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Constant Current LED Strips

What are Constant Current LED Strip Lights?

The constant current LED strip light is not an LED strip powered by a constant current led driver. It just adds some constant current chips on the PCB to alleviate the voltage drop caused by the constant voltage overlong, and to achieve longer distance with power injection in one end, so they are also called long led light strips. They still need to be controlled by a constant voltage LED controller and power supply. 

Constant Current VS Constant Voltage LED Strips

The constant current (CC) led light strip design can break through the limitation of independent supply power for every 5 meters of conventional constant-voltage strips, so as to achieve 32/49/65/98 or even 164ft without voltage drop. One End Power input, Same Brightness on both ends, Double Layer and 3OZ PFCB, High CRI 95 Ra display, Good heat-dissipation and less luminous decay, 5 years warranty. This process greatly solves the problem of complicated wiring for ultra long led strip lighting projects and saves more costs. 


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