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Constant Current LED Strips

What are Low Voltage Long Running LED Strip Lights?

Our "constant current" led strips series is not actually constant current. They still need to be controlled by a constant voltage LED controller and power supply. In fact, they are low-voltage long led light strips. 

It just adds some constant current chips on the strip printed circuit board to alleviate LED voltage drop caused by the constant voltage overlong. So that the DC24V, DC36V, DC48V low voltage led strip can achieve a longer distance with power injection in one end, and with consistent color and brightness. 

long led strip lights

Our No Voltage Drop Long Run LED Strip Features

The constant current IC design of these long-run led strip lights does break through the limitation of independent supply power for every 5 meters (16.4ft) of conventional constant-voltage led strips. Cause they achieve 32.8ft/10m 49ft/15m 65.6ft/20m 98.4ft/30m and even 164ft/50m running long distance without voltage drop. This process greatly solves the problem of complicated wiring for large led strip lighting projects and saves more costs.

• Double layer and 3OZ PFCB

• High CRI 95 Ra display

• Good heat-dissipation and less luminous decay

• 5 years warranty

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Shop By Long LED Strip Lights Type

  • Ultra-long Constant Current LED StripsUltra-long Constant Current LED Strips

    Our "Ultra-long Constant Current LED Strips" series actually is long led light strips with continuous color and brightness. These long led lighting strips are powered by low voltage DC24V, DC36V, and DC48V, with constant current IC chips to help regulate the current and ensure uniform illumination across the strip. 

    How Long can these Ultra-long Constant Current LED Strips run?

    Our Ultra Long Constant Current LED Strip Lights can be up to 164ft (50m) in strip length. Unlike constant voltage led strip lights, they are no voltage drops, the LED brightness and the color keep the same at the beginning and the end, suitable for long LED lighting projects, simple wiring and cost less. We also offer IP20, IP65, IP67, IP68 waterproof ratings for each long led strip to suit your indoor and outdoor installation. 

    There are various light colors you can choose from single colors to color changing RGB, RGBW, and RGBCCT. 

    Please note: These ultra long led strip lights still need to be controlled by a constant voltage LED controller and power supply at one end. 

    48V LED Strip Products PDF

  • Built-in Constant Current LED StripsBuilt-in Constant Current LED Strips

    What are "Built-in Constant Current" White LED Strips?

    Our "Built-in Constant Current LED Strips" series integrates constant current IC chips inside the high-efficiency 2835 SMD LEDs for an aesthetical appearance. Absolutely simple and clear look without any components besides LED. The fewer electronic components, the lower the failure rate, and the longer the led strip service life.

    The first LED of each cutting unit of these long white led light strips is built in a tiny constant current chip that is tightly sealed. It is difficult to find it with the naked eye. The built-in constant current IC let our long-distance running led white strip lights can assure each LED works under the same current even with fluctuant input voltage. Same light brightness on both strip ends even running long distance length. 

    These aesthetic long-running white led strip lights have more space for distributing more LEDs than ordinary light strips, provide 60/80/90/120/240/300 LEDs per meter density, Ra95 display, 100% restore the color of the object. 3OZ PCB with higher stability and reliability. 

  • High Efficiency Constant Current LED StripsHigh Efficiency Constant Current LED Strips

    What is a High Efficiency LED​ Strip?

    Our "High Efficiency Constant Current LED Strips" series with higher luminous efficiency and higher light brightness, is 15-30% brighter than other white led strips of the same length and density design. The light-emitting LEDs are controlled by constant current chips. 

    This series of 5m (16.4ft) 24V led light strips white are mainly suitable for professional working environments. Double layer and 3OZ PFCB design, high CRI 90, good heat-dissipation and less luminous decay, 5 years warranty. 

    Please Note: These white high efficiency led light strips have more heaters when working, so it will be better to be used with aluminum led profiles

    High efficiency led strip lights

  • DC 48V LED Strip LightsDC 48V LED Strip Lights

    Choosing 48 volt to run LED strip lights is great for large home and commercial projects. 48V, while higher than the common 12V or 24V, still meets safe voltage requirements.

    Due to good current planning, 48V led strip can run up to 60 meters. Typically, low voltage LED strips cause brightness degradation and color change due to voltage drop over long running distances. 48V LED lights can solve these problems very well.

    Need a 48V controller to match your lights?

    Look at Mi-light or Skydance LED system for wireless remote control and APP control.

    Look at E1-L (1CH, Max 384W) for sensing control.

    Look at DA4-L (5A/CH, 4CH) for DALI dimming and V1-S (1CH, Max 720W) for Triac dimming; BinColor BC-320-6A set for RF and in wall dimming. 

    Look at D5-E (4A/CH, 5CH), D5-P (4A/CH, 5CH), Ltech 4CH 8A/CH M4-C/D4A or M4-E/D4B for DMX control.

    And 3CH LT-3070-8A, 3CH EV3-H, 3CH V3-L, 5CH EV5-L 48V LED strip light ampifiers are available. 

    Need a 48V power supply to light up your lights?

    Look at our Meanwell switching power supply series here

    48V LED Strip Products PDF

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