RGBW Lighting: How To Choose The Right LED Light Fixtures?

In the range of low voltage color changing LED lights, RGB lighting is widely used in public places or entertainment places, such as advertising signs, KTVs, building outline lighting, etc. Here we will introduce the RGBW led lights, which are different from RGB lights but closely related. Its specific meaning, the difference between RGBW lights and RGB lights or RGBWW lights, and the specific application of RGBW lights in the LED field will be discussed in this article. Let’s start.

1. What is RGBW lighting?

RGB LED lights mix the three channels of R, G, B color to generate numerous light colors, and each channel has 256 levels of gray, which can produce 16 million colors. RGBW LED lights are based on the RGB spectrum plus a white light for color mixing, which is more suitable for task lighting. RGB LED light mixes white light to form new colors, while increasing the color brightness, providing more possibilities for users who pursue various light colors.


One of the most important differences between LED RGBW lights and LED RGB lights is the white light. How does RGB make white color light? When all three channels R, G, B are lit (256, 256, 256), it will appear white. RGBW itself has white LEDs, and the white light is purer than RGB mixed white light.

RGB white light needs to light up three channels, which consumes a lot of energy. Instead, RGBW led lights can obtain warm white light, neutral white light, or cool white light simply by lighting the white LED alone. It is also very simple to adjust the brightness of the RGBW white light, through the remote control or mobile phone APP with the matching RGBW led controller, and even some smart controllers support voice control.


RGBWW does a better job than RGBW when it comes to the white light of LED color changing lights, combining RGB LED with CCT dimmable LED. RGBW only supports a single color white light, and RGBWW has a white light color temperature range from 2800K warm white to 6500K cool white. But in terms of cost, obviously, RGBWW led strip lights are more expensive, and RGBWW led strip has one more white light channel than RGBW led strip, which consumes more power. If you need extra white light and don’t have high requirements for white light, RGBW led lights are the best choice.

2. RGBW LED Lights Specific Applications

After describing the advantages of RGBW lighting, let’s take a look at the specific application of RGB lighting in the LED light field.

RGBW LED strip lights

What are the best RGBW light strips? There are different LED arrangements in RGBW LED strip lights, and there will be differences in the strip width, LED density, and LED type.

1. RGBW 4 in 1 LED

2. RGB LED+white LED

3. Red LED+green LED+blue LED+white LED (forming RGBW quad row brightest led strip light)

RGBW constant current super long led strip lights

An RGBW led strip with supply power at one end can run for a maximum length of 5 meters. To run a 10m RGBW led strip, you need to add a power supply at both ends or connect two RGBW 5m led strip lights in parallel. There are certain requirements for users in terms of wiring, and the wiring of RGBW ultra-long projects is more complicated.

Constant current RGBW led strips add a constant current IC, the stable current works within a certain voltage range, and there will be no voltage drop even if it runs for 50m. The wiring of the RGBW constant current led strip light is simpler, and there is no need to add additional power input or install an amplifier, which is more suitable for long LED projects.

RGBW LED strip light kit

The RGBW controller and low voltage power supply are required to complete the installation of the RGBW led light strip, and it will take some time for you to select a suitable RGBW led controller and DC power supply, so this is where the need of the RGBW led strip kit lies. The power selection of any led light strip should follow a principle. The power of the light strip should not exceed 80% of the power supply. Overloading the led driver will reduce the service life, cause damage, and increase your maintenance costs.

RGBW LED Neon lights

The RGBW strip is installed in a soft silicone neon tube called RGBW led neon light, IP67 waterproof, suitable for outdoor RGBW landscape lighting. For more knowledge about led neon lights, click here to learn more.

RGBW COB LED strip lights

RGBW COB led strips use COB chip-on-board technology, allowing more LEDs to be integrated on the FPCB board, high density. The linear sealing layer makes the RGBW COB led strip have soft linear light, which is different from the SMD LED spotlight.

RGBW LED pixel light

Adding addressable ICs (SK6812, TM1814, WS2813, WS2818) to RGBW led strips can create different colors on one strip, so it is called a dream color led strip, full color led strip, or addressable RGBW led strip. The LED controlled by a single IC can change the color and brightness according to your preference, forming color chasing, flowing water, and other light effects.

RGBW LED fiber optic lights

RGBW wall washer LED lights

RGBW fiber optic lights do not conduct electricity, emit no heat, and only transmit LED light. They are often used in landscape lighting to create ceiling starry roofs, fiber optic trees, or fiber optic underwater lighting. Fiber optic led light knowledge is there.

RGBW wall washer led lights illuminate walls and buildings, add color to them, highlight walls or important content on walls, and attract people’s attention. We have another article about the LED wall wash lights, click to know more.

RGBW LED module light

RGBW LED floodlight

There are many different forms of RGBW LED lights. I believe that after reading this article, you will have a deeper understanding of it. The important thing is to understand what you want and choose according to your needs.

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