What Effect Do LED Strip Light Colors Bring To People?

In the previous article, we introduced the many light colors of LED strip lights. What kind of impact do these LED colors have on people and where are they suitable for? When using LED light strips, many people worry that the LED light will burden the eyes.

Are led lights bad for your eyes?

Compared with warm yellow incandescent lamps, looking directly at the cool LED light with high color temperature for a long time will indeed make the eyes very uncomfortable. The cool white LED light is similar to natural light on a clear day.

Rooms are decorated in white LED light, which gives a sense of cleanliness, but if the contrast of white is too strong, it is easy to stimulate pupil contraction and induce headaches and other diseases.

What is the most relaxing color for LED lights? 

Warm light LED color series such as red, yellow, and orange can make people feel comfortable and feel excited. The cool light LED color series such as blue, gray, and green make people feel calm and even a little melancholy.

The most relaxing color of led lights strips is the sunset colors. The sunset is a gentle color, a soft white light, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling. Bathed in the afterglow of sunset, let people forget the unpleasantness and enjoy inner peace.

Warm white VS Cool white

LED warm white light and LED cool white light have their own advantages and disadvantages. Warm white LED light is easier for people to adapt to, without a dazzling feeling, but its brightness is low.

The color of the LED strip lighting is yellowish, which makes people look warmer. The light emitted by the warm white led strip light is like the color emitted by a tungsten bulb.

Cool white because the proportion of blue light is very high, the color emitted is bluish, so the color of the light gives people a dazzling feeling in the eyes of human eyes. Cool white light with the same wattage has higher luminous efficiency than warm white light, and the glare will be greater if you look directly at it. 

The LED brightness of cool white light is enough to see clearly, but a long time look will cause visual fatigue. It is recommended that you install the white light according to your different needs, which will be more appropriate.

Or you can add a led dimmer to adjust the led strip brightness to meet your needs. You can even choose the CCT led strips with different white light color temperature transitions, and the white lighting is more flexible to adapt to your usage scenarios.

LED warm white, LED natural white, LED cool white

What color led light strip is best?

There are various colors in led strip lights, which one is the best color? Let us see the effect the different led light colors bring to you. 

►Red LED Light

Red LED lighting makes people have a lively, vivid, and uneasy reaction. It is full of strength and enthusiasm, it will stimulate and excite the nervous system, increase the secretion of adrenaline and enhance blood circulation.

However, too much exposure can cause anxiety and physical stress, and make people who are prone to fatigue feel exhausted. When a person is depressed, seeing red led lights will immediately change his mood, but not for too long.

►Orange LED Light

Orange led light has a rich, flaunting, and hot emotional meaning. Like sunlight, it produces vitality, induces appetite, helps the body absorb calcium, and is beneficial to the recovery and maintenance of health. Orange led strip lights can be used in recreation rooms, kitchens, etc. But it is not suitable for study rooms.

►Blue LED Light

Blue led light can adjust homeostasis. Using blue led strip lighting in the bedroom can eliminate tension and help relieve headaches, fever, fainting, and insomnia. The blue light environment makes people feel elegant and tranquil.

►Green LED Light

Green light is a natural color, giving people a feeling of peace, youth, and freshness. Its tranquility and static properties are good for digestion, promote body balance, and have a calming effect. It can relieve people’s fatigued brain and optic nerves and is good for active or depression. It also has a certain effect on overcoming fainting and negative emotions.

►White LED Light

White led strip lights give people the feeling of being white, bright, and spotless, and can play a role in consolidating and purifying the human body. If combined with other colors, it can enhance the therapeutic effect of this color.

Therefore, it is also a synergist for other colors. White not only reflects that a hospital is an uncontaminated place but also reflects the sense of zero distance between patients and medical staff. So this is also an important factor in choosing white light for hospital wards.

►Purple LED Light

Purple led strip light is with blue and red personality, active, dignified, and honorable. It has effects on the motor nerve, lymphatic system, and heart system, can maintain the balance of potassium in the body, and promotes the feeling of calm and love and caring for others.

►Pink LED Light

If the surrounding led light environment is pink, it will reduce the commotion and chaos common in areas. The maximum effect of pink led strip lights is self-decompression.