How to Wire RGB LED Strip Lights?

RGB means the colors of the three channels red, green, and blue in RGB led lights. Various led light colors can be obtained by changing the three color channels and superimposing them with each other. Each RGB light has 256 levels of brightness, and 256 levels of RGB light colors can combine a total of about 16.78 million colors.

SMD 5050, 4040, 3838, 3535, 020, and 4713 LED chips are used in RGB led strip lights. Among them, 5050 is the most commonly used LED chip, and it is called the 5050 RGB led strip. 020 and 4713 are side-emitting RGB lighting, its light-emitting angle is especially suitable for counters and gaps with narrow installation positions, and for side projection of displayed products.

The three RGB channels are integrated into one LED light. RGB led light strips can quickly change various colors, how to use RGB led strips as much as you want, keep watching.

How to Install RGB LED Strip?

The existence of the RGB led strip wiring diagram makes the RGB led strip wiring simple, and the wiring process is not difficult. Now, we will introduce step by step how to install the RGB led light strip. 

Before wiring led strip lights, make sure the power is disconnected and the objects are intact. The following tools will be used: RGB led strip, RGB led light controller, led power supply, screwdriver, and wire stripper.

Step 1. Connect the RGB led strip to the RGB led light controller.

There is an extension cord at the end of the RGB led strip light, easy to connect to the RGB led controller. RGB led strip lights have four wires, three negative poles, and one positive pole. The RGB led rope light marks are connected with the same marks on the led controller one by one.

The screws on the RGB led light controller are tightened. Before connecting, use a screwdriver to loosen it, put the wire in and tighten it. 

1) How to connect the RGB led strip lights after cutting?

Solder a piece of 4-pin bare wire on the connection point of the RGB led light strip after cutting, and then make the above connection. 

2) How to hardwire the RGB led strip with a plug?

If your RGB led strip light has a plug, cut off the plug before hard wiring, use a wire stripper to expose the inner core of the wire, and then connect it.

Step 2. Connect the RGB led light controller to the power supply.

The RGB led controller input is connected to the power supply, the output is for RGB led strip connection. Connect the positive and negative poles to complete the connection, note that the red wire is the positive and the black is negative. Please be very careful not to reverse the polarity.

In the process of using the RGB led strip lighting, the power of the RGB strip can only consume 80% of the RGB led controller and the power supply, which is safe and durable. Check if your led light strip is overloaded.

Step 3. Plug the power supply into the socket.

Test if the RGB led light strip is connected correctly.

Why my RGB LED lights won’t light up? If it is found that the RGB LED light does not light up, it may be due to wrong wiring of the positive and negative poles, or poor contact with the LED pins of the RGB led strip.

How to fix the led light strips? Watch the video below to teach you to find and solve the problem of the LED light not turning on.

How to Install RGB LED Strip Lights Over Long Distances?

An RGB led strip is generally 5 meters/16.4ft long. If your led project requires 20 meters or even 30 meters, which is equivalent to 4 or even 6 RGB led strip lights, how to install it? We provide you with the following four installation options.

1. If you are preparing to buy an RGB led strip, you can directly choose the ultra-long constant current RGB led strip. 

The RGB constant current led strip light can reach 30 meters without voltage drop, and there is no extra wiring cost for long-distance installation. We use an increasing power supply to solve the voltage drop of the led light strip, so the voltage and power of the constant current led strip light will be larger than the general constant voltage led strip. This is a noteworthy aspect.

If you think this is not a problem, you can take a look at our 24V RGB constant current led strip and 48V RGB constant current light strip

2. If you have purchased multiple RGB strip lights, don’t worry, we will also attach the solution.

1) Use the RGB led amplifier

If you have prepared multiple RGB led strip lights, RGB led light controllers, and power supplies, and are preparing to install them, you can refer to this wiring method. 

In the current situation where there is a voltage drop, an led amplifier can be used to enhance the attenuated signal to achieve the same color and brightness of the ultra-long led light strip.

The power of the RGB led amplifier should be greater than the power of the RGB light strip it is connected to, and it is better to leave room for excess power.

The following are two ways to connect the RGB led amplifier. 

• RGB led amplifier series RGB light strip.

• RGB led amplifier parallel RGB led strip.

2) Use RGB RF led controller automatically synchronizes

Maybe you are watching an RGB led light controller that can be used to control ultra-long-distance RGB led strip lights? You can take a moment to look at the RF RGB led light controllers, which will definitely give you something to gain.

The RGB RF led controller has three control methods, handheld remote, wall touch panel remote, and smartphone with WiFi-Relay. One RF controller can accept up to 10 remote control, and multiple RF led light controllers can be controlled by one remote, realizing multi-zone group control.

The RF controller receives the remote control signal and automatically transmits it to other controllers, within a range of 30 meters between each led controller, which can expand the distance to more than 100 meters between the remote and the farthest controller.

3) Use DMX decoder

If you want to apply the led light strip to large-scale projects or commercial lighting, the DMX decoder is a good choice.

DMX512 decoder converts DMX512/1990 standard digital control signal into PWM control signal, so that ordinary RGB LED lights without decoding function can be controlled by DMX512 console.

DMX decoder is connected to an RGB led strip, this RGB light strip is an address, and multiple RGB led strip lights have multiple addresses. The decoder channel address can be set freely.

• Multiple RGB led strips cascaded. 

• One RGB led strip connection.