How to Install LED Strip Lights?

If you want to decorate your rooms or make them look different, LED light strips are a good choice. Led strip lights can be used in a wide range of places, indoor and outdoor. And it has various advantages, energy-saving, […]

How to Wire RGBWW LED Strips?

Methods to wire your RGBCCT led strip lights, with amplifiers to run long-distance strip lighting, or with RF controllers to control multi-zones strip lights.

How to Wire Tunable White LED Strip Light?

Wiring a led light is not a hard thing. When you see these names, tunable white light led strip lights, dual white light led strips, and white light adjustable led strip lights, don’t doubt that they are all […]

How to Wire RGB LED Strip Lights?

About the wiring methods of RGB LED strip lights. Install RGB light strips for long distances with amplifiers or RF controllers. DMX control RGB LED strips.

How to Wire RGBW LED Strips?

Methods to install RGBW led light strips. Run long-distance RGBW strip lighting with LED amplifiers or RF light controllers. DMX control RGBW strip lights.

How To Connect LED Strip To Power Supply?

After receiving our led light strip and the led driver, many customers are puzzled about how to make these two parts work as one. To light up the led strip, you must supply power to it. All equipment that provides […]