5 Ideas For Indoor Stair Lighting

Indoor stair lighting has two obvious functions. One is to provide safety lighting to prevent accidents when people go up and down stairs in the dark. The second is to add a lighting atmosphere to the home decor. Stair lighting is not satisfied with simple clear vision requirements and must be switched manually. The existence of human induction stair lights makes stair lighting applications more intelligent and has richer stair light effects.

In stairway lighting, our common stair light fixtures have LED strip lights, stair light controllers, stair aluminum profiles for decorative, and complete led stair lights kits.

How to create your own unique stairway lighting with the right stair light fixture is what we will focus on in this article. Next, I will introduce you several stair lighting solutions and the led light fixtures they use in detail.

  1. Under Stair Lighting
  2. Surface Stair Lighting
  3. Lighting On Both Sides Of The Stairs
  4. Stair Rail Lighting
  5. DIY Stair Lighting

1. Under stair lighting

For stairs with protruding steps, it is very suitable to install stair lights under the stair treads for stairway lighting. The led stair lights are hidden under the treads to create the effect of only seeing the light but not the lamps.

You can use the following light fixtures for under stair lighting:

1) Directly paste led strip lights under the steps to obtain a bright LED light. If you want a dotless stair light effect, you can choose a linear COB led strip.

2) Use an aluminum channel to install with the led light strip, the advantage is that different light diffusion effects can be obtained matched with different PC/PMMA light diffusers, and at the same time, the led aluminum channel can provide protection, strengthen the heat dissipation, and prolong service life for the led strip lighting.

  • 2.1 Use the 45-degree LED corner diffuser channel to install the led light strip, and you’ll get a 90-degree lighting angle to illuminate the stairways.
  • 2.2 Make the surface mounting led channel fixed on the surface under the stair steps. LED profiles are fixed with mounting clips, and low-profile led diffuser channel can also be fixed with double-sided tape.
  • 2.3 Choose to use recessed led channels for a flat step surface. But, before installation, you need to make a slot under the stair tread to reserve the aluminum channel size.

2. Surface Stair Lighting

We have various shapes of the stair led profile to match the stair lighting application for ultra-narrow led strip lights and 8mm/10mm/12mm led strips.

The design of the stairs led channel can change the direction of the LED lighting, whether it is upward, downward or oblique. And the sawtooth design of the stair led channel has a non-slip effect.

Stair lighting is great for shopping mall steps to draw people’s attention.

3. Lighting On Both Sides Of The Stairs

Installing white addressable led strips on both sides of the indoor stairs can create a flowing water effect.

If you don’t want to see the led strip lighting exposed, you can use the aluminum led profile to embed it in the wall to create a feeling that the LED light and the wall are integrated.

4. Stair Rail Lighting

Sticking LED light strips on the stair rails can add atmosphere to the stairs.

And the stair rail lighting does not conflict with other stair lighting.

5. DIY Stair Lighting

You can choose the color of the led light strip according to your interests and needs for the stair lighting.

Just want to give the stairs a bright environment, the white light strip is the most suitable.

Of course, if you want your stairs to look cooler, red, green, or blue led light strips are fine too. You can even choose single color led strip lights in different colors, and let them all be installed on the same staircase, creating a cool color effect.

Whisper, these color options are available in our motion sensor stairs light kit.

Come and DIY your own staircase lighting.

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