Choosing The Best 12V Addressable LED Strip For Your LED Project

This article helps you choose the most suitable 12V addressable led strip light for you among the many addressable IC chips, WS2815, WS2818, TM1812, GS8208, and LPD6803. The following content will be described according to the specific differences in the DC12V addressable led strip lights, you can answer these questions in your mind to get the digital led light strip you want the most.

1. What kind of signal transmission do you want?

  • Single signal transmission – DAT, 12V, Signal – TM1812 addressable led strip
  • Dual-signal transmission – DAT, 12V, Signal, Clock – LPD6803 addressable led strip
  • Breakpoint resume transmission – DAT, 12V, Signal, Backup – WS2815, WS2818, and GS8208 addressable led light strips

More specific knowledge can be found in the Addressable LED Strip Light Guide.

2. Do you want individually addressable?

Individually addressable means you can control the light color and brightness of each LED individually, the WS2815 and GS8208 are individually addressable led strips. Other chips control 3, 6, or 12 LED lights.

How to see if a led strip is individually addressable? Check whether the cutting unit of the addressable led strip lighting is an LED. If it is 3, then one IC chip controls 3 LED lights at the same time, and these 3 LED lights can only be changed at the same time. The color mode is like that the first 3-LED area is red, the second 3-LED area is green, and the third 3-LED area is blue.

3. RGB or RGBCCT color changing LED?

The RGB mode is the most common color changing led lights mode, which can produce 256 cubic colors and can also mix white light, but the white light is bluish and cooler.

To display pure white light on addressable led strips, you need to choose SK6812 RGBW or TM1812 RGBCCT addressable led strip lights.

The video below shows you the color mode for addressable RGBCCT led strips.

4. Single-row or multi-row addressable led strip?

Multi-row addressable led strips can come in handy if the installation place of your LED project is wide and a single row led strip light isn’t enough to illuminate your area. Single-row led strip lights are generally 10mm or 12mm wide, or narrower like 4mm.

We provide 20mm TM1812 dual roe addressable led strip lights, WS2818 or TM1812 triple row addressable led strips, and 24mm triple row WS2815 addressable led strips in our Of course, the cost of multi-row addressable led strip lights will be higher, you can choose according to your actual needs.

5. What LED Density do you want?

  • TM1812 addressable RGB led strip lights: 60 LEDs/m, 120 LEDs/m, 144 LEDs/m.
  • LPD6803 RGB addressable led strip lights: 30 LEDs/m, 60 LEDs/m.
  • WS2815 addressable RGB color changing led strip lights: 30 LEDs/m, 60 LEDs/m, 96 LEDs/m, 144 LEDs/m.
  • WS2818 addressable led strip RGB color changing: 30 LEDs/m, 60 LEDs/m, 72 LEDs/m, 96 LEDs/m, 144 LEDs/m.
  • GS8208 addressable led strip lights: 30 LEDs/m, 48 LEDs/m, 60 LEDs/m, 120 LEDs/m.

6. Waterproof or not waterproof? What is the waterproof level you need?

LED light strips have different waterproof grades. Choose addressable IP20 non-waterproof led strip lights indoors, the addressable led strips are completely exposed to the air.

Splash-proof places such as kitchens and bathrooms should choose addressable IP65 waterproof led strip lights, the electronic components on the surface of the led lighting strips are wrapped in silicone.

For outdoor use, choose the addressable IP67 waterproof led strips if you are not immersed in water for a long time, the light strips are protected in silicone tubes. The waterproof grade of WS2815 addressable RGB led neon lights is also waterproof IP67, but the LED light is softer, the silicone neon tube is more flexible, and it is resistant to temperature, humidity, and ultraviolet rays, which has strong environmental adaptability.

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