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Dual White CCT Dimmable LED Strips

What is CCT or tunable white led strip?

CCT means correlated color temperature. It's used to describe the color of white led strip lights. CCT led strip lights are also called tunable white led strip and dimmable led strip lights. LED light strips with CCT color temperature allow you to adjust the white color from 2700K (warm white/soft white) to 6500K (daylight/pure white/bright white). Versatile and multi-purpose. In other words, you can have the warm white light, the natural white light, and bright light at the same time to suit your lighting needs. Whether to create mood lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, or commercial lighting, an adjustable color temperature led strip is always a good idea. 

There are two arrangement ways of the CCT LED light-emitting diodes: 

● 2in1 LED: two color temperatures are in one diode. 

● Individual arrangement LED: each color temperature is a single diode. High density and high brightness. Pure white+warm white, pure white+natural white, natural white+warm white, warm white+natural white+pure white optional. 

  • 3 Wire Tunable White LED Strip3 Wire Tunable White LED Strip

    Common CCT Tunable White LED Strip Lights are usually three-wire, i.e. one positive, one warm white negative, and one cool/daylight white negative. Tunable White LED Tape has two color temperature LED lights, usually 2700K/3000K warm white and 6000K/6500K daylight white in the form of 2-in-1 tunable white LED or independent W+W tunable white LED. 

    Tunable White Technology adjusts the color temperature and brightness of the white light, allowing you to switch between soft warm white and bright white. This tunable white dimming feature is ideal for creating different atmospheres in homes and commercial spaces, or for adapting the lighting to your needs.

    The two color temperatures that the White Tunable LED Strip consists of means that it can be any color within that temperature range, so our High CRI High-quality Tunable White LED Lighting Strip has a variable color temperature range from 2700K to 6500K white light. The color temperature change of the Tunable White LED Strip Light requires a tunable white controller.

    What is Tunable White LED Lighting?

    How to Wire Tunable White LED Strip?

  • 2 Wire Dim to Warm LED Strip2 Wire Dim to Warm LED Strip

    Dim to Warm LED Strip is a special CCT LED Strip with an overall warm glow. The color temperature change of Dim to Warm LED Tape is different from ordinary tunable white LED strip, it changes the light brightness at the same time the light color temperature is changing.

    Dim to Warm Technology simulates the effect of traditional halogen and incandescent lighting, with a color temperature of 3,000K or 2,700K warm light at its brightest, and a color temperature of 1,800K amber light at its dimmest. Of course we also offer other different Warm Dimming color temperature ranges, 6000K to 3000K, 4000K to 2700K, to adapt to different warm dim led strip lighting needs.

    Gradually changing from a brighter warm white light to a warmer orange-red light, the Dim-to-Warm LED Strip Light's circadian-adapted artificial sunset light effect is ideal for use in resting areas such as bedrooms.

    Since the Dim to Warm LED Strip is two-wire, i.e. one positive and one negative, it is compatible with 0-10V, DALI, Triac, Lutron dimming protocols.

    Dim to Warm vs Tunable White


3-Wire Tunable White LED Strip vs 2-Wire Dim to Warm LED Strip

Tunable White can be understood as CCT, Dual White, Color Temperature Adjustable, it means that you can adjust the LED strip light color temperature and brightness. In this regard, Tunable White Technology has the same meaning as Dim-to-Warm Technology.

1) Different Color Temperature Range. Tunable White Lighting LED Strips contain a color temperature range from 2700K-3000K warm white to 6000K-6500K daylight white; while Dim to Warm LED Lighting Strips only contain a warm white range from 1800K amber light to 3000K soft white, some can also be 3000K to 6000K or 2700K to 4000K.

2) Different Dimming Methods. Dimmable Tunable White LED Strip can be adjusted separately for light brightness and color temperature; while Dim to Warm LED Strip's color temperature decreases (warming to orange-red) as light brightness decreases.

3) Different Dimming Control. Tunable White Light Tape needs to be connected to a Tunable White LED Controller (CCT LED controller) to realize the color temperature change; while Dim to Warm Tape Light can be connected to 0-10V, DALI, Triac, Lutron dimming systems.

What Is Tunable LED White Lighting?

How to Wire CCT LED Strip?

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