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LED Aluminum Profile

LED aluminum channel or aluminum profile is specially designed for flexible LED strip lights. The aluminum metal material has good heat dissipation performance, which can strengthen the LED strip heat dissipation and prolong its service life. In addition, the LED profile is easy to maintain, and the tape light will not accumulate dust and not be affected by moisture when it is placed in the aluminum extrusion.

LED strip profile is a good LED light setting. Our LED aluminium profile products not only have a variety of shapes to suit your different installation places, but also come with multiple PC or PMMA diffuser covers to smooth light. Silver, white, and black finishes are available to meet your personalized design. Suitable for home lighting and commercial lighting, cabinet lighting, ceiling lighting, closet lighting, stair lighting, accent lighting, wall lighting, outdoor lighting, etc. 

Aluminum LED Channel – How Do You Diffuse LED Strip Lights?


Shop By Aluminum LED Channel Type

  • Regular Series LED Aluminum ChannelsRegular Series LED Aluminum Channels

    Our hot-sale LED strip light diffuser profiles contains aluminum U channels, round led channels, and led corner channels with PC/PMMA diffuser covers. We provide a variety of light diffuser covers with different diffusing effects, arc led diffuser, square light diffuser, L-shaped led light diffuser, lens led light strip diffuser, etc. And the led profiles cover various installation methods, including surface mount, recessed mount with a flat surface, and hanging mount as a linear led pendant light. 

    LED profile channels are typically used with led strips, the aluminum channel provides physical protection to the led light strip, and acts as a heat sink to prolong the led strip services life. Come with end caps and mounting clips, the silver, white, and black aluminum led profiles are a great choice for your home lighting and commercial lighting, such as cabinets, shelves, kitchens, ceilings, offices, supermarkets, retails, etc. 

    All the led light strip diffuser channels are defaulted silver anodize aluminum color, if you want to purchase the white or black anodizing aluminum led strip channel, please pay attention to the channel color option. 

    How To Get Ideal Light Diffuser For Your LED Strip?

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

    Aluminum LED Channels PDF Download 

    Aluminum Black LED Light Channels PDF Download 

    LED Channel Sample Box PDF Download PDF

  • White Aluminum LED Channel SeriesWhite Aluminum LED Channel Series

    Super Lighting LED Aluminum White LED Channel Series Extrusions feature a lacquer-baked finish, aluminum profiles with a smooth appearance, uniform color, and wear resistance, providing a clean and neat look for LED tape light channel system to blend well into walls, cabinets, furniture, etc. white home environments. Other silver and black aluminium channel colors are also optional.

  • Aluminum Black LED Light DiffuserAluminum Black LED Light Diffuser

    These Aluminum Black LED Channel products with Black/Clear/Semi-clear/Opal LED diffusers for LED strip lighting. With black anodized aluminum surface treatment, made of 6063-T5 high-quality aluminum alloy, the black LED channel diffuser acts as a heat sink and provides protection to the inside led light strips. 

    The inner width of the led channel black ranges from 5.2mm to 47.6mm, suitable for all width led strip lights, can be used for black pendant lights, black ceiling lights, cabinet lighting, wall lighting, stair lighting, ground lighting, etc. including various installations and shapes. 

    The standard length of the all black aluminum led channel items is one meter, and 2m length is available. Almost all the led profile channels are available in black, silver, and white aluminum colors, default color silver, so pay attention to the color option. 

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

    Black LED Channel PDF Download 

    Aluminum Black LED Light Diffuser

  • Flexible LED Channel SeriesFlexible LED Channel Series

    Bendable And Flexible LED Strip Channel Lighting utilizes flexible LED strip lights to provide an architectural and home lighting solution. These flexible tracks house the LED strips (sold separately) inside. The entire unit can be recessed into drywall or ceilings to easily shape curved light lines with soft illumination. 

    There are two types of our Flexible And Bendable LED Light Channels, C-shaped (up-and-down) Bendable LED Channel for curved vertical surfaces, and S-shaped (left-and-right) Flexible LED Channel for horizontal surfaces. Choose the right type for your lighting design.

