How To Use Wall Wash LED Lights?

Washing lighting a wall or building looks simple, but there is a lot of knowledge in it. When installing a LED wall washer light, some small detail changes can make a huge difference to the entire wall washing lighting effect.

What kind of wall wash lighting effect do you want before using the LED wall washer lights? Wall washing or wall grazing? Lighting the wall evenly or highlighting a certain part of the wall to create a chiaroscuro? The LED wall washer light is mounted on the ceiling or the floor by fixing the mounting bracket with screws to illuminate the wall.

In this article, we will talk about:

  1. Considerations you should pay attention to
  2. How to install a LED wall wash light?
  3. How to install flexible wall washer LED light strip?
LED Wall Washer Lighting Outdoor

When installing the linear wall wash led lights, you should pay attention to several aspects:

  • What wall washer light fixture to use, led wall washer downlight, wall wash led linear light, or flexible led wall washer strip?
  • The distance between the wall wash led light and the wall.
  • Light placement angle.

Different led wall wash light fixtures display different wall washing effects. Wall washer downlights can be embedded in walls to highlight areas where people need special attention. Outdoor high-power wall washing lighting projects should choose aluminum housing LED linear wall wash lights, flexible wall washer led light strips are more suitable for small LED wall washing projects.

The distance between the LED wall wash lights and the wall will affect the effect of the LED wall wash lighting. If it is close to the wall, it will highlight important content on the wall such as photos, artworks, etc. And if the led wall washer light is far from the wall, the whole wall will be bright, and the space will be enlarged visually. The angle at which the wall washer led lighting is placed can be changed according to your actual situation during an installation.

LED Wall Grazing Lighting Indoor

How to install a LED wall wash light?

Power on the LED wall washer lights before installation to check whether the wall washer lighting will be on, so as to avoid the situation that the LED light does not light up after the installation is completed. Before the official installation, please power off the operation for safety.

Confirm the working voltage of the LED wall wash light, the 24VDC LED wall washer lighting fixtures need to use the 24V transformer and then plug it into the socket. The AC high voltage wall washer led lights are used directly into the socket. The wall washer led lighting has a built-in microchip, which can change the LED color without connecting to a LED controller. DMX wall washer led lights can realize multi-building cascade mode, dynamic synchronization, and interaction.

How to install flexible wall washer LED light strip?

The flexible wall wash led strip light can be installed in the ceiling trough to form wall washing to create a modern wall washer effect and give color to the wall. The flexible wall washer led strips come with self-adhesive, which can be attached to the wall or ceiling at will, and can be fixed by mounting brackets to avoid falling off.

The wall wash flex led strip lighting follows the wiring method of the LED strip lights, and the CCT wall washer led lights strip needs to be controlled by the CCT controller to change the color temperature and brightness of the white light. Click to learn more.

LED wall washer lights illuminate walls or buildings in different colors, and coat them with colored outer gauze, which can be applied to LED interior wall wash lighting, LED wall wash landscape lighting, LED architectural lighting and other LED outdoor wall wash lighting placements.