Add Black Aluminum LED Light Diffusers For Your Home Lighting

Black led profiles, with black anodized aluminum surface treatment, are a special product designed for LED light strips. The overall appearance is black, simple, and stylish. It is composed of a black aluminum channel, a black led light strip diffuser, two black end caps, and two mounting clips. The black LED profile can echo your fashion style, hide the aluminum channels, minimize the presence of LED light fixtures, and add a sense of design to your home.

Different LED Strip Diffusers For Black LED Channels

You can choose from four different led strip covers for your black aluminum profile, PC clear diffuser, PC translucent diffuser, PC opal matte diffuser, and PC black frosted diffuser. Here we focus on the influence of the black diffuser on LED strip lighting and the luminous effect of the black covers for different LED colors.

The black diffuser cover, made of PC matte material, with 60% light transmittance, softens the LED strip light and makes it less dazzling.

Light up the LED strip lights under normal conditions (without a diffuser cover), it emits dot lights, you can clearly see the irradiation range of each LED. And looking directly at the LED light for too long will make your eyes uncomfortable.

LED strip lights without a diffuser

Add a black led light diffuser to the LED strip, the LED light is evenly distributed through the diffuser, producing a soft and non-glaring linear light.

LED strip lights with a black diffuser

Different Color Light Effects For LED Black Cover

Whether it is a white LED light strip or a multi-color LED light strip, the black LED diffuser can reduce the LED glare very well and provide enough light illumination for your room.

Black led diffuser

White light effect for black led channel

Yellow light effect for black led profile

Green light effect for black aluminum channel

Ice blue light effect for black led light diffuser

Pink light effect for black led strip channel

Red light effect for black led strip profile

Blue light effect for black aluminum profile

Black LED Strip Light Diffuser Interior Lighting Ideas

LED Light often affects an individual’s mood and health unwittingly. Lighting is required in all rooms, LED lights provide a sense of security and help to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

3.1 Under cabinet lighting

Installing black LED aluminum profiles under the kitchen cabinet can meet the clear vision requirements of kitchen activities. Not only can it add mood, but it can also make the kitchen more practical and aesthetic.

Before the home design, you can choose the recessed black led lights diffuser, it needs to be embedded in the cabinet to get a smooth surface.

The black led diffuser channel is a light and small linear light fixture, and the height will not be too prominent, so it is also suitable to be fixed on the surface of the cabinet with mounting clips. This installation method is very simple.

There is also a black led channel diffuser for under cabinet lighting installation – corner led channels, the led channel V shape fits perfectly into cabinets and kitchen walls.

3.2 Shelf/Display lighting

We often put important items on display shelves. Add LED lighting to the display shelf to highlight the items placed and at the same time increase the warm atmosphere.

3.3 Wall lighting

The black aluminum channel is embedded in the wall, and the black led diffuser plays the role of line decoration.

3.4 Ceiling lighting

Black aluminum led profiles can be used as chandeliers to decorate the ceiling for accent lighting.

2.5 Art Deco Lighting

The black led aluminum track is matched with black home decoration, form a good color match, even when the LED light is off, it has an artistic sense.

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