    Our Flexible And Bendable LED Channel System includes a series of items you need, LED profile, PC or silicon diffuser cover, end caps, and mounting clips (some models not), sold as a whole set for your convenience. We offer Flexible LED Channel Series Sample Box to help you choose the right product for your curved lighting decoration needs.

    Flexible LED Channel Series Products Download

    Blog: What Is Flexible Aluminum LED Channel?

  • LED Tile Trim Light Channel SeriesLED Tile Trim Light Channel Series

    Aluminum LED channels that can be embedded into tile or other decorative substrates. This collection allows you to add soft lighting to tile stairs, tile corners, tile walls/floors, or tile edges to enhance the ambiance of your home.

    Made of metal aluminum 6063-T5 alloy, our tile light profiles are durable, resistant to moisture, erosion and corrosion. Choose the LED strip inside (sold separately) and its waterproof rating according to your application.

  • Skirting & Baseboard LED Channel SeriesSkirting & Baseboard LED Channel Series

    LED aluminum channels in silver/black/white finishes for led light skirting and baseboard lighting. These led baseboard profiles are used with strip lights to create infinite architectural and interior lighting solutions. 

    LED skirting board channel comes with a transparent/frosted/opal/black PC diffuser cover to uniform led light, allowing it to shine indirectly onto the floor, no glare light. 

    Baseboard led lighting is recessed into tile or drywall structures, ideal for accent illumination in bathrooms, kitchens, passageways, hallways, corridors, entrances of offices and homes, etc. 

    Should You Install LED Baseboard For Your Room?

  • Closet Rod LED Diffuser SeriesCloset Rod LED Diffuser Series

    LED Closet Hanging Rods help users choose the right clothing, and make the interior space of the wardrobe visible and visually appealing. The silver, white, or black lighted closet rod allows users to illuminate wardrobes and closets with different LED colors. Made of high quality 6063-T5 aluminum alloy, the standard length of the illuminated closet rods is one meter and comes with a PC LED light diffuser to provide even illumination. 

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

    Closet Rod LED aluminum profiles

  • Waterproof LED Light Channel SeriesWaterproof LED Light Channel Series

    Made of high-quality 6063-T5 aluminum material, these waterproof LED light diffusers are designed for LED Strip Lights to be installed outdoors and in bathrooms, the LED light strip is wrapped in the aluminum channel by the PC diffuser, through sealing the end caps, it can achieve IP65 waterproof level, so it's Waterproof LED Channel. 

    There are various shapes and sizes of our Silver, White, and Black Outdoor LED Strip Light Channels to meet the users' needs. Our exterior led channel can be Surface Mounted, Recessed Mounted, and Corner Mounted, perfect for your Indoor and Outdoor Linear Lighting Projects. 

    Tips for Using Waterproof LED Light Diffusers: 

    1) As there are no connectors that can be used for these waterproof LED channels, it is recommended to use waterproof LED strip lights for outside and bathroom shower waterproofing purposes if seamless splicing happens.

    2) Each waterproof LED channel can be optionally equipped with a separate aluminum piece, which allows you to attach light strip (sold separately) to the aluminum piece and then insert it into the PC diffuser for easy LED light installation. 

    3) Accommodates waterproof LED strip up to 12mm wide.

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

    Waterproof LED Light Channel

  • Lens Diffuser LED Strip ChannelLens Diffuser LED Strip Channel

    This lens series aluminum profiles concentrate LED light at a 10°, 15°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 50° or 60° beam angle, perfect for accent lighting and wall grazing, and contain a variety of led light channel types, including surface mount, suspension mount, and recessed mount. 

    Lens LED Strip Aluminum LED channels can hide the LED strip and provide mechanical protection for it, and the 6063-T5 metal aluminum channel has strong heat dissipation, which can prolong the life of the light strip. 

    Each lens led light channel is available with PC/PMMA clear, semi-clear (translucent), and opal led optical lens diffusers to accommodate a wide range of optical lens lighting needs. Clear optical lens led cover provide clear light transmission and focused lighting effect. Semi-clear/translucent and opal/milky white light lens optical diffusers scatter LED light into an evenuniform pattern, and also serve to shield internal strip fixtures and beautify strip light installations.

