How to Wire RGBW LED Strips?

What does RGBW stand for? RGBW means that there are four colors of R(red), G(green), B(blue), and W(white) on an SMD LED or a group of LED lights. RGBW led strip is equivalent to RGB color plus white light color.

Constant current led strip lights VS Constant voltage led strip lights

1. Constant current RGBW led strip

Constant current led strip lights have no voltage drop over long distances, which means that the brightness of the led light strip remains the same when power is supplied to one end of the led lighting strip.

RGBW constant current led strip can be up to 20 meters without voltage drop, supports DC24V and the white light has options for 3000K warm white and 6000K pure white. It is suitable for long-distance installation without voltage drop. There is no need for complicated wiring, which saves the cost of led strip installation.

How to install constant current led strip lights? The constant current RGBW led strip still needs to be controlled by the RGBW constant voltage led controller and powered by the constant voltage led driver.

2. Constant voltage RGBW led strips

• RGBW led strips: DC12V, DC24V
• COB RGBW led lighting: DC24V
• Addressable RGBW led light strip: DC5V, DC12V, DC24V

Constant voltage led strip lights mean that there is a voltage drop in a long strip running length. And in order to prevent the inconsistency of led color and brightness caused by the voltage drop, different low voltage led light strip has different wiring methods.

  • 5V led strip lights ⇒ Voltage drop in 5 meters ⇒ Power supply at both ends of 5 meters
  • 12V led strip lights ⇒ No voltage drop in 5 meters ⇒ Power supply at both ends of 10 meters, power supply at one end of 5 meters
  • 24V led strip lights ⇒ No voltage drop in 10 meters ⇒ Power supply at both ends of 15 meters, power supply at one end of 10 meters

How to install RGBW led light strip?

Step 1. Connect the RGBW led strip to the RGBW controller.

The RGBW led strip has five wires which are the red color signal line, the green color signal line, the blue color signal line, the white color signal line, and the positive line. Connect the led light strip to the corresponding mark on the RGBW led light controller.

Step 2. Connect the RGBW controller to the led power supply.

Please note that the red wire is the positive and the black wire is the negative. Positive to positive and negative to negative.

Step 3. Plug the power into the outlet.

Test if the RGBW led strip is connected correctly.

How to connect multiple RGBW led strips?

Low-voltage RGBW led strip lights with long-distance will have voltage drop. How to prevent the voltage drop? There are three wiring methods.

1) RGBW led amplifier

The amplifier can be used in the following situations: the led light controller is overloaded, and you want to connect the light strips in series or parallel but do not want to have a voltage drop.

The function of the led amplifier is to enhance the weakened signal in the transportation circuit to make the led brightness or color more consistent.

►Connect led strip lights in series with led amplifier: 

►Connect led strip lights in parallel with led amplifier: 

2) RF RGBW led controller

Automatic signal synchronization is achieved within 30 meters between the radio frequency controllers. The signal is output from the RF remote control, and the controller receives and automatically synchronizes to the next controller within the effective distance, realizing long-distance control of the light strip. RF RGBW controller can be controlled by a smartphone with WiFi-Relay.

3) DMX decoder

The DMX decoder converts the DMX512 signal into a PWM signal, so that the ordinary led light strip is compatible with the DMX512 system. The DMX system can be controlled by a DMX console or a computer, and is programmable. It is often used for large-scale commercial lighting or compatible with DMX system applications.

The DMX decoder can cascade multiple led strip lights, or connect a single led strip. A light strip counts as a DMX address, which can be controlled freely.

►Connect multiple led strip lights with DMX decoder:

►Connect one led strip light with DMX decoder:

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