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LED Residential Lighting

Transform your home into a haven of comfort and style with our exceptional LED residential lighting solutions. At Super Lighting LED, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge LED fixtures designed to illuminate your living spaces with brilliance and efficiency. Whether you're looking to enhance your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or outdoor areas, our residential lighting collection has everything you need.

Explore the benefits of our LED residential lighting:

Energy-Efficient Illumination: Save on electricity bills while enjoying brilliant lighting. Our LED light bulbs, led downlights, led grow lights are highly energy-efficient, consuming significantly less power compared to traditional lighting options. Experience the perfect combination of brightness and energy savings.

Versatile Lighting Options: From recessed lights to pendant lights, chandeliers to wall sconces, we have a vast selection of residential lighting fixtures to suit any style or preference. Choose from various designs, shapes, and finishes to create the perfect ambiance for your home.

Environmentally Friendly: Join the green lighting revolution. Our LED residential lighting fixtures are eco-friendly, emitting less heat and containing no harmful substances like mercury. Contribute to a sustainable future while enjoying exceptional lighting in your home.

Illuminate your home with Super Lighting LED—the ultimate choice for superior lighting performance in residential spaces!

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  • LED Light BulbsLED Light Bulbs

    We offer different types of LED light bulbs to meet your residential and commercial lighting needs. You can dim and change color of our smart light bulbs series through WiFi Alexa voice commands, Blurtooth devices, RF remote controls, etc. 

    High energy efficiency, long life, environmental protection and energy saving are the features of our LED bulbs, which provide a bright and comfortable lighting experience for your living and commercial environment.


    Shop By LED Light Bulbs Type

  • WiFi RF LED DownlightsWiFi RF LED Downlights

    What is WiFi RF LED Downlights?

    WiFi RF LED Downlights to support mobile phone APP, Bluetooth, WIFI to achieve RGB and other colour change control, matching remote control and touch screen remote control, keep multiple device control at the same time through APP, dimming range 0-100%, can achieve 16million colours and warm Any switching of white-daylight white. Choose the appropriate colour, speed and gradient/cross-fade/jump change/strobe according to different scenes.LED downlight modules to screw into your existing fixtures with little to no modification depending on the fixture and base type. This gets rid of unsightly gaps and airflow that wastes energy and increases energy costs.

    WiFi RF LED Downlights

  • LED Indoor DownlightsLED Indoor Downlights

    What is LED Indoor Downlights?

    LED indoor downlights are recessed downlights embedded in the ceiling, also known as "canned lights".

    In terms of efficiency, it is 80% higher than ordinary LED lights; in terms of brightness, the light is emitted vertically, the light is more concentrated, and the brightness is more comprehensive; in terms of heat generation,

    the heat generated is less than that of ordinary LED lights, and it is the first choice for work lighting.

    The light color is single white light (3000K/4000K/5700K can be selected),which is superior to traditional lighting fixtures in terms of radiation mode, color rendering, visual sensitivity, power standard, and brightness control.

    Indoor LED Downlights

  • LED Waterproof DownlightLED Waterproof Downlight

    Waterproof downlights are good choices for bathroom shower lights. They are IP65 waterproof, which can resist water vapor from bathroom showers and saunas. These LED shower lights waterproof are flush mount, recessed into ceiling openings directly. 

    We offer different color temperatures and beam angles of these shower rated LED downlights. 

    waterproof led downlight

  • LED Human-Sensor Night LightLED Human-Sensor Night Light

    LED Human Motion Sensor Night Lights is a smart lighting product. These LED night lights are usually equipped with a human infrared sensor, which automatically turns on when the sensor detects human activity, and turns off when the surroundings brighten or there is no human activity, saving energy.

    • LED motion sensor battery operated night light can be placed anywhere you need illumination, regardless of the location of the electrical outlet. High portability.

    • LED motion sensor plug in night lights powered by socket, with stable power supply.

    • LED solar powered night light is equipped with a solar panel that can be charged by daylight to store solar energy and use it at night. Night solar lights are often used around the house and in outdoor places such as gardens, terraces, etc.

