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Ltech Control System

ltech controller system

Ltech is a LED lighting brand specializing in control systems, with professional technology and experience in product development and production, it constantly introducing new products and features to meet market needs.

Ltech LED controllers cover Bluetooth, RF, WiFi, DMX, SPI, and various signal conversion fields, integrate them into easy-to-operate products. Ltech LED drivers have a variety of output methods and control modes, such as PWM dimming, constant current output, etc., which are suitable for various LED lamps and application scenarios.

Ltech LED lighting products have undergone rigorous testing and quality control, passed various authoritative agencies' certifications, such as CE, ROHS, UL, etc. They excel in terms of quality and performance.

ltech led controller

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  • DMX512/RDM SeriesDMX512/RDM Series

    This series includes all Ltech products that support the DMX512 and RDM protocols. DMX512 is a digital control protocol that defines the communication standard between lighting devices. And RDM (Remote Device Management) is a remote device management protocol developed on the basis of DMX512 protocol, which can realize the remote management and monitoring of lighting equipment.

    To connect your LED lights to the Ltech DMX controller for precise lighting control, you first need to confirm the type of your lights. If your LED light is just a normal type without a built-in DMX512 decoder or does not support the DMX512 control protocol, you can use an additional DMX512 decoder to convert the DMX512 control signal to a normal PWM control signal or SPI control signal.

    DMX Control LED Lighting Strip – Things You Need To Know


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  • DALI SeriesDALI Series

    DALI is the young generation lighting control protocol in the realm of lighting control at present, Which adopt Manchester encoding transmission, With overall, grouping dimming, addressing dimming, various scene mode set, brightness traced, etc. powerful dimming function. Modern top grade hotel, shopping mall, household increasingly request high standard to lighting system. DALI protocol bus-mastering with simple, reliable, superior function etc. features, are used widely, showing the powerful advantage in the realm of intelligent lighting control.


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  • 0/1-10V Series0/1-10V Series

    Along with the rise of LED illumination, LED lamps are widely used in hotel, business center, household decoration etc. there are more and more chances to use LED and fluorescent lights at the same project, if LED lamps and fluorescent lights can be controlled together by a traditional fluorescent dimming system, it will make everything more convenient, but the dimming principles of LED and traditional fluorescent lights are different, LED lights can not be dimmed by the fluorescent dimming controller directly.


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  • Triac SeriesTriac Series

    Full-digital circuit design, more outstanding performance and life

    PWM digital dimming, do not change the LED color rendering index

    Stepless dimming,really no flicker.


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  • IoT Intelligent DriverIoT Intelligent Driver

    Wireless dimmingRF 2.4GHzT-PWM   digital dimming, present a perfect visual experience.Dimming range: 0~100%,LED start at 0.01% possible. IEEE 1789)Flicker-free (, achieve the level of exemption assessment.Innovative thermal management technology, intelligent power life protection

    Over-heat / Over voltage / Over load / Short circuit protection, recover automatically. Class2powersupply. Full protective plastic housing. Compliant with Safety Extra Low Voltage standard. Suitable for internal lights application for I/II/III. 

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  • LT-BUS Control SystemLT-BUS Control System

    Support RF2.4GHz wireless signal and DMXwired connection


    CompatiblewithF series remote, RC4-RF-B remote and Q series remote.

    Compatible with EX series touch panel.

    Compatible with WiFi-106/WiFi-108 gateway.


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  • L-HOME Smart HomeL-HOME Smart Home

    Thehumanbodysensoradoptsthermo-electricinfraredsensortodetectsomeone’spassing via sensing heat. Detecting lights onduring someone comingand lights off as someone left through linkage of gateway with intelligent device and lamps,youcan set trigger conditions, trigger period and shutdown delayviatheAPP,itmakes life smart.

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  • WiFi/RF Control System(DX)WiFi/RF Control System(DX)

    WiFi-104 is a WiFi lighting control system, consisted of APPs and WiFi controller Controls various types of LED lighting products by installing the related App on our iOS or Android mobile devices which support WiFi connection. With DIM, CT adjustment, RGB and RGBW changing 4 in 1 operation, plus 12 zones control function, you can connect directly or by a router.


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  • WiFi/RF ProductsWiFi/RF Products

    LT-3600RF is a multi-functional RGB LED controller, use the advanced PWM (Puse-Width Modulation) control technique, built-in 32 kinds of changing mode. Smooth changing effect without flicker; PC engineering plastic shell, exquisite appearance. The receiver has 8 keys, which are used for namely ON/OFF, PAUSE, MODE+/-, SPEED+/- , BRT+/-, compatible with RF remote (100m control distance). 12~24VDC wide voltage input, 3CH output (common anode), widely used for all kinds of LEDs with current-limiting resistor, like RGB LED modules,LED strips, SMD and so on;


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  • LED Power RepeaterLED Power Repeater

    LED power repeater is suitable for all of LTECH power types(DIM,CT,RGB) LED controller’s power expansion. It accepts PWM control. The controlled LED quantities would be double or triple by adding one more power repeater. Unlimited power repeaters could be connected theoretically.  It has Short circuit/Over current/anti-reverse connection safety protection.Constant voltage and constant current LED power repeater can be mixed connect, facilitate different voltage, high power and low power LED lamps controlled by one controller. 


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  • SPI LED ControllersSPI LED Controllers

    LT-200 controls LED with the following compatible ICs:LPD1101/6803/8803/8806, WS2801/2803/2811/2812,UCS1903/1909/1912/2903/6909/6912, TM1804/1809/1812, TLS3001/3002,  P9813, D705. 

    Supporting international standard protocol DMX512/1990 interface, with DMX administration mode to invoke the built-in functions for choosing mode, speed, brightness, types and direction changing by DMX512 console. Furthermore, it has the DMX decoder mode, customers could use DMX512 console to program & control every channel of theLEDswiththecompatibleICslistedabove.(0-100%dimmingrange,program any lighting effect required);


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  • LED Signal ConverterLED Signal Converter

    Ethernet Control System based on the Artnet protocol.Convert the Artnet network data package into DMX512 data.

    Adopting high-speed ARM processor, stable and reliable.

    Supports RJ45 network interface and DMX512 with RJ45 output interface.

    With TFT 2.4" LCD screen and 4 touch keys, very easy for setting operation.

    Update firmware via SD card or network.

    Support program record.

    Support offline playback.

    Compatible with the light software based on Artnet Protocol

    Widely used in the LED dot matrix and the stage lighting control network in needing lots of DMX512 data.

    Suitable for TV station recorded scene, stage performances, entertainment and so on.


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