5 Best RGBW Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Today’s topic is waterproof led lights that can be used indoors and outdoors, and we will introduce you to some best waterproof RGBW led strips on sale at superlightingled.com.

RGBW waterproof led strip lights have a variety of color variations. The 4-in-1 RGBW waterproof led strip has more color mixes than the 3-in-1 RGB waterproof led strip, and it has a purer white light, which is suitable for entertainment and daily activities. The flexible waterproof led strip can adapt to uneven surfaces and be fixed by adhesive backing or mounting buckles, simple and convenient installation.

For learning the waterproof rating of led strip lights, please click here.

4-In-1 5050 RGBW Waterproof LED Strip For Normal Use

This 4-in-1 RGBW light strip has four waterproof levels to adapt to different waterproof needs. Each LED has four color channels, which can be mixed to produce an infinite number of colors, making it a great item for mood lighting or ambient lighting.

There are two versions of 12v waterproof led strip lights and 24V waterproof led strip lights. You can choose a whiteboard or blackboard to echo your decoration scene.

This waterproof led strip is available in the super bright version. If you have requirements for LED brightness or want to illuminate a large lighting range, you can choose this RGBW waterproof led strip.

The white light of the RGBW strip has various color temperatures to choose from, 3000K warm white, 4000K neutral white, or 6000K positive white, corresponding to different life scenarios. The specific difference between LED color temperatures can be read on this blog.

4 In 1 RGBW Waterproof LED Strip For Higher Density

If the 60 LED density of the above waterproof led light can’t meet your ideal, you may like this 96 light density strip with a PCB width of 12 mm. Also, you can choose 12V or 24V working voltage and different white light color temperatures.

These waterproof led lights are sold in rolls of five meters. If you are concerned about the cutting, then you need to know that the length of 12V waterproof led strip lights that can be cut is shorter than that of 24V waterproof strips, so you can get a more precise installation length.

COB RGBW Waterproof LED Strip For Linear Lighting

If you want a more uniform light effect and a linear and spotless light, COB waterproof led lights are your best choice. 24V waterproof led lights have a longer running distance and smaller voltage drop than 12V waterproof led lights.

In addition, this COB waterproof led light adds a warmer color temperature of 2700K, which is suitable for rest and relaxation areas. This waterproof high-density led strip light integrates 840 LED lights in one meter, so you don’t have to worry about brightness issues, and kit options are available.

Constant Current Waterproof LED Strip Lights For Long Length Projects

How to choose the most cost-effective waterproof led light strip for low-voltage ultra-long projects? The answer is to use a super long constant current led strip with waterproofing.

The 24V constant current waterproof led strip light has no voltage drop, and the length of the waterproof strip can be as long as 50 meters per roll, without adding extra cost to solve the color inconsistency problem caused by the voltage drop. 3000K or 6000K white light color temperature is optional. Support kit options.

Quad Row Waterproof LED Strip Lights For Super Bright LED Projects

This quad-row RGBW light strip consists of a row of red LEDs, a row of green LEDs, a row of blue LEDs, and a row of white LEDs, with a width of 28 mm, which has a wider light range. It is an ideal super bright LED strip with IP67 or IP68 waterproof rating when the installation scene space is rich.

This multi-row waterproof led strip light works under 24V low voltage, 24V led controller and 24V led power supply need to be configured to complete the entire lighting system. Sold from one meter to support small projects. Choose soft white 3000K or daylight white 6000K led color temperature according to your needs.

How To Create A Perfect Waterproof LED Lights System?

The best waterproof led lighting system is, of course, a waterproof led strip with a waterproof led controller and a waterproof power supply. All exposed parts are waterproofed to prevent moisture from entering. You can choose a waterproof case for the led light controller to enhance the waterproofness, or choose a waterproof controller directly.

When cutting and connecting the waterproof led strip lights, please also carefully do the waterproof treatment, so as to avoid subsequent complicated maintenance or replacement of the lighting system.

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