What Are LED Neon Lights?

With the development of LED semiconductor technology, led neon lights have gradually replaced traditional neon lights with their high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, and high reliability. The material of the lamp body has also been replaced from the glass material of the traditional cold cathode tube with a flexible silicone material that is bendable. Its application is easier, more reliable, and wider in application fields.

Led neon flex using PVC materials was introduced to the market earlier. PVC is a plastic material, namely polyvinyl chloride, which is one of the most produced plastic products in the world. However, as the market puts forward higher requirements for products and applications, PVC material’s characteristic defects gradually appear.

Therefore, a material with better performance—silicone has entered the field. The main component is silica, which has stable chemical properties and does not burn. The technology of led silicone neon lights has become mature and perfect, and its excellent characteristics make it gradually replace PVC neon led strips and become the mainstream development direction of the market.

What is LED neon light?

LED neon light is also known as led neon rope light and neon led strip light. It is a lighting decoration product. This product has anti-shatter and waterproof functions. It can be used indoors and outdoors with a waterproof rating of IP67. Its appearance is to make up for the shortcomings of glass neon tubes and fiber optic lights.

The neon led strip has good sealing performance, a large light-emitting area, high brightness, and various light colors. It can be cut at any scissors opening, and its application range is very wide. And it can be connected to a led controller to achieve light color changes. 

Led strip lights are hidden in the flex silicone neon tube, and they make up the led neon lighting. You can purchase the whole led neon rope, or choose to buy a led neon tube to make the led neon light signs by yourself.

The LED light of the neon sign lights is softer than the led strip. The silicone led neon tube material is environmentally friendly and has good light transmittance. And the led neon rope light is much flexible so that you can use it to put on a variety of looks.

Look at this video to intuitively understand the neon led lights. 

What are LED neon light strips used for?

LED neon strip lights are widely used in the fields of pattern modeling, advertising signs, winding characters, etc., and can also decorate and illuminate the buildings, steps, booths, bridges, hotels, KTV, and other places. The led neon silicone material can resist the corrosion of common salt, alkali, and acid, and can be used in special environments such as seashores, yachts, chemical industries, petroleum, mine, laboratory, and so on.

Neon led signs can be stored in an environment of -50℃ to +150 ℃, which can maintain the normal soft state of neon led strip lights, without embrittlement, deformation, softening, and aging. And it can be used in the -20 ℃ to +45 ℃ s environment, is resistant to extreme cold and high heat, and can work normally.

Are LED neon lights good?

Uniform luminescence, no light spot, high light transmittance

Neon led sign emits uniform led light without LED spots, so you can look directly at the light-emitting surface without glare. Compared with waterproof led strip lights, it has a better appearance and wider application environment. And compared with the smaller profile linear light, the installation is simpler and the protection performance is better. 

The light transmittance of the neon sign light is as high as 90%, which can meet high luminous flux output, not only for decoration but also for lighting up your home or outdoor places. 

Strong flexibility, durable and long life

The neon lights sign has a reliable structure and strong flexibility. It uses solid silicone. The internal structure and external shape can be customized through molds, which can be bent and are suitable for various shapes. Resistant to tearing and pulling, not easy to be damaged and deformed, and strong toughness. 

When bending led neon lights, pay attention to the following bending methods. The bending direction of the led neon rope is determined by the orientation of the led strip. The led neon tube light can change the luminous mode of the led strip, and the top-emitting led light strip uses the side-emitting neon led tube to get the side-emitting led neon rope. 

►Good heat dissipation, environmental protection

Due to the good thermal conductivity of silicone material, led neon lighting tubes made have very good heat dissipation performance. The materials used in led neon strips are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and the silicone has a high ignition point and is not flammable, and there is no irritating and toxic gas volatilization, which is safer.


Flex led neon lights can replace other led light strips, and can achieve single white light, multi-color led light, color chasing, and other functional light effects. It can replace traditional neon tubes for signs, buildings, and landscape lighting. Silicone neon tubes are available in square and round shapes, and it is suitable for all led strip lights whether it is the single color led strip or RGB color changing led strip light. 

How to choose led neon lights?

There are many options for silicone flexible led neon lights. Color and color temperature, length, width, density, waterproof level, voltage, and other factors all need to be considered when buying a neon flex led strip.

How to combine these many factors to choose a suitable led neon light? We will discuss the different types of neon led light strips. Hope this sorting can help you and reduce your doubts.

According to the difference in LED color, led neon strip lights can be divided into single color led neon, RGB led neon flex, RGBW led neon rope light, RGBCCT neon led strip, addressable RGB neon led strip light, and addressable RGBW led neon rope.

