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LeyNew Control System

Here is the LeyNew control system for LED lights, check the following categories for your home lighting and commercial lighting. 

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  • DMX512 Decoder ControllerDMX512 Decoder Controller

    They are widely used in LED dot matrix and stage lighting control networks that require a large amount of DMX512 data. The ArtNet mode is an Ethernet control system based on the ArtNet protocol. It can convert network packets in the ArtNet protocol on the network to standard DMX512 data, follow Standard ArtNet protocol provides RJ45 network interface and standard DMX512 output interface. The SD card mode is based on the reading operation.LED file edited by the EDITOR software, and its data is decoded into standard DMX512 data to realize the control of the lighting.

  • DALI ControllerDALI Controller

    DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an international standard and popular lighting control protocol bus. It uses Manchester-coded digital transmission. It has powerful dimming functions such as overall, group dimming, addressable dimming, and querying the status of lamps. Features. Compared with the analog 0-10V dimming bus, this bus has the characteristics of accurate dimming, addressability, stability, centralized control, and easy installation.

    DMX512 was first developed by USITT (American Theatre Technology Association) to control the dimmer from the console with a standard digital interface. It is simple, reliable and flexible.

    This product can convert between the standard IEC62386 DALI dimming signal and the internationally adopted DMX-512 standard signal to realize the control of the DMX module by the DALI host, and the DMX device can also be controlled by the DMX host, making the two protocols seamlessly convert

  • WiFi Controller SeriesWiFi Controller Series

    Through the use of WIFI technology, it provides more comfortable, safe, and convenient intelligent lighting control than traditional lighting control, which optimizes people's lighting and brings a new and comfortable lighting environment to users.

  • LED Touch Panel ControllerLED Touch Panel Controller

    Touch panel controller is a new high-end controller which newly developed by our company. It adopts glass panel design, beautiful and fashionable in appearance. It adopts high precision capacitance touch control chip, increases the touch sensitivity, reduces trigger which caused by mistake. It is used for controlling a variety of lamp whose source of light is LED. For instance, point source of light, flexible light strip, panel lights etc., it has many advantages such as convenient to connect, easy to use and others. This controller can control RGB and RGBW led lamp, users don't need to purchase a variety of controller, then can achieve the effect you want, also RGBW mode can realize pure white light effect that RGB lamps and lanterns can't reach.

  • LED Dimmer SeriesLED Dimmer Series

    DMX Triac dimmer adopts industrial-grade advanced computer control chip, the shell adopts rail type, high-power three-way output, suitable for the industrial environment; high-voltage MOS tube is used as the control circuit to achieve post-cut phase dimming, used to control various The lamps connected to the thyristor power supply can also be directly connected to the load lamps; it has the advantages of convenient wiring, simple use and convenience; the dimming function can be realized according to the actual needs of customers.


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  • Wireless Controller SeriesWireless Controller Series

    This RGBW panel controller is our newly developed a new type of high-end controller, RGBW 4 channel controller is a multifunction controller, mainly used for control 4 channel lamps, it supports switch the mode from RGBW to RGB+W, at the same time, under each large mode, it supports switch mode from 39 kinds small mode; This controller can control RGB and RGBW lamps, users no need to purchase a variety of controller, then can achieve the effect you want, also RGBW mode can realize pure white light effect that RGB lamps and lanterns can't reach. It is mainly used to control a variety of led lamps as the light source, such as: point light source, soft light, light strips, panel light, etc.; with easy wiring, simple to use and so on. it has many advantages such as convenient to connect, easy to use and others. 

  • Common Controller SeriesCommon Controller Series

    With the programmable time controller of the host computer, the load output can be changed with the change of time, and the customer can customize the schedule mode he wants through the host computer. Then download the required schedule to the controller through the USB port. In addition to the function of editing the schedule, the host computer can also set the time for the controller, that is, the synchronous clock function of the host computer. If users want to see the effect of the edited schedule, they can use the fast broadcast function of the host computer. The host computer is also equipped with a delete function. Once the delete function is executed, the mode name display area becomes blank. A programmable time controller with a host computer can control up to five loads of LED changes. The adjustment of the lighting change effect can be applied to plant lights, lightbox advertisements, stage setting, home decoration, etc.

  • Dream Color ControllerDream Color Controller

    The SD card SPI controller uses an advanced computer control chip to control various lamps with LED as light sources, such as point light source, soft light bar, wall washer, glass curtain wall lamp, etc. Using key control, it has the functions of selecting pattern file, adjusting change rate, output IC selection, date setting display, holiday timing, power-off storage and switch. The system powers on and searches for all "*.LED" files in the SD card and sorts them by file name from small to large, and reads and plays the last saved file mode. The user can press the button to select the changing pattern. After selecting all the files, press the Select File Add button again to display the pattern file in a loop. It has the advantages of flexible wiring, convenient wiring, and simple use; according to the actual needs of customers, it can achieve four-channel and flat jump, gradient, strobe, horse racing, running water, running text, pictures, video and other lighting changes. The user can also edit the data pattern file through the attached pattern editing software (LedEditor v1.0). There are many different patterns and it is easy to use. For the detailed editing method, please refer to the manual of the editing software.

  • Street Light Controller SeriesStreet Light Controller Series

    LYC1000 is a high performance wireless charger product developed by our company. It is suitable for providing non-contact charging for various mobile robots or devices such as AGV, AGC, RGV, electric forklift, golf cart and hotel service robot., To achieve complete automation of the battery charging process, easy to use, easy maintenance. The use of adaptive control technology to overcome the charging distance and load changes on the system performance, high control accuracy, for lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries and super capacitors to provide accurate and reliable charging, to protect and extend battery life.

    LYC1000 output power 1kW, efficiency is better than 92%, electromagnetic radiation intensity to meet the "electromagnetic environment control limits (GB 8702-2014)" requirements, safety, green and energy saving. The key components of this product are all imported components, and after rigorous testing machine to ensure long-term stable operation.

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