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DMX512 Series

MiBoxer Mi-Light DMX Lighting System accords with DMX512 standard protocol, gives simple and precise control of home lighting and outdoor landscape lighting, and the DMX decoder makes LED strips DMX-controllable. 

And most especially, MiBoxer Mi-Light has developed a wireless DMX signal transmitter, model FUTD01, that allows some of their LED strip controllers and light bulbs to be directly controlled by DMX console. (Some Mi-Light LED strip controllers are not compatible with wireless DMX, please pay attention to the difference.)

MiBoxer Mi-Light's DMX fixtures are not only compatible with standard DMX console controls, but also support RF 2.4GHz protocol, allowing you to operate them remotely via wireless remote control. These DMX fixtures can also be integrated into a WiFi system via a WiFi gateway, providing the perfect blend of traditional DMX control and the convenience of wireless remote operation.

Shop By Mi Light DMX Lighting Type

  • DMX Auto Editing Address LampDMX Auto Editing Address Lamp

    These MiBoxer Mi-Light auto-writing DMX address lights automate the writing of DMX addresses with the DMX address auto-editor FIR-DMX-XL. Using an intelligent algorithm to automatically assign addresses to DMX light fixtures, the tedious process of manual addressing is eliminated for ease of use. 

    This is very user-friendly for DMX systems containing a large number of fixtures. The DMX address auto editor is connected to the DMX console and outputs DMX512 signals to these DMX address auto writer lights.

  • DMX Master PanelsDMX Master Panels

    MiBoxer Mi-Light smart DMX wall panel controllers output DMX512 signals and wireless RF 2.4GHz signals to connect to DMX decoders to control white, CCT, RGB, RGBW, and RGBCCT LED strips, and directly wired to DMX lights for adjustment. These Mi-Light DMX panel controllers can be matched with the same brand of RF remote for wireless control.

    Touch panel DMX512 masters, can also be used as RF receivers. Touch the function buttons on the panel to realize the DMX control of LED strip lights. 4 zone control. 

  • DMX512 & RDM DecoderDMX512 & RDM Decoder

    MiBoxer Mi-Light DMX decoder, interprets standard DMX512 signals into PWM signals that constant voltage LED strips can understand to adjust 12-volt or 24-volt white, CCT, RGB, RGBW, RGBCCT led strips via DMX control. 

    ● Accord with DMX512 standard protocol. Support RDM function.

    ● Digital Display, Set DMX initial address through the button.

    ● 2000hz and 500hz output PWM frequency.

    ● Logarithm or Linear dimming curve.

    ● Anti-reverse protection function; short circuit, overcurrent protection, recovery function, self-testing protection function when power on.

  • DMX512 LightingDMX512 Lighting

    DMX lights supporting RDM protocol, using LED as light source, low power consumption. Produced by MiBoxer Mi-Light brand, DMX512 standard protocol compliant, RGB CCT full color light adjustment. Add beauty to your outdoor building lighting and landscape lighting with these Mi-Light DMX lights. 

    16 million colors to change, color temperature and brightness adjustable. logarithm and linear dimming curves. IP66 waterproof rate. 

  • DMX512 WirelessDMX512 Wireless

    RF remote control LED controllers and DMX light bulbs that can be wirelessly controlled by DMX consoles (DMX wireless transmitter FUTD01 is required). Wireless DMX eliminates the limitations of traditional DMX wiring, allowing for greater flexibility in the placement of lighting equipment in a variety of settings.

    By installing the Mi-Light FUTD01 wireless DMX transmitter on a DMX console, it will output a wireless DMX signal to light controllers and bulbs that are compatible with the FUTD01 DMX wireless transmitter, thus controlling these lighting fixtures through the DMX console.

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