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Industrial LED Lighting

Illuminate your industrial and commercial spaces with cutting-edge LED lighting solutions from Super Lighting LED. Our comprehensive range of industrial lighting fixtures and commercial led outdoor lighting is designed to enhance productivity, safety, and energy efficiency in your facility. With superior quality and performance, our products are built to withstand the demands of rigorous industrial and commercial indoor and outdoor environments.

Discover the advantages of our industrial LED lighting collection. From high bay led lights, floodlights, wall wash led lights, led underwater lights, and led fountain lights to led panel lights, we have the perfect lighting solutions to meet your unique needs. Our products are carefully crafted using the latest LED technology, ensuring maximum brightness, long lifespan, and reduced maintenance costs.

Unmatched Energy Efficiency: Save on energy costs with our commercial LED lights and industrial LED lights that consume significantly less electricity compared to traditional lighting options. Experience remarkable energy savings without compromising on brightness.

Durability and Reliability: Built to withstand the harshest industrial conditions, our commercial industrial LED light fixtures are designed for long-lasting performance. Benefit from durable construction and reliable operation, reducing maintenance and replacement expenses.

Environmentally Friendly: As advocates for sustainability, our commercial LED lighting and industrial LED lighting solutions are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional lighting. Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future with our energy-efficient products.

Shop By Industrial LED Lighting Type

  • LED Pixel Module LightsLED Pixel Module Lights

    Perfect for exterior outdoor use LED Pixel Module Lights adapt high-quality WS2811, WS2801, UCS1903, DMX512 addressable RGB, UCS2904 addressable RGBW LED chips. The light exterior with environmental-friendly PC shell, which can resist ultraviolet rays, aging, and yellowing. 

    The integration of the smart IC chip allows each 1-LED or multi-LED light pixel module to be individually controlled for its own color, allowing for the display of fantastic lighting effects, perfect for house outdoor Christmas decorations and adding ambiance to other holiday events.

    By matching with the Dream Color LED controller, it can achieve dynamic effect of running horses and flowing water. These pixel lights strings with IP67/IP68 waterproof rating so they can be used for both indoor ornament lighting and outdoor decoration lighting and exterior sign lighting. 

    20/50PCS per string adopts advanced LED light source, high brightness, good light and color consistency, good color saturation, strong stability, etc.

    Pixel led string lights

  • LED Linear Bar LightingLED Linear Bar Lighting

    Check these outdoor LED light bars for your exterior lighting projects, perfect to light up buildings. Guardrail Tube Lighting and Outdoor Lighting are the two main applications for our linear bar lights. Outdoor linear led light bars are equipped with high waterproof and dustproof ratings to protect the inside LEDs from rain, moisture, dust, ensuring stable operation in wet exterior environments.

    Manufactured with rugged and weather-resistant materials, these waterproof led linear bar light fixtures are able to withstand the effects of natural environments such as UV rays, high and low temperatures, and have high mechanical strength and impact resistance to prevent damage caused by external forces.

    Our linear bar lighting includes both single-color and addressable SPI/TTL or DMX512 light types, provide simple and stable lighting effects or to achieve dynamic color changes. Each addressable led linear light bar can be controlled independently.

    One special product is the 360-degree fully illuminated linear light, which can be connected by a gimbal to create various shapes. The LL1-18 offers simple installation for indoor household lighting, with multiple color variations in RGB and color temperatures.

    LED Linear Bar Lighting
  • LED Wall Wash LightingLED Wall Wash Lighting

    Explore our extensive range of LED Wall Washers, including Rigid Linear LED Wall Washers, Flexible LED Strip Wall Washers, and Wall Washer Floodlights. LED Wall Washer is available in different light colors to decorate indoor and exterior lighting applications by adding an amazing color wall wash effect to the building walls. 

    Outdoor Wall Washer LED Light Bar attracts attention and creates an attractive visual environment for static buildings; Flexible Wall Wash LED Strip installed around home ceilings offers an even and smooth wash of light along the ceiling, creating a soft and inviting ambiance.

    The powerful LED Wall Washing Light Fixtures provide uniform indirect lighting, enhancing and brightening specific or large areas with ease. With options such as DMX512 controllable RGB or RGBW LED Wallwasher Light, you can effortlessly achieve stunning lighting effects for outdoor building outlines or bridge lighting projects.

    The LED wall washer uses a high-transmittance PMMA lens, high-brightness LED chip, low energy consumption, low light attenuation, high lumen. LED lamp body adopts aluminium material, which has good heat dissipation and corrosion resistance and has a long life. The exterior adopts thickened, toughened glass panel with strong hardness and high light transmittance. Both ends of the wall washer lamp adopt international standard three-core all-copper wire, and the tail adopts full-gluing waterproof treatment and a triple waterproof integrated sealing design. There is a thick aluminium bracket on the back: easy installation and use.

    What Are LED Wall Washer Lights?

