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Single Color LED Strip Lights

What are Single Color LED Strip Lights?

Single Color LED Strip Lights, high CRI, restore the clear object color, while the low color rendering ability is not friendly to the human eyes. Suitable for home lighting(kitchen lights, bedroom lights, under-cabinet lights, ceiling lights), commercial lighting, building lighting, etc. 

You need to consider some aspects to choosing the best single color led strip for your LED project, led strip working voltage, white light color temperature, FPCB width, how many LEDs are on the strip, non-waterproof or waterproof, COB or LED, 5050SMD or 2835SMD LED, etc. 

Single color LED light strips produce an energy-efficient, appealing, and long-lasting solution for commercial, residential, and stage lighting in a range of accent and attractive illumination applications. It makes it possible for users to generate the wanted solid color without the requirement for a special controller or optics. 

What LED Light Colors Mean?

What Is LED Color Temperature?

What Effect Do LED Strip Light Colors Bring To People?

What Is Color Rendering Index?

Shop By S​ingle Color LED Strip Type

  • Flexible COB LED Strip LightsFlexible COB LED Strip Lights

    COB refers to chip on board technology, which means the c o b LED chips are mounted directly on the FPCB. FCOB Chip on board led strip can strengthen heat dissipation and improve LED glare effect. So the COB led strip has the characteristics of high density and soft uniform light. A COB LED strip light for bedroom is a good lighting solution to add bright or colorful atmosphere. 

    COB LED light strip can be made into any color (2700K warm white, 3000K soft white, 4000K natural white, 6000K daylight, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink, CCT adjustable color temperature, color changing RGB, RGBW, RGBCCT, and dream color addressable RGB / RGBIC, addressable RGBW / RGBWIC).

    COB LED Strips vs. SMD LED Strips

    1) 180 degree large luminous angle. 2) More flexible, bend at will (can be twisted and wound). 3) High CRI up to 95+. 4) Good thermal management. 5) Spotless / dotless / constinuous / linear light effect, even light. 6) High luminous efficiency. 7) High density up to 840LEDs/m. 8) Lower power. 9) Longer lifespan. 

    What is COB led strip lights?

    FCOB LED Strip Catalog Download 

    cob led strip lighting

  • DC5V LED Strip LightsDC5V LED Strip Lights

    Why choose 5V led strip?

    5 volt led strip with low input voltage, single LED can be cut, various options in light color (single color, UV, CCT, RGB, RGBCCT), SMD LED chip, PCB width, LED density, and waterproof level. With a USB interface, 5v dc led strip is perfect for low voltage led strip lighting, directly applied to computers, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. plug and play, quick lighting through portable chargers. 

    How to power these 5v led strips with USB?

    USB LED strip lights are usually low-power strips that require a voltage of 5V to match the standard USB voltage. A 5-meter roll of low voltage 5V LED strip comes with bare wires on both ends, and you can use these two accessories: DC Connector and USB To DC Cable, to help your strip plug into TV, computer, power bank, or USB wall charger with USB interface. For higher power strip lighting decoration, it is recommended to use 5V power adapter or Meanwell power supply.

  • InfraRed丨IR LED Strip LightsInfraRed丨IR LED Strip Lights

    Our infrared (IR) and near-infrared (NIR) light led strips are available in 660nm, 730nm, 810nm, 850nm, and 940nm wavelengths. These wavelengths are often used in light therapy (photobiomodulation therapy), plant growth, and night vision systems for security cameras.

    What is the difference between red and infrared led strips?

    660nm deep red led strip is visible red light (620nm to 700nm). This red light therapy acts on the skin surface (penetrating your body to a depth of about 8 to 10 mm) to stimulate cell regeneration (collagen) and can treat skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, and age spots, and heal wounds.

    Near infrared light strip emits longer wavelengths (700nm to 1400nm) than red light, which allows 730nm, 810nm, 850nm, and 940nm to penetrate deeper into our body to help detoxify, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain.

    Moreover, the light of 810nm LED strip, 850nm LED strip, and 940nm LED strip is invisible to the human eye, so this IR LED strip type is usually used for lighting that needs to be unnoticed. 

