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Miboxer LED Light&Controller

Miboxer LED Light Intelligent Control System for your Home Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Building Lighting, etc. 

We provide various Miboxer led light fixtures to fit your lighting needs, including Miboxer LED controller series, Zigbee 3.0 control system, RF remote control, LED smart light bulbs series, LED spotlight series, LED floodlight series, DMX512 series, DALI series, SYS series, LoRa series, etc. 

You can use a smarter way to control LED lights. Here you can find the following control methods: RF remote control (handheld remote control, wall panel remote control), voice control, and mobile APP control. The Miboxer mi light is available in multi colors to create rich lighting effects. 

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  • Alexa|Google Assistant SeriesAlexa|Google Assistant Series

    These Milight LED Controllers And Lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. Try to control your lights with voice commands. 

    Alexa and Google Assistant controlled LED lights, controllers, and drivers are designed for natural language interaction with users to perform various tasks such as switching lights on and off, adjusting brightness, changing colors, etc.

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  • RF Remote ControlRF Remote Control

    Mi Light Remote Control Series. These handheld remotes and wall mount remote controls utilize 2.4GHz wireless RF technology to enable control of LED lights by touch. All are battery powered for simple control and installation.

    2.4GHz RF technology enables seamless communication between mi-light remote and LED lights, providing users with an easy and efficient way to adjust brightness, color and other lighting settings.

    Note: These remotes need to be compatible with Mi light 2.4GHz series controllers to control the LED lights.

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  • RF LED ControllerRF LED Controller

    Mi light RF LED light controller series. The controllers use 2.4GHz RF technology to communicate with the LED lighting system. Compared to traditional infrared led controllers, the 2.4GHz RF technology has a more stable signal transmission and can control LED lights over a wider range.

    LED Controller Kits provide a complete LED lighting control solution. No need to struggle to find compatible remotes, and avoid problems caused by incompatibility of different brands or models.

    Signal amplifiers are a necessity for large LED lighting projects. Typically low voltage LED strips run over limited distances. To achieve ultra-long runs, we need to amplify the weakened control signals in the middle of the run.

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  • Wall Panel ControllerWall Panel Controller

    Mi-Light hardwired wall mount LED strip control panels, low voltage DC 12V-24V input, directly connect and control LED strip lights.

    Smart panel controller is a newly high-end controller. The appearance is made of a pretty and fashionable glass panels. And we adopt a high precision capacitive touch screen IC. Touch screen is very stable. Also it has memory function (Turn off the light, then turn on again, The lamps will keep the same light as before). This controller widely work on single color, CCT, RGB, RGBW and RGB+CCT LED strip. Also work on flexible strip, panel light, rolling strip. Easily install and operate.

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  • Wireless Dimmable LED DriverWireless Dimmable LED Driver

    Mi-light Wireless LED Driver products use WiFi / Bluetooth / 2.4G wireless transmission technology, low power consumption, and strong an-interference ability.

    WiFi / Bluetooth connect network can greatly enhance the connect network experience. When the router is disconnected, Bluetooth can also directly connect and control equipment at close range.

    Aer successful network configuration using [MiBoxer Smart] app to achieve wireless dimming, remote control, group control, scene control, ming control, music movement, biorhythm, sleep, plan, wake plan, one key execution, automation, etc. functions. And it supports a 2.4G remote control. 

  • LED Lighting FixturesLED Lighting Fixtures

    These premium smart led lighting fixtures from MiBoxer Mi-Light brand take care of home indoor and outdoor lighting and commercial landscape lighting. MiBoxer Mi-Light led fixtures utilize advanced wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Radio Frequency (RF), and Zigbee technology for wireless remote control, allowing users to adjust light brightness, color, and scene settings via Mi-Light's RF remote, smartphone app, or other smart home system.

    Multi color lighting effect is one of the features of MiBoxer Mi-Light lights with built-in RGB+CCT color modes, including dimming, white color temperature and colored light change. Users can customize the lighting atmosphere according to their personal preferences and occasion needs.

    MiBoxer Mi-Light, as a brand focusing on led lighting control systems, their lights have high performance and stable connection with reliability. 

    Mi-Light offers a wide range of LED light fixtures covering both indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Mi-Light's smart home light fixture collection includes LED bulbs, downlights, spotlights, track lights, magnetic lights, panel lights, and more; Outdoor landscape lighting collection includes floodlights, wall washers, underwater lights, underground lights, etc.

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  • DMX512 SeriesDMX512 Series

    MiBoxer Mi-Light DMX Lighting System accords with DMX512 standard protocol, gives simple and precise control of home lighting and outdoor landscape lighting, and the DMX decoder makes LED strips DMX-controllable. 

    And most especially, MiBoxer Mi-Light has developed a wireless DMX signal transmitter, model FUTD01, that allows some of their LED strip controllers and light bulbs to be directly controlled by DMX console. (Some Mi-Light LED strip controllers are not compatible with wireless DMX, please pay attention to the difference.)

    MiBoxer Mi-Light's DMX fixtures are not only compatible with standard DMX console controls, but also support RF 2.4GHz protocol, allowing you to operate them remotely via wireless remote control. These DMX fixtures can also be integrated into a WiFi system via a WiFi gateway, providing the perfect blend of traditional DMX control and the convenience of wireless remote operation.

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  • Zigbee 3.0 Control SystemZigbee 3.0 Control System

    In LED lighting, the Zigbee protocol is commonly used to interconnect smart lighting systems. Through the Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol, these Mi Light led lights and controllers can communicate directly with the Zigbee wireless remote, or through the Zigbee gateway and other smart devices such as smartphones (Tuya Smart APP) to realize remote control, dimming, color mixing, timmer, group control, and music rhythm, etc.

