SK6812 VS WS2812B

SK6812 is a variant of WS2812, it is very similar to WS2812B, they have the same interface and color order, so SK6812 LED strips and WS2812B LED strips can be chained together and used as a replacement in […]

WS2812 VS WS2812B VS WS2812C

How to choose WS2812 series (WS2812/WS2812B/WS2812C) addressable led strip lights? First of all, we have to know the difference between them and their characteristics. WS2812 VS WS2812B: WS2812B is an upgraded version of WS2812, which is better than […]

A Practical Guide to Addressable WS2812B LED Strip

Understanding the features of the 5V individually addressable WS2812B LED strip and how it works can help us use it correctly in the lighting installation. This blog provides specific knowledge for users who do not fully understand the […]

The Best 5V Addressable LED Strip

For addressable LED strip lights, it is essential to choose the right IC chip. Today we will talk about several LED IC chips, they are all powered by DC5V low voltage, what features do they have, and which […]

How to Wire Addressable LED Strip Lights?

The addressable led strip lights(sometimes it is called programmable led strip lights, SPI digital led strip lights, or led pixel strip) means that they can have multiple colors on the same strip. Unlike other led strip lights, the entire […]