    In agriculture, 660nm red light led strip and 730nm far-red led strip are used in plant growth lighting systems to promote plant photosynthesis.

    ir led strip

  • Ultraviolet丨UV LED Light StripsUltraviolet丨UV LED Light Strips

    What is UV light? What is a black light LED strip?

    Ultraviolet light (UV light) is an invisible light, also known as UV black light, which has a wavelength from 100nm to 400nm, divided into three common ultraviolet lights, UV A light (315nm-400nm), UV B light (280nm-315nm), and UV C light (100nm-280nm), application fields include industry, biotechnology, medical like money detection, air purification, UV mosquito control, UV curing, whitening and sterilization, etc.

    The led UV lightstrip emits 395-405nm UV wavelength on the basis of LED chips, belongs to UV A light, with flexible PCB board and 3M adhesive backing, DC5-24V low voltage input. The length of the UV led strip can be cut according to your project. UV LED blacklight strip lights with LED dimmer can achieve 0-100% dimming, suitable for black art light, black Christmas lights, black light clothing, black light parties, black light painting, black light human body art, etc. 

    We offer UV LED light strips, individual blacklight LEDs, UV LED downlights, UV LED track lights, and UV LED bulbs in different SMD LEDs, LED densities, power, and waterproof ratings for you to choose from, suitable for various black lighting.

    Guide To Know LED UV Light Strip And UV Light Fixtures

    UVA Black Light: 365nm VS 395nm

    Does UV Light Kill Mold, Fungus, And Bed Bugs?

    365nm uv light vs 395nm uv light

  • Ultra-narrow LED Strip LightsUltra-narrow LED Strip Lights

    What is the thinnest width of a LED light strip?

    Ultra narrow LED strip is a collection of very small LED strips with width of 6mm and below, DC5/12/24V low voltage input, safe and stable high efficiency, using high luminous efficiency SMD LED and sturdy 3M backing, a variety of light colors can be selected to ensure a high degree of color consistency of the thin LED strip; 90CRI, no UV radiation, highly restore the true original appearance of the static background; Mini led strip mostly uses COB, SMD 2110, SMD 2116, SMD 3014 and SMD2835 small epistar LED chips, and single LED high brightness SMD5730 LED chips, the narrowest and smallest width can achieve 3mm/0.12in, LED density up to 480 chips/m, so that these small led strip lights adapt to any complex environment without having to worry about losing lumen output or vivid color quality; while providing different waterproof level, these thin led light strips work with LED controller can achieve 0-100% dimmable. We offer mini led channel to hold the small led strip

    Are There Really Small LED Strip Lights You Want?

  • Side Emitting LED Strip LightsSide Emitting LED Strip Lights

    Side Emitting LED Strip is an edge lighting product where the LED light-emitting surface is located on the side of the strip and the light is parallel to the PCB board. Side Light LED Strips provide illumination along the edge without causing glare or shadows. It is used for a variety of applications requiring directional illumination, such as shelf lighting, display lighting, cabinet lighting, signage and lettering, architectural lighting, and automotive accent lighting.

    There are two types of Side Lit LED Strips, SMD and COB. The biggest difference between them is the presence or absence of hot spots.

    LED chip type of the side lighted strip you can choose: SMD020, SMD335, SMD3014, SMD4020, COB

    Colors of side view led light strips: single color, CCT tunable color, RGB, RGBW, Addressable RGB (RGBIC), DMX RGB

    site emitting led strips

  • Dual White CCT Dimmable LED StripsDual White CCT Dimmable LED Strips

    What is CCT or tunable white led strip?

    CCT means correlated color temperature. It's used to describe the color of white led strip lights. CCT led strip lights are also called tunable white led strip and dimmable led strip lights. LED light strips with CCT color temperature allow you to adjust the white color from 2700K (warm white/soft white) to 6500K (daylight/pure white/bright white). Versatile and multi-purpose. In other words, you can have the warm white light, the natural white light, and bright light at the same time to suit your lighting needs. Whether to create mood lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, or commercial lighting, an adjustable color temperature led strip is always a good idea. 

