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Single Signal LED Strips

What do "Single Signal LED Strips" mean?

In addressable led strip lighting, "Single Signal" means that only has one wire to transmit data, which is convenient for wiring. It's also called 3 pin digital led strip (V+, GND, DAT). 

WS2812B, SK6812, WS2811 are the familiar 3 pin single signal digital led strip lights, which also include UCS1903, TM1812, TM1814 and so on.

"Single Signal" just specifies that the digital led light strip has only one data wire. It does not limit the color of the addressable LEDs, so you can still find white, WWA, or RGBW colors other than RGB here.

How to Choose the right Single Signal 3 Pin Digital IC LED Strip?

WS2812B: DC5V individually addressable; built-in IC; high performance; high cost performance

WS2811: DC5/12/24V; external IC; high cost performance; sharing agreement with SM16703; 0.8 kHz PWM refresh frequency

SK6812: DC5/12/24V; built-in and external IC; DC5V individually addressable; White/CCT/RGB/RGBW optional; 0.8 kHz PWM refresh frequency

UCS1903: DC5/12/24V; external IC; similar to WS2811; similar performance; faster transmission speed; higher price

TM1812: DC12V; external 16-pin IC; 4 OUTR/OUTG/OUTB output interfaces; single/double/triple rows optional

TM1814: DC12/24V; external IC; return-to-one code communication mode; suitable for short-distance transmission; addressable RGBW LED and white LED. 


Shop By Single Signal Addressable LED Strip Type

  • WS2812B IC Programmable LED StripsWS2812B IC Programmable LED Strips

    A Practical Guide To Addressable WS2812B LED Strip

    WS2812 VS WS2812B VS WS2812C

    How does WS2812B addressable LED strip light work?

    WS2812B LED is an upgraded version of the traditional built-in driver IC, which has a more distinctive effect on performance stability, data transmission speed, heat dissipation capacity, etc. By integrating the driver IC inside the SMD5050 LED, avoiding a large number of LED external chips, capacitor-resistor arrangement occupies a lot of space, shortening the distance of data transmission while bringing the driver IC and SMD LED closer. WS2812B addressable LED strip supports DC5V low input voltage (which can work with DC5V USB LED power adapter), individually addressable (single LED can be cut), has higher brightness and purer luminous color than ordinary LEDs. 

    What we need to know before buying?

    Any damage to the LED will cause the entire LED strip to not light up and require more power input (5m needs power supply at both ends) to avoid voltage drop caused by over long distance. WS2812B LED strip works with Arduino UNO development board / Raspberrypi or dream color controller can work together to adjust 256 levels of brightness scale, output 16 million kinds of light color, produce dynamic color chasing (running horse lighting effect). WS2812B programmable LED light strip is one of the LED light strips with a wide range of applications at present. It has certain advantages in cost. We provide you with a variety of customized light strip lengths, widths, waterproof grades, LED density, etc to choose from, which issuitable for Indoor and outdoor engineering lighting.

    WS2812B VS WS2811 Addressable LED Comparison And Commonality

  • SK6812 Programmable LED StripsSK6812 Programmable LED Strips

    SK6812 VS WS2812B

    What is SK6812 addressable LED strip light?

    SK6812 LED and SK6812mini LED is an intelligent externally controlled LED light source that integrates a control circuit and a light-emitting circuit. It is composed of multiple individually programmable pixels; the pixel contains an intelligent digital interface, a data latch signal shaping,amplifying drive circuit, a power supply voltage regulator circuit, and built-in Constant current circuit, high precision internal oscillator and high voltage programmable constant current control part. The output driver adopts patented PWM technology, which can be matched with Raspberrypi/Arduino UNO development board or dream color LED controller to achieve 256-level grayscale adjustment and mix RGB to produce 16 million colors.

    How do addressable LEDs work?

