Use LED Motion Sensor Stair Lights to Light Up Your Stairs

This is a LED lit stairs idea, we can install led strip lights on each step to light up the staircase, but is there a smart way to control the stair lights? How to make the stair lighting on when we want it to be on? The answer is to opt for motion sensor stair lights.

How Do LED Motion Sensor Stair Lights Work´╝č

The soul of the LED motion stair lights is that the led stair lighting controller has two motion sensors located at both ends of the stairs.

When they sense your movement, the stairway lights will automatically turn on without you needing to manually turn on the switch. Most importantly, the stair lights can automatically turn off. Easy and fast to use, and it has low power consumption.

To give you a better understanding, take our led motion sensor stair lights kit as an example, in which we use COB LED strip lights and ES32 controller to control the staircase lighting. You can watch the video below to know how the motion activated stair lighting work.

Various Stair Lighting Effects of Motion Sensor Stair Lights

1. Single color motion sensor stair lights

For a simple stair light effect, you can choose sensor lights for stairs with white color. The warm white stair lights create a warm and comfortable feeling; the neutral white stair lights provide bright vision requirements and illuminate the stairs; the cool white stair lights have a cool atmosphere.

You can also choose other light colors for the stairway lighting according to your personality and preferences, such as purple, red, green, blue, yellow, pink, and ice blue.

2. Colorful motion sensor stair lights

It should be noted here that the colored led stair lights do not mean that the color of the stair lighting can be changed, but refers to the entire stairway lights composed of different single color led strip lights, and the light color of each step is different.

3. Color changing motion sensor stair lights

The motion sensor led stair lights can not only use single color led light strips, but also can install an addressable led strip to create a color-changing stair light effect. Addressable led strips can be installed on stair treads or on both sides of the stairs.

DIY Motion Sensor LED Stair Lights

When you go up and down the stairs, the motion sensor stair light controller will sense your movement, the LED stair lighting will light up in sequence with your steps. It also can sense the movement of your pet dog.

In fact, after the first step light is turned on, the second step light will be turned on after a few seconds, and the third step light, and so on. And the time interval between every two step lights is the same.

Q: Can I change this time interval to follow in my footsteps? The answer is of course yes. There is an adjustable speed setting on the led stair lighting controller, you can set it according to your own speed.

And you can change the mode of the stair lighting, turn on the stair lighting one by one, turn on the stair lighting every five step lights, or turn off the whole stair lighting.

There may be subtle differences in function between different motion sensor led light controllers, but they all work the same way, by sensing your motions to turn the LED staircase lighting on or off.

Motion sensor LED stair lights are very suitable for use at night. Imagine that one night, you suddenly need to go downstairs, but there is no light in the stairway. At this time, motion sensor stair lights come in handy. Even in a dark environment at night, the motion sensor can still sense your movement, and turn on the stairway lighting. What a gratifying thing it is.

If you have any other questions about the LED motion sensor stair lights, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer you.

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