    There are two arrangement ways of the CCT LED light-emitting diodes: 

    ● 2in1 LED: two color temperatures are in one diode. 

    ● Individual arrangement LED: each color temperature is a single diode. High density and high brightness. Pure white+warm white, pure white+natural white, natural white+warm white, warm white+natural white+pure white optional. 

  • S Type LED Strips For SignsS Type LED Strips For Signs

    S type Cobra LED Strip Lights come with a unique zig-zag / herringbone pattern that gives unparalleled flexibility in the installation of your lighting application. Conventionally designed flexible LED light strips have a relatively large bend radius and cannot make sharp turns at corners. While the S type LED strip allows bending and curving in multiple directions.

    Being able to create unique and complex shapes is the main advantage of S shaped LED strips. You can use them to accentuate spaces or objects with curves or unusual shapes like neon signs (used with neon housing).

    Typically, zig zag LED strip is used to illuminate or backlight objects with intricate structures such as architectural features, geometric features, sculptures, signage, letters, logos, and abstract figures.

    As a type of flexible LED strip light, zig-zag led strips can be easily installed along irregular surfaces, with double-sided adhesive tape on the backing, ideal for DIY lighting. A wide range of LED colors and color temperatures are available.

  • Full Spectrum LED Light StripsFull Spectrum LED Light Strips

    What does Full Spectrum LED Strip mean?

    Full spectrum led strip has a super high color rendering index (CRI), Ra up to 98, which can best reproduce the color of objects in natural light/sunlight, ideal for photography, supplemental light for plants and aquariums, and so on. 

    LED full spectrum lighting contains more comprehensive color components, including near UV light, blue light, green light, red light, infrared light, etc., which is closer to natural light in spectral distribution. And full spectrum LED strip light has a certain positive impact on improving mood and mental health, can be used as light therapy for sad and seasonal depression.

    More Practical Full Spectrum White LED Strip

    Check this high-performance light source for your various lighting scenarios. White full spectrum led light strips offer a spectral distribution close to natural light, providing you with a high-quality lighting experience that makes your living and working space brighter and more comfortable, while meeting the demand for color reproduction and energy saving.

    Full Spectrum LED Strip Test Report    

  • 2110 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights2110 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    What does 2110 LED Strip mean?

    2110 LED is a type of LED chip with a 2.1*1.0mm SMD size, which is the smallest LED diode chip existing in the market. Light strips using 2110 SMD LEDs as light source are collectively called 2110 SMD LED Strip Lights.

    2110 led strip only supports DC24V low voltage input. Due to its small LED size, 2110 smd led strip lights can achieve an ultra narrow width of 3.3mm/0.13in and an ultra high density of 700 LEDs/m. 2110 LED can emit a variety of high-quality white light with a color rendering index of up to Ra 95, warm white, natural white, daylight, and CCT color temperature light are optional. Recommend installing with led profiles for better heat management. 

    2110 smd led strip lights

  • 2216 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights2216 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    Why choose 2216 LED Strip Lights?

    As one of high density led strip lights, 2216 led strip is available with 120~624pcs light-emitting diodes in one meter with 3mm~15mm FPCB width. 

    2216 LED means surface mounted device 22*16mm size light emitting diode. It emits white color with 3000K/4000K/6000K and adjustable color temperature. 

    DC12V/24V low voltage input, 2216 white led strip is versatile for your home lighting and commercial lighting. Waterproof rating optional. 

    SMD 2216 LED is also a small size led chip, that allows for more LED arrangement to reduce "hotpots", so that 2216 led strip light achieves a more even lighting. For better heat distribution, we recommend holding smd 2216 led strip with led aluminum profiles. 

    Living Room 2216 LED Strip Lights

  • 3014 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights3014 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    What is 3014 LED strip light?

    3014 LED strip with high quality LEDs, color rendering index of 95, LEDs are evenly arranged on the PCB to ensure stable current output. 3014 led strip lights means that it uses 3014 SMD LEDs as light source. 3014 led chip is small, so SMD 3014 led strip can realize mounting more LEDs on a very narrow strip width. Dense LED arrangement. 