    We also offer silver, white, and black aluminum lens led profiles to help create stylish LED strip lighting applications. Typically, these LED lens diffuser channels are 1m/2m long and come with light optical lenses, end caps, and mounting clips.

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

    Lens Diffuser LED Strip Channel

  • Suspended Ceiling LED ChannelSuspended Ceiling LED Channel

    As the LED hanging linear light fixtures, these Suspended LED Channels are designed to accommodate LED strip lights with different widths, ideal for modern pendant lights design, stores, shopping centers, kitchens, dining rooms, etc. 

    Light strips with led suspended channels dissipate heat better and are protected by the outer aluminum channel diffusers, so they last longer than bare LED strips. PC/PMMA diffusers smooth LED light output and offer a variety of light diffusing effects. To match your home style, you can choose from silver, white, and black ceiling led strip channels. The standard length of the hanging ceiling led channel is 1m, and 2m length is available, you can cut the low-profile linear pendant to any length. 

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

  • Surface Mount LED Strip DiffuserSurface Mount LED Strip Diffuser

    As a linear light fixture, the surface mount led channel is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and types of aluminum extrusions and LED diffusers. The two light diffuser materials, PC and PMMA, have three different diffuser types, translucent, transparent, and opal matte, presenting various diffused lighting effects. Choose from silver, white, or black aluminum led stirp profiles to suit your decorating style. Comes with end caps and mounting clips, the aluminum led surface mount lighting channel can be installed in these applications: cabinets, under cabinets, ceilings, shelves, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, homes, retails, supermarkets, etc. 

    Surface mount LED strip channel is typically used with LED strip light, and it plays a role in led heat dissipation, and at the same time protects the led light strip from dust, moisture, and external damage. 

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

    Surface Mount LED Strip Diffuser

  • Recessed LED Channel DiffuserRecessed LED Channel Diffuser

    Recessed LED Strip Lighting is a modern lighting solution that adds unique appeal to your room. These recessed aluminum channels embedded in drywall, ceiling, or furniture can keep the mounting surface flat, providing a neat and stylish installation result. The recessed light diffuser provides optimal light distribution and better thermal management for the light strips inside the channels.

    What can you find here?

    1. Ideal size and width of the recessed led channel that meet your desired function

    2. Recessed led strip channel for existing installations and new build

    3. LED strip light recessed channel with flange to cover uneven mounting slots; Recessed U channel to give a clean look to the mounting surface

    4. Straight, square, or rectangular recessed channel lighting effects achieved through connectors

    5. Suitable for ceilings from 0.78" to 2.5" thick

    6. Silver, white, and black aluminum recessed channel finishes


    Shop By Recessed LED Strip Lighting Channel Type

  • Wall Series LED Aluminum ChannelsWall Series LED Aluminum Channels

    A drywall LED channel is an aluminum extrusion that is designed to be installed into drywall to create a seamless and professional-looking installation of LED strip lights. 

    Drywall Light is a popular choice for commercial and architectural aesthetics lighting design. Recess Drywall LED Strip Channel into a gypsum or wood panel wall for a seamless look; Use Ceiling LED Strip Channel to create a sense of more expansive space in small rooms; Mount LED Drywall Channel on the wall surface for a "wall wash" or "wall grazing" effect; Built Plaster-In LED Channel into the corner to achieve a corner light line. 

    LED Drywall Profile is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes such as silver, white, or black, to match the surrounding decor. And with different types of PC/PMMA covers to provide a diffusion and uniform lighting effect.

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

  • LED Strip Corner ChannelLED Strip Corner Channel

    Corner LED Channels (V shape) are usually used together with LED light strips to enhance the heat dissipation and provide physical protection for the led strips, dust-proof, moisture-proof, and external force damage. 

    With a 45° beam angle concentrated light, the led strip light corner channel can be used as accent lighting, providing unlimited possibilities for home and commercial lighting such as cabinets or under cabinets, etc. 

