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Addressable LED Strip Lights

What is addressable LED strip?

As a programmable LED strip, each addressable LED has an integrated driver that allows the brightness and color of each RESULTED IN be regulated separately, that is, an LED can be a various color to the one beside it. Therefore, it enables us to develop lovely and complex illumination effects. Addressable led strip is also called IC-controlled led strip, because there are many ICs printed on the PCB board to control the LEDs. And the type of IC controls RGB LEDs is RGBIC led strip. Each LED controlled by a separate IC is an individually addressable led strip.

SuperLightingLED VS Amazon LED Strip Lights

How To Wire Addressable LED Strip Lights?

addressable ws2811 led strip


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  • Single Signal LED StripsSingle Signal LED Strips

    What do "Single Signal LED Strips" mean?

    In addressable led strip lighting, "Single Signal" means that only has one wire to transmit data, which is convenient for wiring. It's also called 3 pin digital led strip (V+, GND, DAT). 

    WS2812B, SK6812, WS2811 are the familiar 3 pin single signal digital led strip lights, which also include UCS1903, TM1812, TM1814 and so on.

    "Single Signal" just specifies that the digital led light strip has only one data wire. It does not limit the color of the addressable LEDs, so you can still find white, WWA, or RGBW colors other than RGB here.

    How to Choose the right Single Signal 3 Pin Digital IC LED Strip?

    WS2812B: DC5V individually addressable; built-in IC; high performance; high cost performance

    WS2811: DC5/12/24V; external IC; high cost performance; sharing agreement with SM16703; 0.8 kHz PWM refresh frequency

    SK6812: DC5/12/24V; built-in and external IC; DC5V individually addressable; White/CCT/RGB/RGBW optional; 0.8 kHz PWM refresh frequency

    UCS1903: DC5/12/24V; external IC; similar to WS2811; similar performance; faster transmission speed; higher price

    TM1812: DC12V; external 16-pin IC; 4 OUTR/OUTG/OUTB output interfaces; single/double/triple rows optional

    TM1814: DC12/24V; external IC; return-to-one code communication mode; suitable for short-distance transmission; addressable RGBW LED and white LED. 


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  • Dual Signal LED StripsDual Signal LED Strips

    What is a dual signal addressable LED strip?

    Dual Signal LED Strips, is a 4-channel single clock line (CLK) and single signal line (DAT) LED driver control circuit and built-in & external IC architecture, the control protocol (SK9822 and APA102 can share the protocol), data transmission speed and PWM refresh frequency between the ICs in the series are different, but there are significantly improved compared to single signal addressable LED, and IC has an automatic signal detection function.

    How do addressable LEDs work?

    The IC uses advanced CMOS technology, internally integrated serial shift registers, cascade drive circuits and clock data regeneration circuits; LED strips to receive digital signal data from the addressable LED controller or Arduino LED controller, and the data is shifted into the serial shift register at the upper edge of the clock, after dumping, it is converted to multi-port parallel output through pulse width modulation, output 16 million dynamically color chasing addressable RGB modes and 256 gray scales adjustable, update the LED output color immediately after the first valid LED frame, the signal can be updated synchronously.

    What is the difference between different types of dual signal addressable LED strip?

    SK9822: DC5V individually addressable; built-in IC; shared protocol with APA102; 4.7 kHz PWM refresh frequency, transmission rate 15MHZ

    APA102: DC5V individually addressable; built-in IC; Single color/RGB optional; 20+ kHz PWM refresh frequency, transmission rate 20MHZ

    APA107: DC5V individually addressable; built-in IC; 9 kHz PWM refresh frequency, transmission rate 30MHZ

    HD107s: (the upgrade of APA107);DC5V individually addressable; built-in IC; Single color/RGB optional; 26+ kHz PWM refresh frequency, transmission rate 40MHZ; 5M/16.4 without voltage drop

    WS2801: DC5V individually addressable; built-in & external IC; 2.5 kHz PWM refresh frequency; transmission rate 25MHZ

    LPD8806: DC5V; external IC; 2LEDs cuttable; 4 kHz PWM refresh frequency; transmission rate 20MHZ

    LPD6803: DC12V; external IC; 3LEDs cuttable; 5 kHz PWM refresh frequency; transmission rate 25MHZ

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  • Breakpoint Resume SeriesBreakpoint Resume Series

    What is a breakpoint resume addressable led strip?