    The data transmission adopts the communication mode of unipolar return-to-zero code protocol. After the pixels are powered on and reset, the data is input at the DIN terminal, the first pixel IC stores the extracted data in the internal data latch, the remaining data is amplified by the internal shaping processing circuit and transmitted to the next pixel point, but the 24bit signal is weakened after each pixel point transmission, the number of pixel cascade is only affected by the signal transmission speed, the data transmission speed of SK6812 chip is 800Kbps, there is no flicker phenomenon. The performance of SK6812 driver IC is stable, built-in signal shaping circuit and power-on reset and power-down reset circuits (converting digital signals into analog signals). The IC has high quality, intelligent reverse connection protection, and good LED safety.

    What is the feature of SK6812 LED strip?

    SK6812 LED strip supports DC5/12/24V low voltage input; DC5V(individually addressable), single LED cuttable, 5m powered at both ends; DC12V, 3 LEDs cuttable, 10m powered at both ends; DC24V, 6 LEDs cuttable, 10m independently powered, The length of the LED strip can be customized. At the same time, we also provide a variety of LED strip light lengths, waterproof grades, different LED densities, and lighting directions to choose from. SK6812 addressable LED strip can produce a single white color (single color/WWA/CCT/RGB/RGBW multiple color temperature options), compatible with 98% of the SPI controllers on the market, suitable for home lighting or industrial lighting.

    What is the difference between SK6812 and WS2812B addressable LED strip light?

    WS2812B addressable LED strip, by mixing red, green and blue channels in a certain ratio, produces cold white light, overload lighting, not recommended, while SK6812 addressable LED strip can produce separate white light (purer and safer), with a variety of color options for single color/WWA/CCT/RGB/RGBW; SK6812 LED strip supports DC5/ 12/24V low voltage input, a wide range of voltage options, and LED color is less affected by voltage drop than WS2812B; WS2812 only supports DC5V input, long distance lighting, with more obvious voltage drop.


  • WS2811 IC Programmable LED StripsWS2811 IC Programmable LED Strips

    WS2812B VS WS2811 Addressable LED Comparison And Commonality

    How do WS2811 addressable LED strip lights work?

    WS2811 is a 3-channel LED drive control dedicated circuit, internal of the chip contains an intelligent digital interface data latch signal shaping and amplifying drive circuit, as well as a high-precision internal oscillator and a programmable stable current output driver. The chip adopts a single-wire return-to-zero code communication method, after the chip is reset on the line, the input data on the DIN terminal is controlled by an Arduino UNO development board or a dream color intelligent SPI controller, and the data is stored in the internal latch, the remaining data is amplified by the internal shaping process and then starts to forward the output to the next-level chip through the DO port to achieve high-speed data transmission, output 256-level grayscale adjustment, 24-bit color display and 16 millions dynamic color chasing effect, which is suitable for home lighting.

    DC12/24V WS2811 LED strip has a high market share, low price, and a wider coverage of demand groups, which adopts high-quality flexible PCB with good heat conduction and heat dissipation performance; the internal integrated RGB LED chip and control circuit are in the SMD5050 component, with high brightness, wide viewing angle, purer color and flexible LED arranging structure, one IC can control 3/6 LEDs; the exterior is wrapped with epoxy resin layer, silicone sleeve , and waterproof plastic irrigation to achieve good waterproof effect of IP65/67/68; the back uses 3M tape, which has strong adhesion and is easy to install. At the same time, we provide personalized services such as customized length.

  • UCS1903 IC Programmable LED StripsUCS1903 IC Programmable LED Strips

    UCS1903 is an 8-pin external IC chip that is integrated into the LED strip circuit board to control and program RGB LEDs or white LEDs for colorful strip light effects via an external UCS1903 led controller. Compatible with 5V 12V 24V strip voltage inputs. 

    UCS1903 vs WS2811: UCS1903 is similar to WS2811, but UCS1903 is more stable than WS2811 and less prone to light jitter. For led strip projects with delicate lighting color changes, recommend choosing UCS1903 instead of WS2811.

    Dual signal UCS1903 RGB led strip is our recent new product, it uses higher 36V voltage to combat the voltage drop problem of DC low voltage led strip lights, capable of running up to 25 meters (82ft) with consistent color and brightness in the start part and the end part, a good choice for engineering addressable led strip light projects.

