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Floor Stair LED Aluminum Channel

Apply these LED Floor & Staircase Profiles to your home and commercial places. With a thick aluminum alloy structure, they are resistant to treading. 

In-floor LED lighting provides a unique and eye-catching effect that can add light and visual interest to a space. Floor LED Channel With Light Diffuser Cover is embedded in the floor with soft illumination.

A Staircase Profile is a molding or trim that fits over the edge of the stair treads, risers, or nosing. Additional LED strip lighting to the Stair Nosing Profile increases the safety and visual appeal of the staircase. By covering the exposed edges of stair treads and their own anti-slip design, LED Stair Profiles help prevent accidents caused by slipping or tripping.

What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

Shop By Floor & Stair Lighting Channel Type

  • LED Floor Lighting StripsLED Floor Lighting Strips

    This collection of aluminum metal LED channels is designed for floor and in-floor/in-ground lighting. These LED floor lighting strips are made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials, with thick profiles and masks, are recessed into floor tiles or wood panels to withstand outdoor or high-traffic environments.

    In-floor LED strip lighting profiles are installed flush with the tile/wood ground or floor surface, creating a clean, seamless recessed floor lighting appearance, typically used in walkways, driveways, or other indoor and outdoor areas. 

  • Carpet Transition Strip ProfilesCarpet Transition Strip Profiles

    Aluminum metal trim strips for smooth transitions between different types, heights, and materials of flooring, inside which LED strips can be placed to create a unique ambiance and visual effect for the room.

    These LED transition strips can transition carpet to carpet, carpet to tile/wood panel, and carpet to wall edge areas for protection and decoration. 

    How to Transition Floor Trim of Different Materials?

  • LED Stair Nosing ProfilesLED Stair Nosing Profiles

    LED stair nosing profiles, also known as LED stair tread profiles, are specialized stair lighting components designed to provide safety, protection, and aesthetics to the edges of stairs. 

    Using stair nosing led profile with LED strip light can take staircase lighting to a higher level, not only providing lighting functionality, but also accentuating and decorating stair steps to make them more visually appealing.

    The many types of stair nosing make it suitable for different types of stair surface materials and lighting design needs, such as wood stairs, tile stairs, concrete stairs, etc. 

    Lighted stair nosing profile is usually screwed to the stair step, with a non-slip aluminum strip surface or covered with stair tiles or wood planks for a more consistent look. This stair nosing installation method ensures stability and allows it to withstand the pressure of stair traffic and treads. 

    Our led light stair nosing strips are made of aluminum for durability.

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