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Flexible LED Channel Series

Bendable And Flexible LED Strip Channel Lighting utilizes flexible LED strip lights to provide an architectural and home lighting solution. These flexible tracks house the LED strips (sold separately) inside. The entire unit can be recessed into drywall or ceilings to easily shape curved light lines with soft illumination. 

There are two types of our Flexible And Bendable LED Light Channels, C-shaped (up-and-down) Bendable LED Channel for curved vertical surfaces, and S-shaped (left-and-right) Flexible LED Channel for horizontal surfaces. Choose the right type for your lighting design.

Our Flexible And Bendable LED Channel System includes a series of items you need, LED profile, PC or silicon diffuser cover, end caps, and mounting clips (some models not), sold as a whole set for your convenience. We offer Flexible LED Channel Series Sample Box to help you choose the right product for your curved lighting decoration needs.

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What is a Flexible LED Channel Lighting System?

The image below visually illustrates a flexible LED strip track lighting system. It includes straight/linear aluminum channels, LR Series aluminum tracks, and UD Series aluminum tracks, all of which have the same dimensions. This system continues the light from the ceiling to the walls and then to the floor, creating a three-dimensional room lighting effect.

LR Series UD Series Flexible LED Strip Light Tracks

flexible led strip lighting system


LR Series LED Tape Curved Track Lighting Suitable For: 

 Create a variety of curved ceiling lighting lines

 Curved ceiling navigation lighting

 Curved wall wash strip lighting around the ceiling

 Curved stair step lighting

 Design skirting lighting on curved walls as a guide

 Creating a curved wall waistline to enhance spatial layering


UD Series LED Strip Bendable Track Lighting Suitable For: 

 For undulating uneven ceiling planes

 Outline edges of curved ceiling+wall plane

 Emphasize the shape of arcade walkways/arches


Some Special Flexible LED Strip Lighting Designs

 Curved inside corner and outside corner lighting: our flexible QSG-3838BS inside corner molding and QSG-3838S outside corner molding are the first choice for curved home lighting line designs; outlining the rounded junction of columns and ceilings; outlining the entrance to arcades/arches;

 Suspended ceiling irregular edge lighting: With our QSG-2422LR, use strip light to outline the wavy/curved edge of suspended ceilings. 

Flexible LED Aluminum Channel

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