    What is UCS1903 addressable LED strip light?

    UCS1903 led strip is a 3-channel LED driver control special circuit, built-in voltage regulator (256 levels of adjustable glow), dual RC oscillation (synchronous line signal transmission), power-on reset circuit (accept data from the DIN port), and internal integration of MCU digital interface, data latch, LED high-voltage driver circuit, through the peripheral MCU control to achieve the chip's individual glow ( luminous intensity), cascade control (each cutting unit individually controlled, single cutting unit damage does not affect the normal work of other cutting units, but serial single-line cascade, so the whole LED strip does not bright), to achieve addressable LED strip full-color lighting effect.

    What is the feature of UCS1903 LED strip lights?

    UCS1903 addressable LED strip supports DC5/12V/DC24V low voltage input, DC5V, single LED can be cut, 5 meters powered at the two ends; DC12V, three LEDs can be cut, 10m powered at the two ends; DC24V, six LEDs can be cut, 15m powered at the two ends; matching Raspberrypi /Arduino UNO development board or dream color LED controller. At the same time, we provide customized LED lights with length, width, density, and waterproof grade options to meet the diverse needs of customers for indoor and outdoor atmosphere lighting.

    UCS1903 Datasheet

  • TM1812 IC Programmable LED StripsTM1812 IC Programmable LED Strips

    What is TM1812 LED strip light?

    TM1812 is a 12-channel LED drive control dedicated circuit (16-pin IC, 4 OUTR/OUTG/OUTB output interfaces), which integrates MCU digital interface, data latch, LED high voltage drive and other circuits. The peripheral MCU controls the individual brightness of the chip, and the cascades control to achieve color dot matrix light control of addressable LED strip light.

    Data transmission adopts single-wire serial cascade interface (each group of addressable LEDs is designed in series and each group of cuttable units is designed in parallel), built-in power-on reset, receiving 24bit data transmitted from DIN side, OUTR/OUTG/OUTB receiving data and sending signals with different duty cycle. Built-in RC oscillation and clock synchronization, according to the signal on the data line, after receiving the data of this unit can automatically send the subsequent data shaping through the data output to the next level, the signal does not become distorted or attenuated as the cascade becomes farther away (the maximum data transmission speed is 800Kps, there is no flicker phenomenon).

    At the same time, we provide DC12V addressable LED strips, single LED can be cut, 5 meters separately powered, and 10 meters powered at both ends. You can customize the length, waterproof level, luminous color, and LED arrangement quantity of LED strips for your indoor and outdoor lighting projects; it can be used with Raspberrypi/Arduino UNO development board or Dream Color LED controller to achieve precise luminous color and mode control.

  • TM1814 IC Programmable LED StripsTM1814 IC Programmable LED Strips

    What is TM1814 addressable LED strip light?

    TM1814 LED is a 4-channel constant-current adjustable driver IC, integrates a single-wire digital interface, data latch, LED constant current drive and other circuits;which can be input by MCU (SPI controller) with a set of constant current setting and PWM (digital-to-analog conversion, 256-level brightness adjustment) setting data to TM1814 LED chip to achieve a variety of dynamic color chasing effects. The VDD pin integrates a 5V voltage regulator tube with stable performance.

    The LED light strip adopts return-to-one code (digital signal adopts baseband transmission) communication mode, single-wire serial cascade interface, built-in RC oscillation and clock synchronization according to the data line signal, after receiving the 32bit data of this unit, it can automatically follow up and the data is regenerated and sent to the next stage through the data output terminal; the signal does not appear to be distorted or attenuated as the cascade becomes farther. 

    It has four PWM output ports OUTR/OUTG/OUTB/OUTW to stably output signals with different duty cycles, it can display RGBW full-color lighting effects, support DC12/24V low voltage input, and can be used with Raspberrypi/Arduino UNO development board to achieve precise color control to meet the needs of short-distance lighting.

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