    We offer LED aluminum corner extrusion profiles in three colors, silver, white, and black, to suit your different home styles. The standard length of the corner mount led strip channel is one meter, and the length customized service is available. Different LED light diffusers have different light effects, they are usually made of PC or PMMA material, and there are three types you can choose, clear diffuser, semi-clear diffuser, and opal matte diffuser. The main difference between them is the light transmittance.

    How To Realize Seamless Inside And Outside Corner Lighting?

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?


    Shop By Corner Mount LED Strip Channel Type

  • Extra Wide LED Channel SeriesExtra Wide LED Channel Series

    The Extra Wide LED Channel Series aluminum profiles are specifically designed for led strip lighting projects that require high lumen output, such as offices, basements, garages, and workplaces. With a width range of 100mm to 200mm (4in to 8in), these wide LED profiles offer generous capacity, accommodating multiple LED strips and even 58mm, 64mm, 120mm wider strips. If you need multi-row led tapes, click here to see our 2835/3528/5050 led strips

    The wide LED aluminum channel products are available in 1-meter and 2-meter lengths, catering to different project sizes. Whether you need focused lighting or overall illumination, you can always find a suitable installation method here, surface mounting, recessed installation, or suspension mounting. 

  • Mini Series LED Aluminum ChannelsMini Series LED Aluminum Channels

    Mini LED Aluminum Profiles are small in size and are mainly used for indoor auxiliary lighting or accent lighting, such as ceiling lighting, cabinet lighting, stairs lighting, shelves lighting, etc. Equipping your thin LED strip with a mini LED channel can help dissipate the heat accumulated by the LEDs, effectively prolong the life of the light strip, and at the same time protect the LED strip light from the dust, moisture, and external damage.

    We offer a variety of aluminum channel types and PC or PMMA light diffusers to meet your different needs. Selecting different LED diffusers will get different light diffusing effects. The clear diffuser has high light transmittance, the semi-clear diffuser has medium-light transmittance, and the opal matte diffuser has the lowest light transmittance. You can choose to buy a 1-meter standard length LED profile or a 2-meter LED strip channel. We also provide the silver, white, or black LED aluminum channels to best suit your decorating style. 

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

  • Round Channel Aluminum LED DiffuserRound Channel Aluminum LED Diffuser

    Round LED Channels are available in various shapes and silver, white, and black finishes to adapt to different LED strip lighting. There are surface-mounted round led channels and suspended round led aluminum profiles, suitable for any application including kitchen lighting, cabinet lighting, pendant lighting, interior lighting design, commercial lighting, architectural lighting, linear lighting, and more. 

    Aluminum led light channels act as a heat sink for LED light strips, and protect the led strips from dust, moisture, and external damage. 1m/2m LED profiles which support cutting to any length complete the look with end caps and PC/PMMA light diffusers, different led diffusers have different lighting effects, choose from the 6 kinds of the diffusers, PC opal microprism diffuser, PC clear diffuser, PC semi-clear-microprism diffuser, PMMA opal matte diffuser, PMMA semi-clear matte diffuser, and PMMA clear diffuser. 

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

    Round Channel Aluminum LED Diffuser

  • Floor Stair LED Aluminum ChannelFloor Stair LED Aluminum Channel

    Apply these LED Floor & Staircase Profiles to your home and commercial places. With a thick aluminum alloy structure, they are resistant to treading. 

    In-floor LED lighting provides a unique and eye-catching effect that can add light and visual interest to a space. Floor LED Channel With Light Diffuser Cover is embedded in the floor with soft illumination.

    A Staircase Profile is a molding or trim that fits over the edge of the stair treads, risers, or nosing. Additional LED strip lighting to the Stair Nosing Profile increases the safety and visual appeal of the staircase. By covering the exposed edges of stair treads and their own anti-slip design, LED Stair Profiles help prevent accidents caused by slipping or tripping.

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

    Shop By Floor & Stair Lighting Channel Type

  • Cabinet Light Diffuser Channel SeriesCabinet Light Diffuser Channel Series

    Create your own Cabinet Lighting with LED Light Strips and Aluminum LED Profiles. Cabinets are the most commonly used places in furniture lighting, these cabinet LED diffusers are specially designed for cabinets, closets, and shelves, perfert for display lighting. Made of high-quality 6063-T5 aluminum alloy, the cabinet LED light strip diffuser channel is with a different PC light diffuser to form a variety of lighting effects. 1m and 2m long cabinet lights led channel are available, which comes with end caps to protect the led strip light and for easy installation. 

