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Miboxer LED Light&Controller

Miboxer LED Light Intelligent Control System for your Home Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Building Lighting, etc. 

We provide various Miboxer led light fixtures to fit your lighting needs, including Miboxer LED controller series, Zigbee 3.0 control system, RF remote control, LED smart light bulbs series, LED spotlight series, LED floodlight series, DMX512 series, DALI series, SYS series, LoRa series, etc. 

You can use a smarter way to control LED lights. Here you can find the following control methods: RF remote control (handheld remote control, wall panel remote control), voice control, and mobile APP control. The Miboxer mi light is available in multi colors to create rich lighting effects. 

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  • Alexa|Google Assistant SeriesAlexa|Google Assistant Series

    These LED Controller And Lights are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. Try to control your lights with voice commands. 

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  • RF Remote ControlRF Remote Control

    Miboxer Product Catalogue

    Smart Panel Remote Controller is a newly developed remote controller. This Panel remote controller is designed by a delicate and fashionable tempered glass panel; And we adopt a high precision Capacitive touch screen IC. Touch Screen is very stable; 2.4GHz high RF wireless control with long distance controlling, low power consumption and high speed transmitting rate.

    This product has T series and B series, and the difference is the method of power supplying. Both series have 4 kinds: T1/B1 4-zone dimmable panel remote controller; T2/B2 CCT 4-zone panel remote controller; T3/B3 4-zone RGB/RGBW panel remote controller; T4/B4 4-zone RGB+CCT panel remote controller. This product widely work on our smart LED Lighting, LED Controller and Smart panel controller, etc.


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  • RF LED ControllerRF LED Controller

    Miboxer Product Catalogue

    100W 5 in 1 (Single Color & CCT & RGB & RGBW & RGB+CCT) smart strip controller is our newly developed high-end LED controller controlled by wireless remote controller, also with smartphone control and 4G long-distance control (2.4GHz gateway is needed ). 

    The controller has auto-transmitting and auto-synchronizing function and with brightness, CCT, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT output mode. This controller adopts the widely used 2.4GHz wireless technology with the features of low power consumption, long signal transmitting, and strong anti-interference, etc. One compatible remote control many controllers at the same time. Widely used on the controlling of hotel lighting and home lighting


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  • Wall Panel ControllerWall Panel Controller

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

    Smart panel controller is a newly high-end controller. The appearance is made of a pretty and fashionable glass panels. And we adopt a high precision capacitive touch screen IC. Touch screen is very stable. Also it has memory function (Turn off the light, then turn on again, The lamps will keep the same light as before). This controller widely work on single color, CCT, RGB, RGBW and RGB+CCT LED strip. Also work on flexible strip, panel light, rolling strip. Easily install and operate.

  • Wireless Dimmable LED DriverWireless Dimmable LED Driver

    This LED Driver product uses WiFi + Bluetooth + 2.4G wireless transmission technology, low power consumption, and strong an-interference ability.

    WiFi + Bluetooth connect network can greatly enhance the connect network experience. When the router is disconnected, Bluetooth can also directly connect and control equipment at close range.

    Aer successful network configuration using [MiBoxer Smart] app to achieve wireless dimming,  remote control, group control, scene control, ming control, music movement, biorhythm, sleep, plan, wake plan, one key execution, automation, etc. functions. And it supports a 2.4G remote control. 

  • LED Lighting FixturesLED Lighting Fixtures

    Miboxer Product Catalogue

    1. When installing the lighting fixtures, pls switch off the power to make sure the safety.

    2. Please check whether the input voltage supply is in accordance with the lighting fixtures.

    3. Non-professional user cannot dismantle the lighting fixtures directly, otherwise, it may cause fire and electric shock.

    4. Please do not use lighting fixtures around the mental area and high magnetic field, otherwise, it will badly affect the control distance.


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  • DMX512 SeriesDMX512 Series

    Miboxer Product Catalogue

    1. Accord with DMX512 standard protocol.

    2. Digital Display, Set DMX initial address through the button.

    3. Support RDM function.

    4. Logarithm/Linear dimming curve is optional.

    5. 16 million colors to change, color temperature, and brightness adjustable.

    6. IP66 waterproof rated


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  • Zigbee 3.0 Control SystemZigbee 3.0 Control System

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

    This item supports Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol with low consumption, strong ability to pair with the network automatically and resist interference. Users can use Zigbee wireless remote to dim light. It supports to pair with Zigbee gateway and enjoy the function (wireless dimmable, remote control, timmer, group control, and music rhythm).

  • WiFi Control SystemWiFi Control System

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

    This product is a waterproof LED controller suitable for outdoor use. It has brightness, color temperature, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT output modes. Built-in WiFi module and 2.4GHz RF communication module. Support Smartphone APP ( MiBoxer ) and RF Remote controlling.

  • LoRa SPSP SeriesLoRa SPSP Series

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

    Use LoRa SPSP Modem technology, compatible with MiBoxer 433MHz series products; and controlled by MiBoxer APP through WiFi or 4G network. Support DMX512(1990) control. Support third party voice control.

  • DALI Control SeriesDALI Control Series

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

    DL5 is a newly developed DALI dimming controller with the newest DALI standard protocol IEC62386. PWM dimming output with soft brightness dimming and full compatibility. This controller can be compatible with a single color, CCT, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT output mode.Connecting with the up-and-down terminal to easily compatible with many kinds of lamps; widely used on hotel lighting and home lighting, etc.

  • AC Triac Dimming SeriesAC Triac Dimming Series

    Triac dimmer can better control the current and bring out stable and soft light for your LED lighting needs. 

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

  • 0-10V Control System Series0-10V Control System Series

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

    Adjust the brightness(0~100%) through 0~10V, 1~10V, 10V PWM and Push Dimming Signal. Also controlled by a smartphone, and with 4G controlling (2.4GHz gateway is needed). Adopt worldwide used 2.4GHz wireless technology, with low power consumption, long transmitting distance, and strong anti-interference, etc features; also with one-to-many control, and signal auto-transmitting function. The controller is with the over-and-under type terminal connection method to be easy to compatible with many kinds of lightings, and widely used on the control for hotel lighting, and home lighting, etc.

  • SYS Subordinate Lamp SeriesSYS Subordinate Lamp Series

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

    The light housing is made of aluminum alloy with anodizing technology on the surface, and salinity mirror surface with high light transmittance. Connecting with "SYS-T1 Controller" to control the 16millions color, color temperature, brightness, and saturation. Widely used on building, bridge, showcase, and landscape, etc.

  • LED Strip Control SystemLED Strip Control System

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

    Dual White Panel Light Controller is a newly developed high-end controller, controlled by wireless remote controller, also with smartphone control and 4G long distance control(need WiFi box).

    The controller has an auto-transmitting function and with CCT and Brightness output mode. This controller adopts the widely used 2.4GHz wireless technology with the features of low power consumption, long signal transmitting and strong anti-interference, etc.

    One compatible remote control many controllers at the same time. Widely used on the controlling of hotel lighting and home lighting.

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