Flexible LED Strip Lights VS Rigid LED Linear Light Bars

What are flexible led strip lights? LED strip light is a strip-sharped printed circuit board with other electronic parts. And when connected to a led power supply, the electricity is converted into light energy, and the LEDs (light emitting diodes) will […]

How to Choose and Install LED Strip Lights?

When we choose the led light strips, we will encounter some common problems like we do not know how to find the right LED strip lights for our own LED lighting projects. There are many kinds of LED […]

11 Features Of LED Light Strips You Must Know

The LED strip light is a diversified combination. The surface of the flexible circuit board that combines a flexible copper substrate, an insulating layer, and a protective layer is filled with light-emitting diodes (SMD LED), and a 3M adhesive tape […]

Is LED Strip Lighting Safe?

Before buying led strip lights, most people have a concern, is the led light strip safe? At this point, I want to say that your worries are unnecessary because the use of led light strips is much safer than other […]

Do LED Strip Lights Overheat?

All electronic equipment generates heat during operation, such as our commonly used mobile phones and computers, so as the led strip lights. This heat must be discharged to the outside of the led strip light, otherwise, the accumulation […]

What Light Colors Do LED Strip Lights Have?

In this article, we will talk about these questions. If you are interested in these questions, let us explore the answers together.  1. How many colors are in led strip lights? 2. What does LED light color mean? 3. […]

How To Choose LED Strip Light Controllers?

LED strip light controller is an essential part to change LED light colors, LED brightness, and turning on or turning off the LED strip lights. One end of the LED controller is connected to the led power supply, and the other end is connected […]