 Single color led neon
 RGB led neon flex
 RGBW led neon rope light
 RGBCCT neon led strip
 Addressable RGB neon led strip light
 Addressable RGBW led neon rope

The color and color temperature option of led neon flex rope light is various, 2300K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, 7000K, yellow, golden yellow, green, blue, ice blue, red, pink, and amber. You can choose the color and color temperatures according to your preferences, just as you decide what clothes to wear today.

Are led neon signs use DC or AC?

The safety that people always say in led strip lights means that it is low working voltage. There are 5V, 12V, and 24V neon led strips. In order to ensure that the color, color temperature, and brightness of the led neon rope are the same in long-distance running, the high voltage led neon light strips come out.

 DC5V led neon light: No voltage drop between 2 to 3 meters, independent power supply at both ends of 5 meters.
 DC12V led neon lights: No voltage drop at 5 meters, independent power supply at 10 meters.
 DC24V led neon rope light: 10 meters without voltage drop, 15 meters with independent power supply.
 AC110/220V high voltage neon led strip: Super long, no pressure drop, providing 5 to 100 meters led neon rope lights.

Choose a right silicone LED neon tube light

Different installation environments require different lighting methods. There are top-emitting and side-emitting flexible led neon lighting. Side-emitting can choose a good orientation and outdoor landscape, the light has obvious directionality, which is conducive to the formation of shadows. The top-emitting light is from top to bottom, the illuminance is evenly distributed, the light color is natural, the brightness is high, and the effect is good.

Another advantage of led neon lights is that they can choose the angle of light. The internal structure of the neon tube determines how much light-emitting angle it has. And you can choose the light-emitting angle from 120°180°270°, and 360°

 Top-emitting led neon light
 Side-emitting led neon flex

We provide you with many lengths and widths to choose from. According to your project choose the right length and width.

If you want to purchase the led neon tube to make a led neon light, pay attention to the width. The width of the led neon tube light has options from 3mm to 30mm. Carefully distinguish the width of the neon tube and the width of the led strip PCB board.

Generally speaking, the width of the neon tube is a few millimeters wider than the width of the PCB board. If your led strip light is 8mm, you can choose an 8mm or 10mm led neon tube to wear your led strip, but you can not use a 3mm or 6mm neon tube. No matter what led light strip you have, there is a suitable neon silicone tube always.


1. LED neon VS Traditional neon light

The traditional neon light is a sealed glass tube with electrodes at both ends, which is filled with some rare gas. A voltage of several thousand volts is applied to the electrode, and the gas in the ionization tube causes it to emit light.

The color of the light depends on the gas in the tube, the use of other gases will produce other colors. The led neon light is more reliable and convenient than traditional neon light in many aspects such as brightness, flexibility, function, etc.

2. What is the difference between led and neon lights? Neon VS LED?

Led neon light protects the led strip light inside from external force, and can be more waterproof than the led strip. The led neon rope light has a more uniform light and has no light spot. The application is also wider and can be designed and installed into various patterns.

3. LED neon tube vs LED Aluminum Profiles

Both the led neon tube and the aluminum led channel can protect led strip lights. However, the led neon tube light is more flexible than the aluminum channel, and its shapes are more changeable.

4. Can you cut led neon rope light?

You can cut and reconnect led neon lights by yourself. There is a translucent line on the side of the led neon tube. You can see the cutting line on the back of the led light strip, and decide where you want to cut according to the cutting line. 

Find the cut line and use a sharp scissor or other tools to cut the led neon light. After cutting the led neon rope light, cover the incisions with the end cap, glue it with silica gel or other adhesives, and air-dry the adhesives before putting it into use. You can also put on a heat shrink tube to increase the degree of protection.

5. Are neon lights waterproof?

Led neon lights are waterproof up to IP67, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

6. Is LED Neon Flex dimmable?

Neon sign led light can be controlled by the led light controller. It not only can adjust the brightness of led neon lights, and also have the ability to change colors to create various light effect.

7. Do led neon lights take a lot of electricity? 

LED Neon lights emit low heat and can save energy by more than 70% compared to glass neon lights.

8. Do LED lights use neon?

Led lights use neon silicone tubes to solve the problem of insufficient flexibility of led strip lights, and the luminous effect is softer and there is no LED light spot. Can be used indoors and outdoors. You can choose top-emitting or side-emitting and the light-emitting angle. The installation effect is more aesthetic.

9. Are led neon lights bad for your eyes?

Looking directly at the led light source can sometimes cause eye discomfort, especially when the led light source has a high color temperature. The neon led strip reduces this irritation and softens the led light.

10. Can led neon lights get sun damaged?

LED neon lights are UV resistant, and will not yellow or age after long-term exposure to direct sunlight for more than 5 years.