    What is the difference between SMD2110, SMD2216 and SMD3014?

    1. Single LED size: 2110SMD is 2.1*1.0mm; 2216SMD is 2.2*1.6mm; 3014SMD is 3.0*1.4mm.

    2. LED strip minimum width: SMD2110 LED strip minimum width is 3.3mm/0.13in, but 2216SMD LED strip and 3014SMD LED strip is 3mm/0.12in. 

    3. LED strip maximum LED density: 2110 LED strip maximum density is 700LEDs/m, 2216SMD LED strip is 300LEDs/m; 3014SMD double row LED strip is 480LEDs/m, single row LED strip is 240LEDs/m.

    4. Single LED lumens: In the same LED density, single LED lumens: SMD3014>SMD2216>SMD2110LED. The more the LED density, the more LED lumens.

    5. Input Voltage: 3014 LED support DC12/24V input voltage; but 2110 and 2213 LED strip only support DC24V.

    under cabinet led strip lighting

  • 2835 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights2835 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    2835 SMD LED has a higher luminous efficiency with an electrical conversion efficiency of up to 90%, so 2835 LED strip made up of these light emitting diodes is often the choice for industrial and architectural lighting where high brightness is required. 2835 industrial LED strip lights are capable of reaching 1076lm per foot, and 2835 architectural LED strip lighting is also capable of reaching a minimum of 717 lumens per feet.

    Compatible with 1-row, 2-row, 3-row, 4-row, and 5-row LED 2835  arrangements, these ultra bright lights are available in an FPCB width range of 4mm to 64mm. Find one of these high light efficiency 2835 LED strips that fits your application needs.

    2835 vs 3528: 2835 SMD light output is 2 to 3 times that of 3528, so it's brighter. 

    led 2835 ultra bright light strips

  • 3528 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights3528 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    3528 led strip adopts small size and low power consumption 3.5*2.8mm SMD LEDs as light source, 0.08 watt and 7-9 lumens per LED, so it can integrate more 3528 LED diodes on a tape to achieve high light output. 1-row, 2-row, 3-row, and 4-row 3528 led strip lights are available. Check our high CRI smd 3528 flexible led strips to provide you with high-quality lighting. 

    CRI 98 3528 LED Strip Light Test Report pdf image

    full spectrum led strip light application

  • 5050 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights5050 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    What are 5050 LED and 5050 LED Strip Light?

    5050 led strip means its light sources are 50mm*50mm size surface-mounted device light-emitting diodes, which are fixed on a slim FPCB. 5050 LED has a larger luminous surface area (round light emitting square lamp beads) than other SMD chips. 

    5050 led light strips produce various colors such as single-color, RGB, RGBW, etc. Versatile for indoor and outdoor accent lighting and decorative lighting. SMD 5050 led strip supports DC5V/12V/24V low voltage input, with high light efficiency and stable performance. 

    5050 vs 3528/2835

    The light output of 5050 SMD LED is 3 times that of 3528/2835 SMD LED, which makes 5050 led strips suitable for airports, warehouses, factories, and other bright lighting.

    high bright led strip lights

  • 5630 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights5630 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    Is 5630 LED brighter than 5050?

    The size of 5630 LED is 5.6*3.0mm, and the size of 5050 LED is 5.0*5.0mm. The 5050 LED size is larger than that of 5630 LED, but a larger size does not always mean brighter light. 

    The light output of LED SMD 5630 is much more than that of the 5050 LED. 5050 LED with 60 LEDs per meter can produce 1000 lumens (single LED is 60 mA @ 2.8-3.4 V); while 5630 SMD LED can produce 1300 lumens (single LED is 70mA @ 2.8-3.4 V). It means that a single 5630 LED have more brightness than 5050 LED, and they are all 95 CRI, suitable for staircase lighting and building lighting. 

    However, the heat output of LED 5630 is also higher. Therefore, use LED 5630 strip with LED aluminium profiles or LED neon tubes to ensure the strips' sustainable time and service life.