    Breakpoint Resume Series is an upgraded version of single signal addressable LED strip light, which is a 4-channel dual data line LED driver control circuit with a data line and a backup data line, a single pixel failure will not affect the signal transmission unless two consecutive adjacent pixels fail, after a single data line fails, the backup data line will automatically start and ensure that the signal is not interrupted, suitable for commercial lighting environment.

    How do addressable LED strips work?

    IC working mechanism is roughly the same as single signal addressable LED strip light, but breakpoint resume addressable LED strip light has a higher PWM refresh frequency, a more realistic display effect, and less stroboscopic phenomenon; after receiving the digital signal output by the Arduino LED controller, part of the data is stored in the IC's internal latch, the remaining data is amplified, then forwarded to the next IC through signal shaping, outputs 256 gray levels and 16 million dynamic color chasing effects. The chip can store the data systematization and automatic transmission, no signal attenuation even in long-distance cascading, suitable for commercial lighting environment.

    What is the difference between breakpoint resume addressable LED strip?

    WS2813: DC5V individually addressable; single LED cuttable; built-in IC

    WS2815: DC12V individually addressable; single LED cuttable; built-in IC, 5-7m without voltage drop, the choice of most individually addressable users

    WS2818: DC12V ; 3 LEDs cuttable; external IC

    TM1914: DC12/24V; 3/6 LEDs cuttable; external IC; Single color/RGB/RGBCCT optional

    GS8206/TM1934: DC12/24V; 3/6 LEDs cuttable; external IC, DC24V 10m/32.8Ft without voltage drop, works with LED neon tube for outdoor commercial lighting

    GS8208: DC12V individually addressable; single LED cuttable; external IC;Single color/RGB optional

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  • Individually Addressable SeriesIndividually Addressable Series

    How to choose an individually addressable LED strip light?

    Individually addressable LED strip light is a collection of a single IC control a single LED product, serial cascade interface, an unlimited cascade, every LED that can display different lighting effects; almost all of the DC5V LED strip light is individually addressable, for DC12V, the most popular WS2815 breakpoint resume product is also individually addressable, they are all single LED cuttable, so the most accurate LED strip length customization can be achieved, it is the first choice for home lighting; for longer distance lighting, you can choose WS2815 LED strip light, and for shorter distance lighting, you can choose SK6812/WS2812B LED strip light, with good cost performance.

    Is There A 24V Individually Addressable LED Strip?

  • DC12V Addressable LED StripsDC12V Addressable LED Strips

    12 Volt LED Lights are commonly used in home lighting, commercial lighting, and car decorative lighting areas. In 5V 12V 24V low voltage programmable led strip lighting system, considering light brightness and color consistency performance and the ability to control the LEDs individually, 12V led strip lights is the best choice. 

    Low power addressable 12V strip light like 12V WS2812B 2020 can run up to five meters in length by battery power, suitable for DIY and temporary lighting decoration projects, calculating how long battery operated 12V strip lights can run for: Running time in hours = Battery capacity in mAh / Strip power in watts. High power addressable 12 volt led strip lights are normally plugged into line voltage sockets via an AC DC voltage power converter. We offer a variety of waterproof ratings for our 12V led light strips to fit any indoor or outdoor lighting project.

    What is the difference between DC12V addressable LED strips?

    The input voltage of DC12V addressable LED strip is DC12V, but the IC control method and LED quantities are different; single wire addressable LED strip, like WS2811/TM1812/TM1814 addressable LED strip lights are almost single IC control 3LEDs, every 3LEDs cuttable, and IC quantity is less, which has a good cost performance; while WS2815/GS8208 breakpoint resumne LED strips, as an upgraded version of single wire addressable LED strip, which are all individually addressable,each LED can display different lighting effects, and single LED cuttable, WS2815/GS8208 IC has more advantages in PWM refresh rate and customized length, and has higher price, they are all suitable for LED decorative lighting.

    Are 12V LED Strip Lights Right For Your Low Voltage Lighting Project?

  • DC24V Addressable LED StripsDC24V Addressable LED Strips

    What is the difference between DC12V and DC24V addressable LED strip light?

