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RF4 remote control controller, AC110V/220V, Output 1500W For high-voltage RGB lamp with light bar

RF4 remote control controller, AC110V/220V, Output 1500W For high-voltage RGB lamp with light bar

Model: CONHV-750W-10


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      RF controller adopts advanced computer control chip to control various 110V / 220V lamps with LED as light source, such as: LED high-pressure lamp strips, rainbow tubes and other high-pressure lamps and lanterns; With the advantages of convenient connection and simple 

    use;  this product has many kinds of change can realize seven-color jumping, gradual change, stroboscopic, static color and other light changes according to the actual needs of customers, with power saving and memory functions, and avoid frequent setting

    This controller has two kind of input power, AC110V and AC220V, According to the power rule, when the AC is halved, the output power is also halved.

    if you choose AC110V, we will send US plug to you, and AC110V can only output 375watt power, so it can only support Maximum connect 25meter/82feet 110-120V high voltage led strips.

    If you choose AC220V, we will send EU plug to you, and AC220V output 750W, so it can support Maximum connect 50meter/164feet AC220-230V high voltage led strips.

    When calculating the power of your project, please do not exceed 80% of Power Supply capacity when calculating Power Supply size to use in your system.  

    So 220V/750W we recommend that you Maximum connect 140feet, 110V/375W we recommend that you Maximum connect 70feet.

    If your lighting project length more than controller output power, please use a 1500W high voltage amplifier. If your outdoor large lighting project needs to achieve effect and color synchronization, we recommend that you use some DMX high-pressure decoders to control them through the DMX console.

    How to connct, please feel free to contact us. sales@superlightingled.com

    Standards and Certifications



    Technical Parameters:

    ● Working temperature: -20-60°C
    ● Supply voltage: 110V/220V optional
    ● Output: 3 channels
    ● Connection mode: common anode
    ● Transmitting and receiving frequency: 315Mhz /433Mhz
    ● Net weight: 160g
    ● Maximum current: 4A
    Static power consumption: <3W
    ● Output power: 750W, power can be made according to requirements


    Connection Diagram

    How to connect the whole roll of led strips

    How to use WiFi Amazon Alexa smart switch to connect led strips, you need a wifi switch, click to buy

    How to use Amplifier to connect super long led strips

    How to Use DMX decoder to control large led strip lighting project 

    Remote control key function:
       ● program : Change mode selection, 19 modes are optional.
       ● speed up : speed increase, 30 levels of adjustment.
       ● speed down : speed down, 30 adjustments.
       ● on/off : Power on/off, save setting mode


    1. Back/task lighting

    2. Cove LED lighting

    3. Retail LED lighting

    4. Display case LED lighting

    5. Accent LED lights

    6. Under cabinet lighting

    7. led stage lighting



    AC110V or 220V power input, the output high voltage AC110V or 220V article lamp directly. Article AC110v or 220 v meet in the same line, at the same time electricity.

    The quality assurance for one year. Artificial damage or misuse damage is not within the warranty.



    Supply input voltage of this product is AC110V or AC220V.

    Shorting output wires my cause damage to controller.

    Always observe proper polarity when connecting high voltage led strip lights and load.

    For indoor use only - this product is not waterproof or weatherproof.

    You can Custom Wire Order, G,V+,R,B


    Package including

    1 x  High Voltage led controller

    1 x  RF remote control

    1 x  4-Pins

    1 x  Piece of User's Manual 


    RF4 remote control controller, AC110V/220V, Output 1500W For high-voltage RGB lamp with light bar

    RF4 remote control controller, AC110V/220V, Output 1500W For high-voltage RGB lamp with light bar

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