    SMD5630 high bright led strips

  • 5730 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights5730 SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights

    What is the Brightest LED?

    5730 LED has a larger luminous area than 5630 LED, so the lighting brightness of 5730 LED is slightly higher than 5630 LED, and the light brightness of both is higher than 5050 LED (the biggest luminous area), so the brightest LED in the market is 5730 SMD LED.

    5730 led chip with a 5.7*3.0mm size, is high power, high brightness, low attenuation, the output lumen is 24-26LM; DC12/24V high efficiency, super bright but low temperature operation, completely smooth and uniform light propagation, solving the problem of uneven luminosity; 90 high CRI, can produce ideal luminous color, keep good color consistency, suitable for indoor and outdoor ambient lighting and architectural lighting, LED strip length and waterproof level can be customized.

    We provide 5mm/0.20in ultra-narrow and CCT (dual color temperture) 5730 LED strip light, unique design structure to meet the reverie of ultra-narrow and high brightness, dual color temperature. But 5730 LED strip generates high heat, it is recommended to use aluminum led channel to extend the sustainable time and service life of LED strip light.

    brightest 5730 led strip lighting

  • AC110/220V LED Strip LightsAC110/220V LED Strip Lights

    What are single color high voltage LED strip lights?

    A light strip that presents one color (3000K warm white, 4000K natural white, 6000K daylight, red, green, blue, yellow) and is powered directly by AC 110V/120V/220V/240V (alternating current) is called a single color high-voltage led strip light. 

    Compared to low-voltage led strip lights, the absence of transformers and super long operating distance (100m/328ft max running distance of a single AC strip) are the highlighted features of high-voltage led strip lights. 

    LED diodes and circuit board are wrapped in a transparent PVC or silicon layer, and the IP rating can reach IP67 and above, so AC led strip lights are mostly used for outdoor decorative lighting in buildings, parks, bridges, etc. 

    Add a dimmer to adjust brightness by a wireless handheld remote or knob dimmer switch. The high voltage single color LED strips are easily fixed with mounting clips for permanent installation.

    Note: High voltage is dangerous, make sure the polarity is aligned correctly when connecting 110V led strip lights or 220V led strip lights.

    ac120v led tape lights

Brightest led strip lights

How to choose the best single color LED strip?

We are the world's most complete LED flexible strip supplier, provide more than 500 single-color LED strip models, available in a range of outputs and color temperatures our premium single color strips are UL-Listed, Our single-color strip lights come in a variety of colors, such as 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, 7000K color temperature, red, green, blue, orange, amber, pink, UV, and IR colors optional, the white Color rendering index up to Ra 98.

LED Chip Size: COB, 335SMD, 2110SMD, 2216SMD, 3014SMD, 2835SMD, 3528SMD, 5050SMD, 5630SMD, 5730SMD optional;

LED Densities: 30LEDs, 48LEDs, 60LEDs, 72LEDs, 84LEDs, 96LEDs, 120LEDs, 144LEDs, 240LEDs, 360LEDs, 420LEDs, 480LEDs, 600LEDs, 700LEDs per meter optional;

PCB Width: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 40mm, 58mm, 120mm PCB width optional;

Non-waterproof and Weatherproof IP65, IP67, IP68 ratings to match any kind of requirement indoors or outdoors. Every one of our versatile led strips is conveniently placed with their 3M adhesive backings, making any installation straightforward and simple.

120-degree top and side-emitting  angle, COB can reach 180-degree light-emitting angle, no spot, no flicker, AC120V high voltage strip can perform 164 or 328 feet length without voltage drop;

We stand behind our ETL and RoHs super bright led strip lights with a 5-year guarantee. We know that your projects need to execute faultlessly and also failures are not a choice. You can rest assured understanding you are obtaining top-notch strip light that you can depend on.

How do we customize our own LED strips?

We have our own factory and engineering team. If you need colors and PCB density that are not in the inventory, we can create custom colors and your own PCB models for you. Our team of engineers has extensive experience creating custom brand colors to ensure consistency of lighting across multiple locations. Contact us to discuss your project.

How To Wire Single Color LED Strip Lights?

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