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LED Light Strip Accessories

Anyone planning to install LED strip lights should first know how to properly make connections between strip and strip, strip and wire, strip and controller, strip and power supply, and more. 

These LED Strip Light Connectors help you save time and no soldering work, just plug and play. With them, you can achieve easy, fast, and professional installation of LED light strips.

We provide a variaty of LED connectors for your lighting application. View our products now and find what you need. 

Please choose the appropriate accessories according to your LED strip light type:

  • IP67/IP68 waterproof connector for outdoor waterproof led strip lights,

  • 2-PIN for single-color LED strip,

  • 3-PIN for dual-color temperature CCT led strips, single-signal addressable led strips, 

  • 4-PIN for the RGB color changing led strips, dual-signal and breakpoint resume led strips, 

  • 5-PIN is RGBW led strips,

  • 6-PIN for RGBCCT/RGBWW led strips. 

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