What Is COB LED Strip Light?

Space is the essence of architecture, and light is the soul of space. The appearance of led strip lights increases the layering of the indoor and outdoor environment, making the space environment softer and more emotional. In the minimal space […]

How to Make LED Neon Lights?

LED neon rope lights are widely used in the lighting industry, and they can be seen basically in the street or in life. All led strip lights can use neon silicone tubes to make led neon lights. Traditional neon lights will […]

How to Wire Addressable LED Strip Lights?

The addressable led strip lights(sometimes it is called programmable led strip lights, SPI digital led strip lights, or led pixel strip) means that they can have multiple colors on the same strip. Unlike other led strip lights, the entire […]

How to calculate power for LED strip lights?

Many people do not know how to calculate the power based on the led strip, so there is no purpose when browsing the led power supply and don’t know how to choose among the various power supply products. […]

Ultimate Guide on Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lighting

Aluminum is melted and extruded to obtain aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes, hence the name extruded aluminum channel (also known as aluminum extrusions, aluminum channels, and aluminum profiles). As a crucial part of linear LED fixtures, the aluminum extrusions are […]