    LED Wall Wash Lighting

  • LED Underwater LightLED Underwater Light

    Underwater LED lights are widely used in swimming pools, fountains, ponds, and other places, and are the first choice for underwater lighting.

    We provide two types professional underwater pool lights equipment:

    1. RGBCCT LED underwater light series independently developed by MIBOXER brand supports mobile APP control and third-party Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant device control through 433MHZ Gateway and has a variety of adjustable modes, With high-lumen LED chips and high-quality PC masks.

    2. Market special provide LED underwater light with single, RGB, DMX512 Addressable RGB colours optional,  a variety of power, size, and input voltage are available, which can be controlled by DMX controller and remote control.

    Using 304 stainless steel lamp body + plastic insert + tempered glass, waterproof interface line, super waterproof, explosion-proof, not easy to break. High-strength tempered glass is compressive and shatter-resistant and has high light efficiency. Can be used for spa lighting and hot tub lighting.

    3. Underwater LED strip lights to illuminate the edge or to outline the shape of pools.

    LED Underwater Light

  • LED Underground LightLED Underground Light

    Underground LED lights are commonly used for outdoor landscape lighting and passway lighting. They are waterproof and compact enough to withstand foot traffic. 

    Outdoor Underground Lights are generally IP67 waterproof, work normally in rainy weather; Underwater Underground Lights have a higher IP68 waterproof rating, they are specially designed for use in underwater environments such as swimming pools, ponds, etc. 

  • LED Fountain LightLED Fountain Light

    What's the difference between fountain lights and underwater lights?

    Both LED fountain lights and LED underwater lights use stainless steel bodies, high-permeability glass, viscous heat dissipation back cover, and international standard waterproof interface, but they are different in appearance. The fountain light is designed in a ring shape to accommodate the water column, and the underwater light is a full circle.

    LED fountain light is mainly used for hotel fountains, square fountains, community fountains, etc. while underwater LED light is primarily used for swimming pool lighting, spa lighting, hot tub lighting, landscape ponds, etc. 

    LED Fountain Light
  • LED FloodlightLED Floodlight

    Our indoor flood lights and waterproof outdoor flood lights are designed to provide overall uniform illumination for indoor home spaces and outdoor landscapes. Flood lights have a greater light-emitting angle and illumination range than spot lights, allowing areas to be clearly visible.

    Indoor LED flood light bulbs can replace traditional incandescent lights, they are smart and can be controlled via Bluetooth, WiFi or RF remote to produce different colors and brightness.

    UV flood lights are a special type of indoor flood light application that uses ultraviolet (UV) LEDs as a light source, typically in the 405nm/395nm/365nm UV-A bands, to excite fluorescent substances to produce visible light.

    Outdoor LED flood lights are commonly used in parks, plazas, gardens, and other outdoor landscaping locations to illuminate trees, statues, and other landscape elements to create a beautiful nighttime scene. Addressable RGB/RGBW, colorful RGB+CCT, and constant single color are available. 

    LED floodlights with mounting brackets can be securely fixed, adjusting the angle and irradiation range of the lamps as needed to ensure the desired lighting effect is achieved.

    Spotlight VS Floodlight

    LED Floodlight

  • LED Spotlight LightLED Spotlight Light

    LED spot lights are usually used to create light and shadow effects, and their light emission angle is usually small, often between 15 degrees and 45 degrees, to focus the light and create a clear projection.

    Through their small, concentrated light emitting angles, spot lights are able to project light in a targeted manner onto specific areas or objects to achieve precise and well-defined lighting effects.

    This directional nature makes interior indoor spot lights ideal for emphasizing or highlighting specific spatial details such as artwork, decorative objects or other design focal points. Outdoor spot lights focus primarily on specific landscapes or trees, giving the entire scene a unique aesthetic at night.

    Spotlight VS Floodlight

    LED Spotlight Light

  • LED High Bay LightsLED High Bay Lights

    Why people buy LED High Bay Lights?

    LED high bay light adopts ultra-narrow and thick pure aluminium plate to conduct heat dissipation and stamping + oil pressure + spinning process. The whole lamp is equipped with a respirator to make the lamp breathable, dry and fog-free, ensuring that the LED lamp can light up under harsh conditions. The whole lamp can be equipped with three kinds of lenses of 60 degrees, 90 degrees or 120 degrees. The entire lamp is waterproof up to IP65 and high CRI dimmable. Unlike LED floodlights (outdoor lighting, the light-emitting angle is more significant than 120 degrees, and the lighting range is wide), LED high bay lights are used in indoor high ceiling lighting, with large light-emitting angles and wide lighting ranges. Suitable for exhibition halls, highway toll stations, large supermarkets, etc.

    We provide two different lumens of LED high bay lights for your choice, 100/150/200W or 100/160/240W optional and 60/90/120 different beam angles optional. They have the same input voltage with widely used.

    LED High Bay Lights

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