  • LED Panel LightsLED Panel Lights

    What are the best LED Panel Lights?

    LED Panel lights are designed for both homeowners, test, and industrial applications. This sort of lighting component is made to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights and also developed to mount on suspended grid ceilings or recessed ceilings.

    LED Flat Panel Lights are the perfect energy-efficient interior illumination. Flat panels, in general, are mainly edge-lit, which makes them unbelievably slim, allowing them to function very well in shallow plenum rooms.

    LED Panel Lights


  • LED Tube LightsLED Tube Lights

    Our Home and Outdoor LED Tube Lights Series injects new creativity and practicality into interior and exterior lighting field. In home environments, color changing tube lights add interest to home spaces; In outdoor environments, guardrail tube lights provide lighting for outdoor guardrails and handrails, realize the safety of outdoor spaces through light reminders. And the guardrail light tube for building lighting can accurately outline the architectural contour, and give the building a visual three-dimensional sense.

    Our outdoor tube lights support pixel (SPI/TTL), RGB, single color, and DMX RGBW colors to brighten up an outdoor space or building. With DMX technology, users can achieve precise control of outdoor guardrail lighting, creating a vivid, colorful and unpredictable lighting performance.

  • LED Grow LightsLED Grow Lights

    All green plants need to absorb light energy and release oxygen as they grow. LED grow lights provide full-spectrum lighting and produce visible and invisible waves (red, blue, white, infrared, ultraviolet), which positively impact the growth of indoor plants.

    Our LED grow light adopts full spectrum light or red bule light or pink purple lightRed (630nm-660nm) and Blue(440nm-460nm) grow lights will promote extreme growth in seeding vegetation and flowering cycles resulting in HUGE yields with less heat. This is suitable for greenhouses or gardens that are aided by sunlight. Full spectrum LED grow lights appear white and contain a wide range of spectrums that natural sunlight can provide, which can be optimized for all stages of indoor plant growth and create a great houseplant working environment for you.

    More Knowledge about LED Growing Lights

    1.Spectrum. Natural sunlight has all the colors on the electromagnetic spectrum. Some LED plant grow lights can only reproduce specific color frequencies like red and blue, while LED full spectrum grow lights produce all the tones required at each stage of the plant growth process.

    Blue light helps plants grow in the early stages. This is the first color that plants can absorb in their vegetative state; Violet light is also used in the vegetative state; however, it is not as effective for photosynthesis as blue light. Red light contributes to the later stages of growth and is essential for the flowering of flower buds; White light contains all the colors of the spectrum, it is effective at every stage of plant development.

    2. Power. PPFD (or photosynthetic photon flux density) is the most standard measure of quality. Due to the complexity of the calculation, recommend choose the power of LED growing light is 32W/square foot, and low-power growing lights can be used for ordinary green plants.

    3. Distance. Grow LED lights have less heat output than ordinary LED lights, and LED plant growing lights can be closer to the plant for different growth functions.

    4. Illumination time. The daily light time required for the normal growth of plants is 8-16 hours. If plants are often placed indoors, they need more artificial light, you can increase the growing lighting time to 16 hours.

    LED Grow Lights

  • LED Ring LightLED Ring Light

    Why choose a LED ring light?

    If you are a TIKTOK and Youtube fan or creator, you will often see those video bloggers always bring their own light show with sufficient light and high video quality. Needless to say, this is the charm of LED ring light for phone and camera.

    As a multi-purpose lighting tool, LED ring light is not limited to only one control method. You can control it by remote control, wire control or smart phone control, and powered it by USB or LED power supply (the control and power type according to the ring light you choose), and have a variety of colors (CCT/RGB/RGBW/7 colourful optional).

    Using crystal clear optical lens, wrought iron polished universal buckle, can be customized in different sizes.

    When you are in photography, video production or makeup, the LED ring light will produce a perfectly balanced light, reflecting the details of photos and videos and has unique colour effects.

    LED Ring Light

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