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Wall Series LED Aluminum Channels

A drywall LED channel is an aluminum extrusion that is designed to be installed into drywall to create a seamless and professional-looking installation of LED strip lights. 

Drywall Light is a popular choice for commercial and architectural aesthetics lighting design. Recess Drywall LED Strip Channel into a gypsum or wood panel wall for a seamless look; Use Ceiling LED Strip Channel to create a sense of more expansive space in small rooms; Mount LED Drywall Channel on the wall surface for a "wall wash" or "wall grazing" effect; Built Plaster-In LED Channel into the corner to achieve a corner light line. 

LED Drywall Profile is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes such as silver, white, or black, to match the surrounding decor. And with different types of PC/PMMA covers to provide a diffusion and uniform lighting effect.

What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

  • Plaster In Drywall ChannelsPlaster In Drywall Channels

    Plaster in drywall led strip channels for commercial architectural and home building linear lighting designs, blend seamlessly with lime mud/wall structure to create various light-in-wall effects.

    LED drywall channel is made of durable aluminum material with holes on both wings, secured and embedded inside the wall by screws, and then plastered to achieve a smooth finish.

    Drywall LED channel is part of LED strip light installations, and it's also a heat sink for LEDs, this whole system is a modern architectural lighting solution.

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

  • Crown Molding Lighting ChannelsCrown Molding Lighting Channels

    These aluminum crown molding lighting profiles are mounted on the top wall of the room. They combine crown molding with LED light strips (sold separately) in one piece, with the light shining upwards to the ceiling and indirectly illuminate the whole room, creating a soft ambient light. Crown molding with led lights is a modern architectural lighting solution that enhances the ceiling's visual appeal.

    There are many different types of crown molding for different decorative needs. Traditional crown moulding uses delicate patterns to trim the joints between walls and ceilings, i.e., the ceiling corner areas. Some modern crown moldings also follows this approach to soften the room architectural lines, but the molding tends to be simpler to fit the modern home.

    In addition, contemporary crown molding has created a lighting accent for conventional ceilings by installing crown moulding on high walls close to the ceiling to extend the room's spaciousness.

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

    Guide To Ceiling Types And Ceiling Lighting

    Modern LED Ceiling Crown Moulding Lighting

  • Anti Glare Light ChannelsAnti Glare Light Channels

    Glare is the discomfort caused by an overly bright light source shining directly into the eyes. The anti-glare LED channel can reduce the direct exposure of LED strip light through reasonable optical design to reduce the discomfort caused by glare.

    By controlling the light scattering and distribution, anti-glare LED profile can create a comfortable visual environment, and improve visual quality and clarity, commonly used in office areas, study areas, public spaces, hotels, restaurants, and residential buildings.

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

  • Wall Wash LED ChannelsWall Wash LED Channels

    Wall wash LED profile is an extruded aluminum extrusion for wall lighting with LED strips (sold separately) installed inside to provide a uniform and soft illumination effect on the wall by scattering light through the diffuser cover.

    Wall washer LED profile is usually installed on the top or side of the wall to achieve different wall lighting effects. Illuminating the wall from the ceiling with wall wash led channel creates a more spacious and open feeling of space. Upward or downward wall wash led strip channel will expand the range of visual perception and bring a better sense of comfort to the interior environment.

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

  • Linear Up Down Wall Light ChannelsLinear Up Down Wall Light Channels

    These up and down LED linear light channels provide upward and downward lighting for more comprehensive and balanced illumination. The silver, white, or black aluminum finishes make wall mount linear up down light profiles that can also be wall sconces in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, retail stores, restaurants, etc.

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

  • Indirect Cove Lighting ChannelsIndirect Cove Lighting Channels

    These indirect lighting channels are concealed inside the recessed cove ceiling, allowing light to reflect out to create a soft, smooth distribution. Applying these LED strip channels to modern cove lighting can accentuate the ceiling design and decor of rooms, helping to expand the space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

    What LED Strip Widths Are Available?

    Guide To Ceiling Types And Ceiling Lighting

  • LED Cornice Lighting MouldingsLED Cornice Lighting Mouldings

    A cornice is a decorative architectural element that is installed at the junction of a wall and ceiling. Cornice moulding comes in different styles and profiles. Our cornice moldings are made from high-quality 6063-T5 aluminum, used to create a smooth transition between walls and ceilings, covering any inconsistencies or gaps in the joints.

    Cornice lighting is a common way to enhance the overall appearance of a room and add architectural detail. Modern cornice has a cleaner design that emphasizes simplicity and functionality. Cornice with lights provides soft, indirect ambient lighting that creates a warm and pleasant room atmosphere.

    Lighted cornice molding illuminates spaces near the ceiling. This is especially useful in rooms with low ceilings, as the light helps to create an illusion of height.

    Guide To Ceiling Types And Ceiling Lighting


Plaster in LED drywall channel for plasterboard walls and ceilings

Plaster-in drywall led channel creates a trimless recessed lighting effect that focuses on the emitted light rather than the fixture itself. It uses plaster to cover the drywall led strip channel, resulting in a smooth, flush surface with the surround. This seamless integration feature of modern architectural lighting makes an overall, even linear light distribution, while making your room spaces appear more spacious and designed.


Wall wash LED channel to create room ambient lighting

Wall wash LED channel, also known as wall wash LED profile, is mounted at the edge of a ceiling or high wall, or at the waistline of a wall, to illuminate the wall upwards or downwards, creating a smooth, even light wash.

Surface-mounted wall washer LED channel can be used as linear decorative wall sconces to enhance the visual appeal of a space. Recessed wall wash lighting is ideal for drywall and tile walls, where the fixture is hidden and only can see light.


Indoor linear wall sconces with up and down lighting

Linear up and down wall light is installed on interior walls to provide both upward and downward illumination, offering a balanced and symmetrical lighting effect. The upward light bounces off the ceiling, creating soft indirect lighting, while the downward light provides more focused localized lighting.


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