How To Find The Right Aluminum LED Light Strip Diffuser Channel?

In LED lighting applications, do I need aluminum channels as a light diffuser for my led strip light, and how to choose LED aluminum channels are important issues. Before answering these two questions, I think you need to understand the relationship between led aluminum profiles and LED strips.

What is aluminum profile? His role?

The LED diffuser channel is made of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy material, which is a linear channel (so it is a good LED linear light fixture), light, thin and low profile, and belongs to the LED light strip accessories. LED strip lights can be installed inside the LED channel. Typically, the aluminum channel is one meter in length and consists of a led diffuser of PC or PMMA material, two end caps, and two mounting clips.

The light diffusion effects of the clear, semi-clear, opal matte, and black led diffusers are different. One of the two end caps has holes and the other has no holes. The end cap with holes enables the led strip light cable to be connected to a DC power supply or a LED controller to complete the entire LED lighting. The end cap without wire holes protects the LED light strip from external substances such as dust, water droplets, etc. so as not to result in indelible consequences.

The aluminum – metal material solves the problem of the limited heat dissipation of the LED strip lighting itself, thereby prolonging its service life. You must know that the heat accumulation of the LEDs is fatal to your led strip.

Knowing the basic composition of the aluminum channel for led strip lighting and what effect it will play on, let us provide you with how to find the most suitable one among the many aluminum led strip diffusers.

Find the best LED strip channel for you

The aluminum LED channels in have many categories, you can find the led light channel you want from the installation method (surface-mounted installation, recessed-mounted installation, hanging/suspended installation), installation location (shelves, walls, floors, stairs), or through the channel shape (90 degrees/V-shape, round, mini) you want. If you have special requirements such as black aluminum color, bendable, and waterproof, you can also find them in our category.

1. Surface mount means that the aluminum LED channel is fixed on the surface of the object, and the channel track can be seen. 

2. If you don't want to see the LED strip lighting channel and want to create the feeling that the object itself will illuminate, it must be the recessed installation. Before installation, you need to reserve the aluminum channel size to ensure that the channel can be placed in the installation object. 

3. Hanging mount, as the name suggests, uses the channel diffuser as a pendant light. 

4. The 90-degree angle LED aluminum profile has its own corner design, which is very suitable for under-cabinet lighting.

After you find your preferred category, you will see many types of aluminum led strip diffuser products. The inner width of the LED profile which is related to the PCB width of the light strip, is something you need to pay great attention to. As a general rule, we recommend that you choose an inner width of an LED aluminum channel that is a few millimeters wider for your strip.

As you know, the LED strip is peeled off the 3M adhesive backing and pasted in the aluminum channel track, choose an LED channel profile with an inner width of 11mm or 10mm for your 12mm led strip, and you will not be able to put the led light strip in it. This is also to avoid short circuit problems with your led strips close to the channel.


Before choosing an aluminum led light strip diffuser channel, you must first know your needs, and then browse and purchase according to your needs. Satisfied with this article, stay tuned to