What Is A SMD LED Strip Light?

When browsing LED strip lights, we often see the LED strip lights with the word SMD or SMD5050, forming a special word, SMD5050 LED strip. SMD LED meaning the surface mount LED lights that are installed on the flexible PCB board to form an SMD LED strip. The number following the SMD represents the SMD LED size used in the led light strip. For example, the SMD 5050 led strip, we can know that this light strip uses SMD LEDs of 5.0mm*5.0mm size.

SMD 5050 LED Strip

SMD LED Types And Sizes

The existing LED chip types on the market are 2110 SMD LED, 2216 SMD LED, 3014 SMD LED, 2835 SMD LED, 3528 SMD LED, 5050 SMD LED, 5630 SMD LED, 5730 SMD LED, their difference is not only the SMD LED sizes, they also have different brightness output and different power requirements.

SMD 5050 RGB LED Strip

The 5050 SMD LED chip has the largest size, and the 5050 SMD LED lights can be used as task lighting, installed under cabinets to expose the surrounding environment to your field of vision. The most special thing is that the 5050 led strip lighting can be in RGB color mode, making you more immersed in the entertainment atmosphere in parties, KTVs, or other entertainment venues. SMD RGB LED is described in detail in the LED light color article.

2835 VS 3528 SMD LEDs

The LED SMD 2835 (2.8mm3.5mm size) looks very similar to the 3528 SMD LED(3.5mm2.8mm size), but the 2835 LED strip light is more efficient than the SMD 3528 led strip at the same power. For wide installation places, SMD 2835 LED strip and 3528 SMD light strip are good choices, both support bright quad row led strip lights or triple row led strips available in red, blue, green, yellow, and color temperature white led lights – 3000K warm white, 4000K natural white, and 6000k daylight white.

Under the 12VDC or 24VDC, the 2835 SMD LED strip and 3528 LED strip light can work well. But they are In all SMD LED lights strips, only the SMD 5050 LED, 2835 SMD LED, and the 3528 LED SMD can work under the DC5V, DC12V, and DC24V. If you are looking for a DC5V led strip, please pay attention to them.

In terms of invisible light, 5050 SMD LED chips, 2835 SMD LED light chips, and 3528 SMD LED Lighting chips can all be used for IR led light strip and UV led strip.

High CRI LED Strip Lights

2110 SMD LED strips, 2216 SMD LED lighting strips, and SMD 3014 thin led strips are single color high CRI LED strip lights, which have a strong ability to restore the original color of objects, and can present warm white, neutral white, daylight white, and CCT tunable white light color.

The 2110 SMD strip is a low-voltage 24V led strip and needs to be used with a 24V DC power supply. 2216 SMD led strip light and 3014 SMD led strip support 12VDC or 24VDC input.

Despite their small size, the LED SMD 2110(2.1*1.0mm), 2216(2.2*1.6mm), and 3014(3.0*1.4mm) LED strip lights provide very bright light output without adding more power, allowing more LEDs to fit on a 5m/16.4ft strip.

2110 SMD LED Strip
SMD 2216 CCT LED Strip
LED SMD 3014 Strip Light

High Power LED Strip Lights

With 12VDC or 24VDC power input, 5630 SMD LED(5.6*3.0mm) and LED SMD 5730(5.7*3.0mm) have large light-emitting areas and high lumen, at the same time bring more LED heat to the led light strip, therefore, when using the high lumen led strip, always pay attention to increase the heat dissipation. How do you stop your led strip overheating? We have given the answers in the article.

How to choose the best SMD LED?

The choice of SMD LED strips depends on your actual needs.

  • What kind of brightness do you want?
  • Which LED color do you prefer?
  • 5V led strips or 12V led strip lights?
  • Auxiliary lighting or accent lighting? etc.

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