    How to Design Lights For Shelving With LEDs?

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

    Cabinet Light Diffuser Channel

  • Magnet Series LED DiffuserMagnet Series LED Diffuser

    Magnetic led profiles use the suction between magnets and metals to make the led channel firmly adsorbed on the installation object. If you want to install LED strip lighting on metal surfaces, this is a good choice. You can also use mounting clips to fix the LED strip diffuser. Some LED channels support rotating brackets to allow you to adjust the LED direction, flexible application. 

    LED aluminum channel as a linear light fixture, it plays a role in led strip protection and led heat dissipation. The PC diffuser cover can smooth led light output, so you can get a light effect without light spots. Ideal for under cabinets, shelves, dispaly cabinets, etc.

    All LED Aluminum Profiles PDF 

  • LED Aluminum Channel AccessoriesLED Aluminum Channel Accessories

    Complete your led channel lighting look with the accessories, including led strip channel connectors in stainless steel and plastic materials, suspended steel cables kits for hanging light diffusers, swivel mounting brackets for surface mounting channels, etc. 

    Ultimate Guide on Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lighting

    Catalog of LED Aluminum Profiles PDF 


LED Aluminum Profiles PDF Download PDF

Aluminum Black LED Profiles PDF Download PDF

Flexible LED Channel Series PDF Download PDF

LED Channel Sample Box PDF Download PDF


What is an LED channel or LED profile?

LED channel also known as LED profile, it is a part that houses LED light strips, made of high quality aluminum with a plastic diffuser cover to even out the LED spot light. Its simple and clean appearance is a popular choice for residential lighting and commercial lighting. 

LED profile channel is generally used for linear lighting designs due to its own material properties, but there are also available in flexible and bendable profiles to suit your styling needs.


What are the types of LED channels?

According to the different applications of the LED channel, it can be divided into: flexible profiles, ceiling profiles, outdoor profiles, staircase profiles, floor profiles, drywall profiles, baseboard profiles, wardrobe closerob profiles, cabinet profiles, magnetic profiles, etc.

According to the different shapes of the LED channel, it can be divided into: U-shaped profiles, 45-degree or 90-degree angled profiles (corner profiles), round profiles, arched profiles, and other special-shaped profiles.


How to choose the right LED profile for your LED lighting design?

LED profiles come in different sizes, and the LED strips they can accommodate vary in size. Choose the appropriate LED channel classification according to your application, and find the profile that suits the size of your light strip in it. It is recommended to choose an inner channel width a few millimeters wider than your led strip width. 


Our LED aluminum profiles create a modern lighting look for you

Modern linear lighting often requires an even distribution of light as well as a neat and clean look, which is designed to provide a higher level of comfort and aesthetics to the interior environment. 

LED strips are the perfect choice for creating linear lighting for your room. The use of LED aluminum channels conceals the otherwise visible strip light fixture and takes it with an aesthetically pleasing installation.


Black LED channel for stylish home lighting

The look of all-black aluminum led channel fits perfectly into the overall style of a modern and stylish home. Whether it's used as a lighting accent in a room or to design your unique home style, the application of all-black led channels can add a unique visual effect to your home space.

Our black LED strip channel comes with several diffusion masks, here are some of their differences:

  1. Transparent/Clear Cover: 80-90% light transmission, barely blocking light so LED hot spots are clearly visible and suitable for indirect lighting;

  2. Translucent/Semi-Clear Cover: 70-80% light transmission, which blocks part of the light while still allowing a certain amount of light to pass through;

  3. Milky white/Opal Cover: 60-65% light transmission, which is preferred for spotless illumination

  4. Black Cover: 30-35% light transmission, suitable for decorative lighting.

It should be noted that the light diffusion effect is related to the type of LED channel and the density of the LED strip.



The video shows our more than 400 kinds of LED ALU Profile samples:

We provide a variety of light strips and channels for your next LED lighting project, welcome to buy at SuperLightingLED.


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