RGBW Lighting: How To Choose The Right LED Light Fixtures?

In the range of low voltage color changing LED lights, RGB lighting is widely used in public places or entertainment places, such as advertising signs, KTVs, building outline lighting, etc. Here we will introduce the RGBW led lights, […]