How to Wire RGBWW LED Strips?

RGBWW(RGB+CCT) led strip lights can be seen as a combination of RGB led strips and CCT led strip lights. We all know that there are constant current led strip lights and constant voltage led strip lights, and the biggest difference between them is that the voltage drop.

Constant current led strip can reach long-distance running without voltage drop. Actually, the constant current led strip lights, like our DC24V constant current RGBWW led strip, are connected to the constant voltage led controller and power supply too.

So what are constant voltage led strip lights?

• RGBWW led stripsDC5V, DC12V, DC24V
• Addressable RGBCCT led strips: DC12V single signalDC24V breakpoint resume
•  Constant current RGBCCT led strip light

The voltage of each lamp bead is rated, but during the circuit transportation, due to the excessive number of led light strip parts, the voltage is lost, resulting in uneven brightness and color of the strip.

The loss situation is different for different voltages. And the lower the voltage, the more obvious the loss. Therefore, if you want your led light strip to run long distances, you have to choose DC12V or DC24V.

How to install led light strip?

The led driver supplies power to the RGBWW led controller and the RGBWW led light strip, and the controller controls the LED brightness and color changes. RGBWW led controller also can be connected to an RGB led strip and a tunable white led strip.

1. 5V VS 12V VS 24V LED Strips

5V RGB+CCT led strip lights ⇒ Voltage drop in 5 meters ⇒ Power supply at both ends of 5 meters

12V RGB+CCT led strip lights ⇒ No voltage drop in 5 meters ⇒ Power supply at both ends of 10 meters, power supply at one end of 5 meters

24V RGB+CCT led strip lights ⇒ No voltage drop in 10 meters ⇒ Power supply at both ends of 15 meters, power supply at one end of 10 meters

2. How to connect led strip lights correctly?

1) The color line is connected correctly.

“R” to “R”, “G” to “G”, “B” to “B”, “W” to “W”, “WW” to “WW”. The wrong connection of the led color signal line will cause the color to be displayed incorrectly, which is one of the reasons why the display color is different from the control color.

2) The positive and negative poles are connected correctly.

All the led color signal lines represent the negative pole. The positive pole is the mark “+”, connecting the “+” of the led strip light to the output same “+” of the led light controller.

3. How to choose a suitable controller and power supply?

1) Compatible with the led light strip.

RGB controller is suitable for RGB led strips, and RGBW controller is suitable for RGBW led strips too.

2) Sufficient power.

This is the most important point, power overload is easy to burn the power supply. How to calculate the power for your led strip lights? Click here to know more.

3) Match the use environment.

If there is a need for waterproofing, add a plastic waterproof box to the led controller or choose a waterproof power supply.

How to achieve ultra-long distance installation of led strip lights?

We know that there will be a significant voltage drop in low-voltage led light strips for long-distance operation. How to maintain long-distance operation without voltage drop? Let’s take a look together.

The solution is to install an led amplifier between two RGBCCT led strip lights to boost the attenuated signal in the circuit, achieving consistent brightness of the led light strip over long distances and reducing the voltage drop.

The power of the led amplifier depends on the power the led strip lights are connected to. There is another way to connect the led amplifier, paralleling the led strip lights.

How to control multi-zone led strip lights?

1. RF controller

The most commonly used for multi-zone control is the RF led controller. The RF controller can be controlled by RF remote control, which is simple and convenient.

The signal is sent from the remote and received by the controller. The signals between the controllers are automatically synchronized within 30 meters. The RF led controller supports smart mobile phone control with WiFi-Relay.  

One RF remote can control multiple led light RF controllers, and one RF controller can match up to 10 remote controllers. 

2. DMX decoder

DMX decoder makes normal led strip lights compatible with the DMX512 system. DMX signal input, PWM signal output, convert DMX signal into PWM signal. 

The DMX decoder can cascade multiple led light strips, one light strip is counted as a DMX address, and the DMX address can be freely programmed. The DMX system is controlled by the main console or computer. 

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