    DC24V addressable LED strip light is unique in the addressable LED strip light series, although the number of products is less than DC5/12V addressable LED strip, it has wider applicability in the choice of color temperature and long lighting distance of the LED strip. DC12V addressable LED strip light can achieve individually addressable or single IC control 3 LEDs, single LED/3 LEDs cuttable; almost all of DC24V addressable LED strip light is single IC control 6 LEDs, 6 LEDs cuttable;  and the input voltage of most addressable RGBW/RGBCCT LED strip lights are DC12V or DC24V, DC12V 5m without voltage drop, DC24V 10m without voltage drop.

    Is There A 24V Individually Addressable LED Strip?

  • Multi-Row LED Strips SeriesMulti-Row LED Strips Series

    What is multi-row addressable LED strip light?

    The multi-row addressable LED strip light is undoubtedly the representative of super brightness, is a collection of the brightest LED strip in the addressable LED strip light series. The single LED integrated IC and control circuit are in the SMD5050 package, with a large luminous surface area and high viewing angle, the single LED is super bright and integrates double rows and triple rows LED strip; and most of the multi rows addressable LED strip support DC12V input voltage, single IC control multiple LEDs, suitable for LED car lighting or indoor & outdoor task lighting.

  • DMX512 LED Strips SeriesDMX512 LED Strips Series

    SuperLightingLED, as a dmx led strip manufacturer, specializes in Direct Dmx LED Strips, which are integrated with a variety of UCS512 IC chips like UCS512C4 (256 grayscale), UCS512H4, UCS512H5, UCS512H6 (65536 grayscale), etc., can be directly connected to DMX control.

    What does DMX stand for on LED Lights?

    DMX stands for Digital Multiplex, a communication protocol commonly used in lighting industry to control lighting equipment, including LED strips, LED rope lights, LED string lights, etc. DMX can send digital signals through a DMX controller or a DMX console to provide precise control of various parameters (such as brightness, color, and effects) of LED lights, commonly used to create dynamic and customizable lighting displays in a variety of settings such as stage, event, and architectural lighting.

    DMX control is more precise than addressable SPI/TTL control. DMX LED Tape Light has four wires (V+, GND, D, P) or five wires (V+, GND, A, B, P), where D, A, B are the data line and P is the address line, and it can control single white light, color temperature white lights, color tuning RGB/RGBW/RGBCCT lights.

    What is the Addressable DMX LED Strip?

    The characteristics of DMX led strip lights are the output driver adopts patented SPWM technology to support the polarity reversal; the single code-writing signal line can be written in series at one time with the address of the built-in EEPROM storage chip; the signal transmission of Sorber DMX lights adopts parallel scheme when one of the LED lights fails, it does not affect the normal work and control of other lights, and ensures the overall project. Support Art-net DMX controller. The integrity of the project results, eliminating the failure of a lamp signal in the serial scheme of conventional LED full-color point light source, and the phenomenon of no light or no procedure in the back of the lamp, reducing maintenance.

    DMX512 IC Chips UCS512H Series Datasheet

    DMX Control LED Lighting Strip – Things You Need To Know

  • Ultra-narrow Addressable LED StripsUltra-narrow Addressable LED Strips

    What is the narrowest addressable LED strip light?

    Ultra-narrow addressable LED Strips is a collection of the narrowest addressable LED strip light in the market. The narrowest addressable LED strip light can achieve 3mm/0.12in wide PCB, the flexible design can provide bright lighting for any narrow space you can imagine; only a quarter pcb wide of ordinary LED strips, matching dream color LED controller to output 16 million dynamic chasing effects, suitable for elegant cabinet lighting and hidden backlighting, it is the first choice of professional lighting designers.

  • Addressable RGBW LED StripsAddressable RGBW LED Strips

    What are addressable RGBW led strip lights?

    Addressable RGBW led strip series is a collection of addressable RGB+W and RGB+CCT, which can not only output 16 million dynamic chasing effects but also produce the purest R/G/B/W, which is purer and safer, suitable for home lighting and commercial lighting.

    How to control addressable RGBW/RGBCCT LED strip light?

    For addressable RGBW led strip light, we specially developed several addressable RGBW LED controllers, like CONFULL-SP107E/ CONFULL-SP108E/ BWCDS-HCQ1-R28A4/ CONFULL-SP110E LED controller.

    For addressable RGBCCT LED strip light, it support dream color RGB led controller + CCT dimmable LED controller control, you can choose the addressable RGB LED controller from our Addressable Dream Color Controller Series and choose the CCT dimmable LED controller from Dual White Color CT LED Dimmers series.

