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BinColor Control System

BINCOLOR is the most matching brand with LTECH controller, it still retains many alternative models of LTECH controller, among which Art-net DMX controllor is very popular in the market. 

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  • ARTNET-SPI Madrix ConverterARTNET-SPI Madrix Converter

    This Ethernet-SPI/DMX Pixel light controller is dedicated to converting the Ethernet signal into an SPI pixel signal, which is designed for large projects with high-density pixel light, such as matrix panel lights, construction contour lamps, etc. Besides converting Ethernet-based control protocols into various LED driving IC signals, it also outputs DMX512 signal at the same time, convenient for the connection of different types of led lamps, and to achieve the unified control of all kinds of led lamp in the same project.

    This software has 2 versions V1 and V2, V1 version is with ArtNet protocol, V2 version is with ArtNet and sACN(E.1.31) protocol. Notice: The factory software of V1 can't be upgraded to V2 software, but the factory software of V2 can be upgraded to V1 software.

  • Pixel ControllerPixel Controller

    Welcome to use our LED pixel light controller, it is a small size but with powerful function LED dream color controller, it can be controlled by touch key and digital tube display, easy to use. At the same time, it supports RF remote control. It can control all the LED lights which are driven by IC. The user can choose the IC type, set up the control pixel points. It has a variety of built-in dynamic color change effects, the user can change the brightness, running speed, and the direction of color change; also user can adjust the RGB series, and can DIY the color change effect as you wish.

  • DMX Controller & DriverDMX Controller & Driver

    This brand DMX controller easy operation with OLED screen and touch buttons. 8bit (256 levels)/16bit (65536 levels) grey level optional. Support 3 kinds of DMX ports with signal isolation function: 3-pin XLR, RJ45, and green terminal (with signal amplifier function). With RDM remote management protocol, the operations can be completed via the RDM master console, such as parameters browsing & setting, DMX address setting, equipment recognition, etc. Optional for standard, linear, LOG, or custom 0.1-9.9 dimming curve. Power-off data saved function.


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  • LED Dimmer & ConverterLED Dimmer & Converter

    Welcome to use this 0/1-10V dimming driver. It is to solve the compatible problem of fluorescent dimming and LED illumination, this controller can dim both fluorescent and LED lamps at the same time.


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  • Touch Panel ControllerTouch Panel Controller

    This PX series touch panel controller is consists of Single zone series and Multi-zone series, it is wildly used for commercial/office/household lighting, workable for dimming, color temperature, RGB, and RGBW control. Moreover, it can control DMX512 LED lights, and communicate with 2.4G RF radio technology. P5X, P6X, P7X, and P8X are multi-zone control panels, can control Max. 4 zones, PX series could satisfy the controlling demand for all kinds of LED lighting products.


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  • Wireless Remote ControllerWireless Remote Controller

    Welcome to use these series of LED controllers. These are the universal controllers for entire color changing, which adopted high-performance microchip and the most advanced PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) controlling technology. It can control all 4-pin 3-loop LED full color lights. With 433.92M frequency RF remote control, it can accept the control of multiple remote controls, no limit to direction or obstacles. And it is available only within the valid range. With one remote control, it can control 4 zone’s controllers without interfering each other.


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  • RGB/RGBW ControllerRGB/RGBW Controller

    This Constant Current Multi-function RGB Controller is a universal RGB controller for entire color changing, which adopted high-performance microchips and the most advanced PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) controlling technology at present. It can control all 4-pin 3-loop LED RGB full color lights. This series with RF remote controller and it is available only within the valid range.


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  • LED Power ExpanderLED Power Expander

    LED constant current power repeater is specially designed for our single color and RGB controllers to expand power output, it accepts PWM signal, double or three times more power can be reached by everyone more power repeater, and in theory, power repeater can be added unlimitedly. Also, the power repeater of the constant voltage model and the constant current model could be connected freely, suitable for synchronized control on different LED lamps.


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