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LED Lighting Fixtures

These premium smart led lighting fixtures from MiBoxer Mi-Light brand take care of home indoor and outdoor lighting and commercial landscape lighting. MiBoxer Mi-Light led fixtures utilize advanced wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Radio Frequency (RF), and Zigbee technology for wireless remote control, allowing users to adjust light brightness, color, and scene settings via Mi-Light's RF remote, smartphone app, or other smart home system.

Multi color lighting effect is one of the features of MiBoxer Mi-Light lights with built-in RGB+CCT color modes, including dimming, white color temperature and colored light change. Users can customize the lighting atmosphere according to their personal preferences and occasion needs.

MiBoxer Mi-Light, as a brand focusing on led lighting control systems, their lights have high performance and stable connection with reliability. 

Mi-Light offers a wide range of LED light fixtures covering both indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Mi-Light's smart home light fixture collection includes LED bulbs, downlights, spotlights, track lights, magnetic lights, panel lights, and more; Outdoor landscape lighting collection includes floodlights, wall washers, underwater lights, underground lights, etc.

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Shop By Mi Light LED Fixtures Type

  • Multicolor LED Bulb LightsMulticolor LED Bulb Lights

    Mi-Light bulbs are equipped with wireless control (2.4GHz RF or Zigbee 3.0 ) and can be remotely controlled via Mi-Light's RF remote or smartphone app (with gateway) for light dimming, color adjustment, and scene setting.

    Mi-Light smart LED bulbs come in a variety of color and color temperature options (RGB+CCT mode), including white and colorful RGB light. Users can adjust the bulb light color and color temperature as needed to create different lighting effects.

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  • Household LED SpotlightsHousehold LED Spotlights

    Wirelessly controlled Mi-Light Indoor Spotlight allows for dimming, color adjustment (RGB+CCT), and scene setting via Mi-Light remote/controller, or smartphone app (with gateway).

  • LED RGB+CCT DownlightsLED RGB+CCT Downlights

    Smart LED Ceiling Recessed Downlights from Mi-Light Brand support intelligent RF, WiFi, Zigbee wireless dimming and Triac dimming, support third party voice control. Multiple in-ceiling led recessed downlights can be wirelessly synchronized with each other within the allowed range (30m remote control distance). The RGB+CCT light mode allows these ceiling downlights to display full color adjustable light such as various white and colored light changes, taking into account task lighting and ambient entertainment lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms suitable for led ceiling downlights...

  • LED RF RGB+CCT FloodlightLED RF RGB+CCT Floodlight

    Smart IP65 waterproof outdoor LED landscape floodlight from MiBoxer Mi-Light brand, compatible with Mi-light RF remote control and Zigbee system control. The large beam angle of 160 degrees can effectively cover a large area of outdoor landscape. Multiple Mi-Light RGB+CCT LED landscape floodlights can be synchronized within a distance of 30 meters, and the RF wireless signals can be transmitted to more smart floodlights through RF repeaters.

    These outdoor floodlights are made of aluminum alloy bottom cases and imported material covers with a fashionable appearance, weatherproof and dustproof, energy-saving and environmental protecting, etc. features. Widely used in parks, apartments, gardens, streets, etc.

  • LED RGB+CCT Garden LightLED RGB+CCT Garden Light

    MiBoxer / Mi-Light outdoor wireless smart RGB+CCT color changing led landscape lighting series. These color changing landscape lights with AC 110V/120V/220V high voltage (line voltage) or DC 24V low voltage power input, adapt 2.4GHz RF or Zigbee 3.0 wireless technology, intelligent control of one or more landscape flood lights and landscape spot lights. 

    The RGB+CCT colored landscape lights accommodate a wide variety of landscape lighting uses, adding ambiance or just illuminating the trees and paths/driveways in your garden. Wireless transmission between multiple landscape lights makes it suitable for a variety of commercial and home landscapes.

  • LED RGB+CCT Wall WasherLED RGB+CCT Wall Washer

    Smart LED Outdoor Building Lights from MiBoxer Mi-Light brand are equipped with RF wireless technology and can be controlled remotely via the same brand's remote control. Exterior building lights with DMX control allow users to adjust LED parameters on the DMX controller for more advanced, versatile and precise control of light color, brightness, modes and more.