    Zigbee-compliant devices from different manufacturers are compatible with each other. This openness and interoperability allow users to choose Zigbee-compatible LEDs and controls of different brands that work together in their smart home systems.

    The Zigbee lighting protocol is characterized by: low power consumption, short-range wireless communication, self-organizing capability, short latency and reliability, and strong anti-interference capability.

  • WiFi Control SystemWiFi Control System

    These MiBoxer Mi-Light WiFi LED Lights And Controllers connect to your WiFi network, control led lighting remotely via your smartphone, tablet, or other device. And with support for smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can achieve smarter home control through voice commands or integration with other smart devices. Easy to install and configure, simply connect the light device to a WiFi network and complete the setup through the appropriate app (Tuya Smart).

  • LoRa SPSP SeriesLoRa SPSP Series

    LoRa (Long Range Radio) is a low-power, long-range wireless communication technology. This allows lighting devices to be connected over large areas, such as outdoor landscape lighting (50 meters underwater and 2000 meters outdoors). 

    These LoRa 433MHz frequency protocol compatible MiBoxer Mi-Light led lights allow remote communication between LED lights and controls for remote control and monitoring functions.

    FUT086 433MHz remote control connects the LoRa LEDs directly for light adjustments, or via the WL-433 433MHz Gateway to combine the LoRa lights with a smartphone app and third-party voice control through WiFi or 4G network, and for DMX 512 (1990) control.

    Mi-Light LoRa SPSP modem technology is only compatible with MiBoxer 433MHz series products. 

  • DALI Control SeriesDALI Control Series

    Build your home DALI LED strip lighting system with these MiBoxer Mi-Light DALI lighting fixtures, utilizing DALI standard protocol IEC62386, the PWM output with soft brightness dimming and full compatibility, compatible with white/single color, CCT, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT output modes.

    Power for the entire DALI lighting system is transmitted from the DALI Bus power supply to the individual light fixtures via the DALI bus. The DALI led strip controller and touch control panel are on the DALI bus.

    High-end DALI controllers such as the Mi-Light DL-X allow you to choose between linear or logarithmic dimming of the LED strips, making the dimming more predictable, precisely controlled, or more in tune with human perception.

    In a huge DALI lighting system, individual or group lighting control is achieved by setting unique DALI addresses to correctly configure and control the DALI lighting equipment.

  • AC Triac Dimming SeriesAC Triac Dimming Series

    Triac lights are directly powered by line voltage, and dimming these lights at the high voltage end is called Triac Dimming. Traditional Triac dimming is achieved through in-wall Triac dimmers.

    MiBoxer Mi-Light Triac Control brings intelligent control to traditional AC light dimming, it's compatible with RF, WiFi, and Zigbee wireless protocols, which allows you to adjust the AC LED lights and traditional filament and halogen lamps via RF remote, smartphone or voice command.

    These Mi-Light Triac LED Lights must be dimmed via the Triac Control Module TRI-C1/TRI-C1WR/TRI-C1ZR. The Triac dimmer can better control the current and bring out stable and soft light for your lighting needs.

    A Quick and Deep Understanding of TRIAC Dimmer & Dimming

  • 0-10V Control System Series0-10V Control System Series

    Low-voltage LED dimming select 0-10V lighting control can improve the stability of dimming and brightness consistency, ensuring that the light performance is consistent at different dimming levels. 

    The 0-10V dimming circuit is that the line voltage provides energy for the constant voltage or constant current 0-10V driver, and the 0-10V dimmer sends a dimming signal to LED strip or constant current LED lights through the driver. The 0-10V LED driver matches the dimming signal from the dimmer and adjusts the LED current accordingly, resulting in more precise dimming of the LED light.

    This is MiBoxer Mi-Light 0-10V wall mount dimming control, the brightness adjustment of LED lights is realized by touching the function buttons of ML-L1. And the ML-LS4 and ML-PL1 0-10V drivers are compatible with mi-light RF remote control and smartphone control (via gateway). Adjust the brightness (0~100%) through 0~10V, 1~10V, 10V PWM and push dimming signal. Also with one-to-many control, signal auto-transmitting function.

    Things You Need To Know About 0-10V Dimmer & Dimming

  • SYS Subordinate Lamp SeriesSYS Subordinate Lamp Series

    What is a slave light? What is slave in lighting?

    Slave light means that its light signal comes from the master control, and all the slave lights are given light signals and synchronized changes by one host controller. These slave lamps are under the same control system and control mode.

    MiBoxer Mi-Light SYS Series LED Slave Lights are connected to a wireless master controller via a wired connection and can be controlled remotely by Mi-Light RF remote or smartphone, tablet via a gateway. The host controller is also compatible with DMX control and is linked to the DMX console via the wireless DMX transmitter FUTD01. And multiple host controllers are synchronized wirelessly within 30 meters of each other.

    When more than 50 light slaves are connected, or the total cable length exceeds 300 meters, or the LED power exceeds 360 watts or 360 watts, an amplifier is required to boost the master signal to synchronize all the slaves.

    The synchronization of master and slave lighting is ideal for outdoor landscape lighting. Control 16 millions color, color temperature, brightness, and saturation. Widely used on landscapes such as building, bridge, underground.

  • LED Strip Control SystemLED Strip Control System

    MiBoxer Dual White LED Controller adopts the widely used 2.4GHz wireless technology, is controlled by mi light wireless remote, with CCT and Brightness Dim output mode. Outputs 1-4 channels of dual white or 2-8 channels of single white, 6A outputs per channel, connecting multiple white light strips in parallel to avoid brightness and color differences caused by voltage drops.

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