How to Wire RGBWW LED Strips?

Methods to wire your RGBCCT led strip lights, with amplifiers to run long-distance strip lighting, or with RF controllers to control multi-zones strip lights.

How to Wire RGB LED Strip Lights?

About the wiring methods of RGB LED strip lights. Install RGB light strips for long distances with amplifiers or RF controllers. DMX control RGB LED strips.

How to Wire RGBW LED Strips?

Methods to install RGBW led light strips. Run long-distance RGBW strip lighting with LED amplifiers or RF light controllers. DMX control RGBW strip lights.

What Is Color Rendering Index?

CRI is an important parameter of LED strip lights. A high CRI value can restore the original color of the object as much as possible, friendly to human eyes.

Can You Cut LED Light Strips?

How do you cut your light strip to keep it working properly? How to connect LED strip lights after cutting? What connector should you choose for your strip light?

What Is COB LED Strip Light?

COB vs LED, which one is better? COB is chip on board, LED chips are directly patched on the FPCB, creating soft linear lighting. Here's what COB led strip is.

WS2815 VS WS2812B

WS2815 and WS2812B are two of the most popular addressable led strip lights on the market today. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the WS2815 and WS2812B and compare their features, pros and cons.

Should You Install LED Baseboard For Your Room?

There's now an LED aluminum profile type designed for baseboards or skirting boards trim. Should you install LED baseboard for your room? Read this blog to understand what's baseboard lighting.

Can You Put LED Strip Lights Outdoor?

Want to add led strip lights to illuminate your outdoor places? This blog tells you what you need to know before buying and installing outdoor led strip lights.