    These RGB+CCT full color tuning exterior building lighting fixtures are used to provide decorative lighting for the exterior of a building. The light shines on the walls of a house or commercial building to emphasize architectural features such as windows, arches, columns, etc., making them more noticeable at night.

  • LED RGB+CCT Underground LightLED RGB+CCT Underground Light

    Smart RGB+CCT LED Inground Lights from MiBoxer Mi-Light brand for outdoor plaza, park and swimming pool inground landscape lighting with IP68 waterproof rating, compatible with RF wireless control signal and DMX control signal, presenting a variety of underground landscape effects (color, color temperature, brightness, saturation adjustable).

    These outdoor inground lighting housings are made of die-cast aluminum and stainless steel, the lenses are made of high-transmittance PC with smooth light and no diffuse shadows. The silicone seal protects the LED light source and can be operated underwater.

  • LED RGB+CCT Underwater LightLED RGB+CCT Underwater Light

    Remote Controlled Submersible LED Lights from MiBoxer Mi-Light brand, compatible with RF wireless or DMX control signals, have the highest IP68 waterproof rating to ensure their reliability and safety in pool, pond and other water bodies.

    These smart RGB+CCT color changing led submersible lights are designed with AC12V or DC12-24V low voltage to ensure safety when operating underwater. Made of corrosion-resistant and waterproof materials, with effective sealing design to ensure that water will not penetrate into the interior of the submersible light.

    Three types are available, recessed or underground led submersible light, wall mounted led submersible light, and adjustable angle led submersible light.

  • RGB+CCT LED Panel LightRGB+CCT LED Panel Light

    Smart LED Ceiling Light Panels from MiBoxer Mi-Light brand, appear as a flat square shape, with RGB CCT light brightness, color, color temperature and on/off status adjustable by Mi-Light remote control.

    These smart flat panel led lights are made of aluminum alloy, light guide plate, diffusion plate, fully sealed design, moisture-proof and mosquito-proof. The 160 degree beam angle can effectively illuminate a large space, whether it is an office, commercial space, exhibition hall, conference room or other large areas. The light has no flicker, no glare, no dark area, and can provide an even and soft lighting effect.

  • RGB+CCT LED Linear LightRGB+CCT LED Linear Light

    Smart wireless remote control linear lighting from MiBoxer Mi-Light brand, powered by line voltage, RGB CCT color change through Mi-Light remote control and mobile APP control (gateway required). Multiple wireless linear lights can be synchronized for display.

    The case of Mi Light linear light is made of PC material, lampshade and lamp body are integrally formed, with anti-fire, IP66 waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosive, and anti-UV function, the appearance is simple and stylish.

  • LED Rail TracklightLED Rail Tracklight

    Smart remote control magnetic spotlight track lighting from MiBoxer Mi-Light brand, compatible with wireless 2.4GHz RF or Zigbee signals, allows you to change the color, brightness, saturation and lighting angle of the track spotlight via RF remote control or smartphone app. 

    Multiple led ceiling track spotlights can be controlled simultaneously or even individually. The status of the magnetic rail spotlight can be saved in the remote control or mobile app. The power supply in the magnetic track lighting system is conducted through the track.

  • LED RF RGB+CCT Magnetic LightLED RF RGB+CCT Magnetic Light

    Smart remote control magnetic linear track lighting system from MiBoxer Mi-Light brand, compatible with wireless 2.4GHz RF or Zigbee 3.0 signals, which allows you to change the color, brightness, saturation and lighting angle of the linear track light via Mi Light's RF remote or smartphone app.

    The unique feature of the magnetic track lighting system is that the installation and adjustment of the linear light fixture is carried out using magnetic technology. The fixtures can be easily attached to the track and are also able to flexibly adjust their position. 

    The track and the light are the two main components of the magnetic track light system. The power supply for the magnetic track light is conducted through the track. The magnetic track lighting system supports the combination of multiple fixtures. Users can install multiple magnetic linear lights or linear spotlights on the same track to form an overall lighting system.

    Mi-Light Smart LED Magnetic Linear Track Lighting System

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