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Sensor Series

Induction lighting system is a smart lighting technology that detects human movement or other changes in the environment through occupancy sensors to automatically control the LED lights on, off or dimming. Sensor inductive lighting breaks through the traditional manual switch mode, and the benefits it brings include energy-saving, great convenience, Improved safety, etc. Skydance occupency sensor series products include sensor dimmer, sensor switch and sensor remote control, providing a complete sensor lighting control solution.

In dimly lit environments, the induction lighting system can be used as a night light to provide soft illumination based on light changes in the environment and human activity. Sensor lights can be used as indoor and outdoor security lighting, where the lights automatically come on when someone enters a staircase, hallway or area around the house to increase safety.

Skydance LED sensor lighting systems include the following sensor types:

1) Infrared Human Sensor: Uses an infrared (IR) sensor to detect infrared radiation from the human body, triggering light control when there is human activity.

2) Motion Human Sensor: Triggers light control by detecting human movement, such as gait or direction of movement.

3) Hand Sweep Sensor: Trigger sensor lighting through gestures or hand movements, suitable for occasions that require manual interaction.

4) Door Sensor: When the door opens or closes, the sensor lighting system can detect this change of state and thus control the light switch.

5) Microwave Sensor: the use of microwave radar technology to detect moving objects in the environment, applicable to the need for a wide range of coverage and adapt to different environmental occasions.


Shop By Sensor Dimmer Switch Type

  • Sensor DimmerSensor Dimmer

    A sensor dimmer is a type of LED lighting control device that combines switching and dimming functions. The controller automatically turns LED lights on and off and adjusts the brightness level according to the compatible sensor type. This can help to conserve energy when full illumination is not needed. 

  • Sensor SwitchSensor Switch

    Skydance sensor switch series products include PIR body sensor switch, hand sweep sensor switch and gate control sensor switch. PCBA board mode, low cost, easy to install, generally built in the lamp tube, installed in the exhibition case, wardrobe and other occasions, used to control 5 meters of low voltage single color LED strip.

  • Sensor Remote ControlSensor Remote Control

    Skydance sensor remote control series products include microwave sensor RF switch and dimmer, built-in human motion sensor and daylight sensor, detection area, time delay and daylight threshold can be set via knob potentiometer,work as a RF 2.4GHz remote,matched with RF LED controller or RF dimmable LED driver use,dedicated to detect human walking changes automatically turn on lights.

  • LED Cabinet Lighting Control SeriesLED Cabinet Lighting Control Series

    Use these products to help you build perfect cabinet lighting to illuminate the interior of cabinets, above the cabinets, or under the cabinets. 

    A LED cabinet lighting system requires the use of a variety of products, including LED light strips, LED drivers, aluminum channels and diffuser covers, and control devices such as dimmers or sensors. By carefully selecting and combining these components, you can create a custom lighting solution that meets your specific needs. 

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