How to Install Motion Sensor LED Stair Lights Kit?

We have released a new indoor motion sensor light for stair lighting when you walk up and down in the dark. Here you can get the related complete products, including COB LED strips, LED light diffusers, an LED stair light controller with two motion sensors, and an LED power supply with an AC plug, convenient for you to use to the greatest extent.

There are some LED stair lighting ideas. As the stair lights, you will get a stepping or a flowing lighting effect with you up and downstairs.  

  • Stepping stair effect:

Installing the single color LED strip lights on the stairs can get a stepping lighting effect like it is welcoming you. The LED lights automatically light up from the first step to the last step and then automatically turn off. You can DIY the step light color.

Both ends go up and down the stairs at the same time, the LED lighting will light up from the two ends of the stairs to the middle and then disappear.

  • Flowing stair effect:

The flowing effect (LED lights flow from one end of the stairs to the other) requires using addressable LED strips. For addressable LED lights, we are recommended to supply power separately.

The LED stair light ES32 controller can adjust a variety of modes to control the stair lights, refer to the manual to get the specific control mode.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to how to install the LED motion sensor stair lights. 

Material needed: LED strip lights, LED stair light controller, two motion sensors, LED driver, led aluminum channels, light strip extension cord, tape measure, and screwdriver.

Note: the entire stair light wiring needs to be powered off.

Step 1. Determine the staircase steps’ number and length.

The number and length of the stair steps are closely related to choosing which LED stair light controller and how much power the indoor stair lighting consumes.

LED light strips are an economical choice to be interior stair lights due to their various advantages. The LED stair light ES32 controller supports 32 steps, that is, 32 single color LED strip lights are used, and 2 pixel LED strips. You don’t install the digital led strips are also OK.

The number and length of the staircase steps are proportional to the required stairway lighting power. The greater the number and length of the steps, the greater the step lighting power consumption.

Step 2. Measure the distance between the stair light controller and the stair lights.

To determine the length of the light strip extension cord.

In the LED stair light kit we default the light strip wire length is 0.2m, and it may be not enough. 

So we provide different length options to let you connect the motion sensor lights to the controller.

Step 3. Install the step lights under the stair treads.

We choose the COB LED strips as a stair motion sensor lighting source, which emit linear lighting and no light spot.

For more knowledge about COB LED please move to our COB article.

LED aluminum channels are the optional choice in our indoor stair light kit, you can choose to install the tread lights in the channels or directly install the lights on the stair, and it all depends on your personal preference.

For who determining to add the led diffusers to his LED tread lights, tear off the stair light strip adhesive and stick it to the diffuser channel, cover the PC diffuser, and then cover the end cups, the step light wire can be through the hole of the end cap to connect the LED stair light controller.

The LED aluminum channel with the step lights can be fixed on the stair surface by mounting brackets or double-sided tapes.

Choosing to recess the LED profiles in the treads will make the stair light appearance more aesthetic and natural. Pay attention to whether the step light reserved size matches the LED light diffuser size.

Step 4. Mount the motion sensors.

The two LED motion sensors are placed at both ends of the stairs. One LED motion sensor is installed in the first step and another sensor in the last step to detect the human body’s movement.

When you walk into the sensing range of the stair light sensor, the LED tread lights will automatically light up. The LED stair tread lights follow your steps to light up from the first step to the last step.

Do not wire wrongly, it will burn the sensor.

It is worth noting that the time from the LED step lights light on to light off is fixed, but the speed at which the stair lights turn on can be adjusted. You can adjust the speed of the LED stair lights to match your walking speed.

Step 5. Connect the step lights and sensors to the controller.

Due to the various led step light extension cords, to not confuse the stairway light steps, mark the step light extension cord with 1, 2, 3, which means that is the first step or the second step.

The stair lights of each step should be connected to the corresponding number. The first step of the stair lights is connected to the number 1. And other tread lights are deduced by analogy.

Hardwired the LED stair light ES32 controller, you need to use the screwdriver to loosen the screws, then put the step lights wires to the corresponding holes, and tighten the screws again.

Step 6. Connect the stair light controller to the power supply.

Make sure the LED stair light is wired correctly before connecting to the power supply.

In this LED stair light kit, we will match a suitable power supply for your stair lighting to make your step lights work perfectly.

When connecting the LED stair light controller to the led power supply, do not connect the positive and negative poles in reverse.

The red wire is positive, and the black is negative.

Step 7. Power the stair light controller and the step lights.

Double-check that all wiring is correct. Finally, plug the LED power supply into the wall outlet.

Now, let us appreciate the LED lighting effect of the staircase lights.

Our new multi color RGB motion sensor led stair lighting effect:

For the stair LED motion sensor light mode that can only be changed through the buttons of the stair light controller, some users may want more convenient and intelligent control methods.

You can use a smart control switch installed in front of the power supply, AC input and AC output, to control the whole stair lights. Turn the LED step lights on or off, set a certain time to turn on the stair lights, mobile phone remote control, and voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

To hide the exposed LED stair tread light wires to show their beauty, you can reserve a wire installation slot in advance or purchase a wire slot kit at the local building material store. During the LED stair light installation process, you can seek help from the electrician if you want to hide the complicated wires or you do not make sure to do the job by yourself. 

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