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LED Neon Sign Lights

What are LED neon lights?

The new LED neon lights replicate the non-spot lighting effect of the traditional glass neon lights, but it has higher light efficiency, lower power consumption and longer life. These neon lights made of silicone have built-in flexible LED strips with different types of LEDs encapsulated on them. The type, color, size, and IC of these LEDs determine the color, brightness, effect and color temperature of the neon lights produced. The latest LED neon lights are flexible, cheap, easy to use, and have uses beyond the traditional production of letters and shapes. They have a wide range of applications and the number is as high as hundreds of types. Therefore, they are becoming more and more popular with consumers.

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  • Single Color LED Neon Light SignsSingle Color LED Neon Light Signs

    Here you can find various LED neon lights with multiple light colors to make neon signs and neon lighting. 

    Which is better? Single Color LED Neon Lights or LED Strip Lights?

    Single color LED neon sign lights adopt a new type of integrated silicone extrusion moulding technology. The surface is coloured fluorescent silicone plastic sleeve, which has good waterproofing. At the same time, it has expanded the beam angle compared with ordinary LED strip lights and can achieve 360-degree lighting.

    On the LED chip, adopted 2216/2835SMD LED chips to create a new ultra-narrow series, which can achieve 6*6mm and 4*8mm; ultra-dense 120LEDs per meter compared with ordinary LED light strips, with 90 high CRI, which is the first option of home lighting and sign lighting.

    On the color temperature, single white color is more uniform and delicate in brightness than ordinary LED strip light. In terms of heat dissipation, silicone neon tube has good heat dissipation effect, so Single color LED neon rope light has low energy consumption, strong heat dissipation, energy-saving and environmental protection.

    What are LED neon lights?

  • RGB LED Neon LightsRGB LED Neon Lights

    Why can RGB neon lights display many different colours?

    RGB LED integrates red, green, and blue LED chips and packaged in components to make RGB LED strips. RGB LED strip is matched with the flexible LED neon tube and is waterproofed to form an RGB neon led strip.

    Color Changing RGB LED neon flex can be used with an LED controller or LED remote control to control LED lights with a single colour gradient, which are suitable for bars, KTV lighting and entertainment venues, making colour changing led neon sign.

    What are LED neon lights?

  • Addressable LED Neon LightsAddressable LED Neon Lights

    How do you reset addressable RGB led neon flex?

    Addressable led neon light is a combination of Addressable led strip light and LED neon tube, with a waterproof rating of IP67 and above.If you want to individually control or reset your addressable led rope lights, you need to match the appropriate Addressable Dream color LED controller. Delete the connected device, re-match (manually or automatically) the LED controller, press and hold the device and click "change LED strip type" to set the IC model, wiring and sorting, number of points, number of segments, and DIY effects. Addressable LED neon flex matching Programmable LED controller can be controlled by LED remote, mobile phone APP (WIFI or Bluetooth), Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

    What are LED neon lights? 

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  • High Voltage LED Neon LightsHigh Voltage LED Neon Lights

    What are High Voltage LED Neon Lights?

    High Voltage LED Neon Lights supports an input voltage of AC110V/220V, which has low dependence on the environment. It can work in an environment of -20-60°C and has a good visual effect even on rainy and foggy days.

    High Voltage LED Neon Lights is a customized LED chip with high lumen, uniform luminescence, and can be customized for ultra-long LED neon lights. It has a long service life and can work for more than 30000 hours.

    What are LED neon lights?

    How to make led neon lights?

  • Silicone Neon LED DiffuserSilicone Neon LED Diffuser

    2022 Latest LED Silicone Neon Tube Light Diffuser Catalog Download

    Elevate the look of your LED strip lights with our Silicone LED Strip Diffusers. Made from high-quality food-grade silicone material, which is environmental-friendly, no peculiar smell, and will not turn yellow after long time use, these Soft, Durable, and Flexible LED Lights Diffusers provide a smooth and even diffusion to your residential and commercial lighting applications. Choose from a variety of types, sizes, and shapes to find the perfect light diffuser for your LED tape light. 

    How to choose the Best Silicone LED Diffuser for your tape light?

    1. Black LED Neon Silicone Diffuser: LED silicone tube and cover with black/all-black finishes, suitable for personalized lighting designs. 

    2. Surface light Emitting Silicone Diffuser: LED strip silicone tube with 180°/270°/360° light-emitting angle, semi-circular or circular/round shape.

    3. Top Emitting Silicone LED Strip Diffuser & Side Emitting Silicone LED Diffuser: The biggest difference is the different bending ways of the silicone LED channel. 

    4. Silicone Diffuser For Aluminum Channel: Cover for LED strip lights. Used with aluminum channels or flexible profiles, or directly to cover grooves. 

    5. 3mm~30mm Silicone Neon Strip Diffuser: Inner widths of silicone sleeves. If your tape light is 10mm/0.39in wide, please purchase a silicone LED strip lights diffuser in the 10mm series. 

    Accept project customization, we can provide customers with customized length and LED neon lights production services, you only need to order the correct width of LED strips and then note your needs when paying. 

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  • LED Neon Flex Light AccessoriesLED Neon Flex Light Accessories

    Choose from these Neon Accessories to complete your LED Neon Strip Lighting and the installation of your Silicone LED Diffuser Tube & Cover. 

    What are LED neon lights?

    How to make led neon lights?

    Best Guide To Know Silicone LED Diffuser

What is the Difference Between LED Neon Lights and LED strips?

The LED strip is hidden in the LED neon tube and combined into the latest version of the LED neon light, so we will analyze the advantages of the neon light through the following points:

1. The light by the LED neon tube is more uniform and soft, without light spots, and no dazzling light;

2. There are hundreds of shapes of LED neon tubes, and the shapes can be customized, which is suitable for various lighting projects;

3. The direction of neon tube light surface can be selected, top or side light emitting, which can solve the limitation that the LED strip can only be bent in the single direction;

4. Silicone fire-resistant organic materials are more environmentally friendly, heat dissipation is more uniform, materials used in high temperature environments will not turn yellow, and are softer than aluminum channels, suitable for more complex lighting scenes;

5. The waterproof grade of neon tube is up to IP67, which can be used for indoor or outdoor lighting.

How To Build Your Own LED Neon Signs Lights?

Why Use Silicone Neon to Diffuse Light?

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