  • Addressable White/WWA LED StripsAddressable White/WWA LED Strips

    What is addressable White or WWA led strip light?

    Addressable White/WWA LED strip is a more characteristic product of the addressable series, which meets the customer's needs for dimmable programmable white light, matching Raspberrypi/Arduino LED controller, controlling each cuttable segment to output different dynamic color chasing effects; compared to trying to mix RGB to produce white, addressable White LED helps diffuse the 3 white chips inside together to get a very bright but consistent light.

    Choose a compatible running water led strip controller or WWA led strip controller here. 

  • Neopixels Ring & Addressable LEDsNeopixels Ring & Addressable LEDs

    Wht is a neopixel ring?

    Neopixel ring is made of linking multiple super bright intelligent individually addressable LEDs, the single LED output pin can be connected to another input pin to form a ring, bar, panel, and matrix; data transmission is through the data line of a specific timing protocol, matching SPI/Arduino/Raspberrypi microcontroller, showing different lighting effects; single LED is driven by constant current, even if the voltage changes, the color remains highly consistent.

    How do neopixel rings work?

    Neopixel LED integrated IC and control circuit are packaged in SMD5050, with an embedded microcontroller inside, which uses PWM precision to set the brightness and color of the single LED, the LED is controlled by a shift register, and only one digital output pin is needed to send data down; PWM is built into each LED chip, so once you set the color, you can stop talking to the ring, and it will continue to control all the LEDs for you.

  • Addressable Flex LED Pixel PanelAddressable Flex LED Pixel Panel

    What is LED pixel display panel?

    Flxible LED pixel display panel has a built-in protection resistor decoration, adopts a low-voltage drive introverted protection circuit design, and assembles multiple pixel matrices on a rigid printed PCB, which provides more space than neopixel ring; single LED addressable, and data transmission is through a specific timing protocol of the data line, matching the SPI/Arduino/Raspberrypi microcontroller to control the LED to display a variety of animations, digitals and other color chasing lighting effects, suitable for advertising sign lighting.

    How to wire the LED pixel display panel?

    LED pixel display panel is a 4-channel(+5V/DIN/GND/DOUT) addressable LED pixel panel,+5V interface connects to 5V power supply pin; DIN interface controls data signal input and external controller; GND interface connects signal ground and power ground; DOUT interface controls data signal output, connected to the DIN of the next panel. For a single LED pixel panel, we provide the extra JST connector, which can be connected to a Dream color addressable LED controller to control its lighting mode and color. When in use please note, it can be bent around a rigid or semi-rigid shape, but it cannot tolerate continuous and repeated bending.

    LED Digital Panel Display PDF

How to control addressable LED strip lights?

Almost all addressable LED strips can be controlled by our Dream color LED controller, support WIFI & Bluetooth APP/Amazon /Google /RF control, and have multiple control methods such as timing/music/group function.

Home lighting: one to one (one LED controller control one LED strip). All SPI controllers are suitable for home lighting environment, plug and play, you don’t need to program, built-in hundreds of dynamic modes; for the customers with a development background, consider using the Arduino development board, by setting the Arduino ID and installing the driver program, adding a database and creating scripts to control the LED strips.

Commercial lighting: one to more (one LED controller control several LED strips). SD digital LED controller online/offline programming output LED display lighting effect (T-1000S / K-1000C / T-4000 / K-8000 / T-300K).

Industrial lighting: one to more and support DMX to signal transform. Art-net DMX digital LED controller (BC-204 / BC-216) through PC Mardix to control the SPI LED strip display lighting of different output channels; Or DMX SPI decoder(DSA / LT-DMX-1809) through the DMX console to control the addressable LED strips in different areas to show the lighting effect.

How to cut the addressable LED strip light?

All LED light strips can be cut through the LED cutting points. Due to the different density of the LED light strip, the minimum cutting length of the LED light strip is different. For most of the addressable LED strips, DC5V, individually addressable, single LED cuttable; DC12V, 3LEDs cuttable; DC24V, 6LEDs cuttable.

How to choose a LED power supply for your addressable LED strip?

To avoid the power load, the power of the LED power supply is 1.2 times the power of the LED strip light, we provide DC5/12/24V LED power supply optional. For indoor environment, you can choose our IP20 power supply; for outdoor environment, you can choose our UL-Listed IP67 power supply

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