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LED Light Strip Accessories

Anyone planning to install LED strip lights should first know how to properly make connections between strip and strip, strip and wire, strip and controller, strip and power supply, and more. 

These LED Strip Light Connectors help you save time and no soldering work, just plug and play. With them, you can achieve easy, fast, and professional installation of LED light strips.

We provide a variaty of LED connectors for your lighting application. View our products now and find what you need. 

Please choose the appropriate accessories according to your LED strip light type:

  • IP67/IP68 waterproof connector for outdoor waterproof led strip lights,

  • 2-PIN for single-color LED strip,

  • 3-PIN for dual-color temperature CCT led strips, single-signal addressable led strips, 

  • 4-PIN for the RGB color changing led strips, dual-signal and breakpoint resume led strips, 

  • 5-PIN is RGBW led strips,

  • 6-PIN for RGBCCT/RGBWW led strips. 

How To Choose LED Strip Light Connectors?

A Small LED Strip Connector Can Solve Your Installation Problems


Shop By LED Light Strip Accessories Type

  • LED Light Strip General PartsLED Light Strip General Parts

    Superlightingled.com offers a comprehensive collection of LED strip accessories. The page features a product assortment including a sample box of 65 individual silicone neon tubes and strip covers, and more than 400 kinds of LED Aluminum profile sample box. You can find our custom led strip welding service, waterproof box, AC plug, IP67 silicone tube, 3M adhesive backing, fast wiring terminal, end caps, solderless heat shrink tubing, and mounting brackets. Superlightingled provides versatile solutions catering to all your LED strip lighting requirements.

  • Quick Electrical Wire Splice ConnectorsQuick Electrical Wire Splice Connectors

    Electrical wire splice connector tool for low voltage LED lighting projects, easy to use, quickly creates an electrical connection with a snap. Fits 16 to 22 gauge wires. Multiple wire splices types available.

    Quick splice wire connectors are snap or crimp connectors that do not require stripping the wire. Tthe wire is placed directly into the connector, put on the cover, and the wire jacket is pierced to make an electrical connection. Or use pliers to crimp the butt splice wire connectors to make an electrical connection.

    Copper wire splice connector twists two strands of copper wire together to ensure that current is conducted smoothly through the twisted portion.

  • Waterproof IP68 Connector SeriesWaterproof IP68 Connector Series

    Which LED scenarios are waterproof connector suitable for?

    The Waterproof IP68 Led Strip Connector Series available on Superlightingled.com is specially designed for various applications in the outdoor LED lighting industry. These 2/3/4/5 PIN Male To Female connectors offer excellent waterproof properties (rated IP68), thereby ensuring optimal performance even in challenging outdoor conditions.

    Ideally suited for LED strip, led underwater lights, led wash wall lights, led street lighting, LED display screens, LED building lighting lamps, and lanterns, these connectors are also widely used in car and ship manufacturing, communications equipment, detection equipment, as well as with LED driver power supplies.

    Explore the series at Superlightingled for a reliable, robust, and practical solution for your LED connection needs while maintaining top-notch waterproof protection.

  • 2-Pin Single Color LED Strips Parts2-Pin Single Color LED Strips Parts

    Here are various 2 pin connector types for single color led strip lights, strip to strip, strip to wire, strip to DC plug, USB to DC, and more. The led strip light connectors are available in +/-/L/T shapes, including COB led connector, male and female connector, cable splitter, etc.

    LED light connectors are needed to solve the problem during the wiring of strip lights. Choose the right led strip connector to complete your lighting. 

    How To Choose LED Strip Light Connectors?

  • 3-Pin CCT LED Strips Parts3-Pin CCT LED Strips Parts

    Supplement your CCT LED strip lighting system (adjustable white light system) with these accessories, including 3-pin extension cords, connectors, etc.

  • 4-Pin RGB LED Strips Parts4-Pin RGB LED Strips Parts

    Here are various 4 pin connector types for RGB led strip lights, available with +/-/L/T shapes led light strips connectors, COB led strip connectors, JST connectors, terminal connectors, led strip splitters, and more. 

    With solderless led connector, you can easily connect the strip to another strip or controller or power supply to solve your problem. 

    How To Choose LED Strip Light Connectors?

  • 5-Pin RGBW LED Strips Parts5-Pin RGBW LED Strips Parts

    RGBW LED Strip Connectors: A Comprehensive Selection for Customizing and Extending Your RGB LED Lighting Setup

    If you are looking for a range of connectors to extend or customize your RGBW LED light strips, you have come to the right place. From quick connectors and corner connectors to T-shape connectors and waterproof connectors, we offer a variety of options to fit your needs. Here is a breakdown of the most commonly searched-for connectors:

    rgbw 5 pin strip to wire connectors,rgbw 5 pin connectors,rgbw 5050 waterproof connector,rgbw led connector,high cri rgbw led strip corner connectors,5 pole connector low voltage rgbw,smd 5050 rgbw connectors,10mm rgbw strip 5 pin connector,5 pin rgbw connector,rgbw quick connectors,5-pin rgbw connector,5 pin rgbw led connector extension wire,rgbw led strip connector,solderless rgbw connector,rgbw connector,extra long rgbw connectors,rgbw 90 degree connector,rgbw easy connector,rgbw led tape light corner connector,rgbw 90 degree led strip connector,T-Shape 5 Pins Connector RGBW,rgbw corner connector,

    No matter which RGBW LED connector you choose, make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the correct PCB wide for your installation. By using connectors that are specifically designed for your LED strips, you'll ensure that you get the best possible performance and longevity from your lighting system.

  • 6-Pin RGB+CCT LED Strips Parts6-Pin RGB+CCT LED Strips Parts

    Components for RGB CCT LED Strip Lights, including extension wires, strip to strip connectors, strip to wire connectors, waterproof led strip connectors, male and female accessroies, and more. 

    How To Choose LED Strip Light Connectors?

  • 3-Pin Addressable LED Strip Parts3-Pin Addressable LED Strip Parts

    How to get 3 pin and 4 pin connector for digital led strip

    Superlightingled.com presents the 3 pin and 4 pin connector designed for a wide range of addressable led strip applications. WS2812 WS2815 strip connector is a crucial component used for establishing connections in LED strip lighting systems, particularly those involving addressable LED strips. These RGB 3 pin ws2811 connector serve as optimal solutions for a variety of LED lighting systems. 

    When installing LED strips, we always need to cut the LED strip many times because of the multiple locations and different lengths of the project. LED strips are supported to be cut arbitrarily, after cutting, if you want to connect these LED strip signals in series, you need to weld them, but welding is not a simple job for many users, these quick connectors play an important role here, according to our order display, 90% of purchasers add these accessories when ordering LED lighting list to improve the efficiency when installing because spending money to hire an electrician which is expensive. Explore this selection on Superlightingled, and find the perfect fit for your needs.

    We can also customize the length and soldering for users, if you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us!


  • High Voltage LED Lights PartsHigh Voltage LED Lights Parts

    2-Pin 3-Pin 4-Pin accessories for complete single color/CCT/RGB AC 110V/220V high voltage LED strip lights systems.

  • DMX512 Lights AccessoriesDMX512 Lights Accessories

    Wiring accessories are critical components of a DMX lighting system, they ensure that complex DMX512 LED lighting installations work efficiently and consistently.

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