How to Realize Seamless Inside And Outside Corner Lighting?

Inside corner and outside corner are important architectural structures. It is an important proposition in architectural lighting to design inside corner and outside corner aesthetically. Seamless inside corner lighting and outside corner lighting are usually done during building construction.

The way to deal with inside and outside corners is generally by installing corner guards, which can also be referred to as corner moldings, corner protectors. Inside and outside corner moldings are protectors or trim pieces used to cover wall corners.

Inside and outside wall corner protectors can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, or metal, and come in a variety of contours and styles to match the overall design of your space.

Using inside and outside corner moldings to decorate your home lighting design helps to reinforce and protect fragile wall corners. These wall corner guards also prevent drywall or plaster from chipping or being damaged.

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What are Inside Corner and Outside Corner?

Inside corner and outside corner are common terms used in building structures. They describe the corners between wall and wall or between wall and ceiling. We use inside corner and outside corner to denote the edges of a three-dimensional space.

Inside Corner (inner corner, internal corner): refers to a recessed wall corner, such as the corner of a ceiling and surrounding wall.

Outside Corner (outer corner, exterior corner): refers to the corner of a wall that protrudes, such as the corner formed by two walls at the turn of a corridor.

In a home environment, there can exist many inside and outside corners. By adding design to these many inside and outside corners, you can enhance your home values.

led inside and outside corner lighting

Why Need Inside And Outside Corner Molding?

Inside corners tend to accumulate shadows, and we can know this from the popular ceiling crown molding lighting. Outside corners, on the other hand, are susceptible to getting rubbing or bumps. Corner wall moldings work well in this regard.

Our aluminum corner guards combine corner molding with LED strip lighting for an innovative home design. LED corner molding combines inside and outside corner protections with additional lighting function. Three-dimensionally illuminates the space and softens the sharpness of the corners.

Inside corner molding with LED light provides even illumination at the corners of the room, eliminating shadow problems. Outside corner molding with LED light provides extra visibility around corners to help people avoid collisions.

LED Inside And Outside Corner Molding Types

Our inside corner mouldings and outside corner mouldings are made of good-quality 6063-T5 aluminum metal material. There are two main categories. One type is suitable for drywall plaster-in installation, and the other for tile walls. But they all fulfill the same purpose – seamless corner lighting.

When these LED corner moldings are installed in the inside and outside corners, only one light line is left behind. And when the LED light is turned off, only a decorative white or black LED plastic cover diffuser will be visible. Some wall corner moldings will leave two aluminum edges to decorate the light line.

Drywall Corner MoldingsTypeInner Width For LEDColorLength (Customizable)
3434BInside corner5.3mmSilver, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
3434Outside corner5.3mmSilver, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
3838BInside corner10.3mmSilver, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
3838Outside corner10.3mmSilver, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
3939BInside corner14.1mmSilver, White, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
3939Outside corner14.1mmSilver, White, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
4141BInside corner15.1mmSilver, White, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
4141Outside corner15.1mmSilver, White, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
A039Inside corner12.3mmSilver1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
A040Outside corner12.3mmSilver1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
Our available LED drywall aluminum corner molding profiles
Tile Wall Corner MoldingsTypeInner Width For LEDColorLength (Customizable)
1616LOutside corner10.6mmSilver, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
4040BInside corner10.3mmSilver, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
4040 (with ALU edges)Outside corner10.3mmSilver, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
4242BInside corner13.6mmSilver, White, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
4242Outside corner13.6mmSilver, White, Black1m/3.28ft, 2m/6.56ft
Our available LED tile aluminum corner molding profiles

How to Install Plastering Drywall LED Corner Molding?

Both inside and outside corner moldings for drywall plastering are installed in the same way.

1. First, according to the size of the corner molding, cut a slot in the inside corner or outside corner.

2. Embed the LED inside and outside corner moldings and fix them with screws.

3. Stick the anti-cracking net, scrape putty or plaster, and finally paint.

drywall led inside and outside corner molding installation

How to Install Tile LED Corner Molding?

The 4040B/4242B tile inside corner molding is installed in the same way as the 4040/4242 tile outside corner molding. The 1616L tile outside corner molding is not quite the same. It only needs to be fixed on one side.

1. Secure the LED corner molding to the inside and outside corners of the drywall.

2. Tile around the molding. (The thickness of the tiles is determined by the dimensions of the molding)

tile led inside corner and outside corner molding installation