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LED Smart Controller Series

This is a LED controller category for light control. Here you can find various wireless controllers (IR/RF remote control, voice control, mobile APP control) for your single color led strip lights, CCT dimmable led strip lights, RGB led strip lights, RGBW led strip lights, RGBCCT led strip lights, dream color addressable led strip lights, and high voltage led strip lights. 

How To Connect LED Strip Lights To Tuya SmartLife?


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  • Alexa|Google|TuYa|WiFi ControllersAlexa|Google|TuYa|WiFi Controllers

    There are various smart controllers for non-addressable and addressable LED strip lights, compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant voice control, Tuya WiFi wireless APP control, RF remote control, and other functions.

    How To Connect LED Strip Lights To Tuya SmartLife?

  • Single Color Dimmer SeriesSingle Color Dimmer Series

    Single color LED strip lights can be directly connected to power supply. However, if you want to dim the lights (adjust the brightness), a dimmer controller is required. 

    A simple touch dimmer switch is sometimes all you need. Knob dimming is also a good idea. RF remote control, mobile APP control, and touch panel control are also available. For more intelligent lighting control, that would have to be PIR motion sensor controller, automatically turn the lights on and off by detecting your movements. Choose the one you like. 

    Know the wiring here: How to wire single color led strip lights?

  • Dual White Color CT LED DimmersDual White Color CT LED Dimmers

    We provide various CCT controllers for you to choose from, they allow you to control your tunable white LED strip lights with your mobile APP or a wireless RF remote. You can even add your lights to your smart home lighting system so as to voice control them. 

    If you are seeking the same lighting brand as your existing one, look here: Ltech, Mi-light, Skydance

  • Color Change RGB LED ControllersColor Change RGB LED Controllers

    What a RGB LED controller do? How do you control RGB LED lights?

    RGB led strip lights, RGB color change led module string lights, etc. are need RGB controller to change colors. Typically, RGB controllers are compatible with RF, WiFi, or Bluetooth wireless technology, to realize remote control LED lights. Choose a control mothod that you prefer, RF handheld remote control, mobile APP control, or touch panel control. 

    Know more: How to wire RGB led strip lights?

  • RGBW Controller SeriesRGBW Controller Series

    RGBW Controller Series Products are designed to control RGBW LED light fixtures. Realizing the color change of RGBW LED Strip through a RGBW LED Controller is a common operation. 

    We offer various types of RGBW LED Light Controllers to meet the needs of different people, whether you want to connect the fixture to your Bluetooth and WiFi or prefer traditional remote control. In addition, we also distribute Mi-light and Skydance brand controllers. 

    When you choose an RF remote for your LED RGBW controller, please pay attention to the compatibility.

  • RGB+CCT Controller SeriesRGB+CCT Controller Series

    RGB+CCT LED Controller provides precise control of color temperature and color output of RGBCCT LED Strip Lights and fixtures (Non-addressable), capable of producing a wide range of colors including cool white light, warm white light, natural white light, and RGB light.

    You can connect a Bluetooth or WiFi RGBCCT LED Strip Controller to a compatible app on your smartphone, or use an RF/IR LED Controller to remotely control the RGB+CCT LED lights. In addition, the WiFi LED Controller is also available with Alexa/Google Assistant voice commands to adjust the lights.

    By using Smart LED Controllers that are compatible with Zigbee, Mi light/Miboxer, Skydance, or Gledopto control systems, you can build a huge lighting system for your home or building.

    When purchasing a separate controller, please select the remote type carefully to ensure compatibility of use.

  • Addressable Dream Color ControllersAddressable Dream Color Controllers

    Addressable LED Controllers are used to control Programmable Addressable LED Strip Lights (also known as Dream Color LED Strip Lights and Pixel LED Strips) such as WS2812B, WS2811, WS2815, SK6812, etc. Suitable for IC-controlled LED strips, LED modules, and LED pixel screens. They cannot be used to control ordinary RGB or RGBW strips. 

    Choose an Addressable LED Strip Controller from our Bluetooth type, WiFi Alexa type, RF Remote Control type, DMX Art-Net type, Programmable type, DMX to SPI type, and Music type. 

    Due to the incompatibility of RGBIC Controllers with Addressable RGBW and Addressable RGBCCT LED strip types, we have created two separate categories to make your choice easier.

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  • LED Power Signal AmplifierLED Power Signal Amplifier


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