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Are led strip lights safe?

*Before reading this article, you may want to know: What are led strip lights?

#Part 1. Are led strip lights safe?

#Part 2. Do LED strip lights overheat?

#Part 3. How do you stop LED strips from overheating?

#Part 4. Can LED strips catch fire?

#Part 5. Is it safe to sleep with LED strip lights on? 


Are led strip lights safe?

Before buying led strip lights, most people have a concern, that is whether the light strip is safe. They are afraid of bringing a bad experience to themselves. So they didn't get the led strip lights. At this point I want to say that your worries are unnecessary, because the use of led light strips is much safer than other large appliances, such as your refrigerator.

Led strip lights use non-toxic materials, do not contain harmful substances, such as heavy metals the lead and mercury, and will not harm human health. Some metal elements that are harmful to human health can induce diseases and even cause death.

Most led rope lights are used at low voltage like 5V tape lights, 12V led strips or 24V led light strips, except for a few special high-voltage light strips such as AC110V high voltage led strips or AC220V high voltage led strip lights.

Low voltage is a safe voltage, which can be used in various occasions without any danger to humans. We have all heard of incidents of high-voltage injuries, such as, on a thunder and rainy day, do not approach high-voltage routes, but we have not heard of incidents of low-voltage injuries.

*High voltage led light strip is directly plugged into alternating current. 

The power supply for led striping lights is generally constant current(means that the led brightness and led color is at the same in one long led lighting strip) and constant voltage(there is the led voltage drop when running ultra long led strip), and the energy is greatly limited.

If the light strip is over-current or short-circuited, the switching power supply will output zero for protection. Without energy, naturally there will be no heat and no fire will be caused.

A series-connected led light strip will be burnt out quickly under the action of high current. As long as one LED is burned out, the remaining series-connected LED particles will also be extinguished due to an open circuit.

*24V LED strip connects to the transformer and then plugs in the alternating current. 

In summary, it is safe for people to use led strip lights, and it will not cause harm to the human body. Feel free to use the led strip lights. When you have it, you can truly see the feeling it brings to you.

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Do LED strip lights overheat? 

All electronic equipment generates heat during operation, such as our commonly used mobile phones and computers, so as the led strip lights. This heat must be discharged to the outside of the equipment, otherwise the accumulation of heat will cause equipment failure.

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How do you stop LED strips from overheating?

For led strip lights, if you connected multiple light strips in series, It causes circuit overload. The current is too large, exceed the rated working current, and generates a lot of heat. Excessive heat will affect the service life of the led tape lights.

To improved led lighting lifespan, led power must be limited. Regarding the power of the led strips, there is an eternal rule, the 80% rule. The led strip power only uses 80% of the power supply. When you are connecting led strip lights in series, do not connect too many light strips.

Another way is to strengthen heat dissipation. Due to the limited heat dissipation of the light strip itself, you can choose led aluminum profile to install the led strip lights. It is a good heat dissipation tool.

*COB led strip is installed in the led aluminum channel. Click the picture to know more. 

The quality of light strips on the market varies from good to bad. If the quality of the light strip is not good enough, or very low quality, it will cause the light strip to overheat. LED lights normally do not burn out over time like incandescent bulbs. And LED components use less energy and generate less heat.

However, as the light strip ages, the high temperature resistance of the strip will become worse.

*COB led production process. Click the picture to know more. 

Led strip light has its own operating temperature. The light strip will work normally within a certain temperature range, which is 10 degree C under zero to 50 degree C, and this temperature is called the working temperature of the light strip. The storage temperature is 40 degree C under zero to 80 degree C.

If the working temperature and ambient temperature are too high, It will melt the adhesive and even cause the light strip to fall off from the installation site. And it is also bad for led strip lights.

Therefore, if you don’t want your led strip lights to overheat, please pay attention to the following points.

1. The use current should not exceed the rated working current, and the power is suitable. Keep the rule 80% in your mind.

2. Don't connect too many led strips in series.

3. Choose heat dissipation material, like the aluminum profile.

4. Choose high-quality led strip lights.

5. Use led light strips under suitable working temperature and ambient temperature.

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Can LED strips catch fire?

Without an external flame, the led strip itself will not cause a fire, even though it’s overheated. The working temperature of led strip lights is up to 50 degrees C, although incorrect use will cause the temperature to be higher, it is far below the temperature that can cause a fire.

However, for the safety of you and your family, it is recommended that you install the light strip where the children cannot reach. The fire broke out because the temperature of the combustible material reached the ignition point. The important point to note here is that the temperature is too high.

We must pay attention to any factors that mentioned above, current, voltage, power, the number of connecting led strip lights, quality, heat dissipation material, working temperature and ambient temperature, that will cause the high temperature of the led strip lights.


Is it safe to sleep with LED strip lights on?

Led strip lights are the same as other lights. When you sleep, you can choose to leave the light on or off, and it all depends on your personal wishes. This will not affect you much, except that you may have to pay a little more for electricity.

Choose whether to turn on the light strip, the influencing factor is whether it will affect your sleep. If you think sleeping with led strip lights on is OK, and it is OK. However, If the light strip prevents you from sleeping well, turn it off. And if you have insomnia or sleep disorders, we recommend that you turn it off when you sleep, or use color led strip lights which is a sleep aid, to give you a good sleeping environment. 

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