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Wireless LED Controller

These Mi-Light RF Series Controllers cover a wide range of color options for low-voltage LED strips, from single color to adjustable white to RGB to RGBW to RGBCCT. Choose the corresponding controller type based on the color of your light strip.

Miboxer Product Catalogue

  • 5-in-1 LED Controller Series5-in-1 LED Controller Series

    What is a 5-in-1 LED Controller?

    A controller that has W channel, CW+WW channels, R+G+B channels, R+G+B+W channels, and R+G+B+WW+CW channels at the same time is called a 5-in-1 controller. You can connect it to a white/adjustable white/RGB/RGBW/RGBCCT led strip.

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  • RGB+CCT 6CH Controller SeriesRGB+CCT 6CH Controller Series

    Use these LED RGB+CCT Controllers to adjust your RGBCCT led strip and light. Match with Mi-light RF RGB+CCT remotes. 

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  • RGBW 5CH Controller SeriesRGBW 5CH Controller Series

    Controllers manufactured by MiBoxer (Mi-Light) specifically designed for constant voltage RGBW led lights and strips. Use wireless communication to match with Mi Light RGBW remote to control the changes of colorful RGBW led strips. 

    Note: The MiBoxer Mi-Light's RF RGBW led controller is only compatible with MiBoxer Mi-Light's remote control. It's recommended to use the same control system brand for your LED lights.

  • RGB 4CH Controller SeriesRGB 4CH Controller Series

    RGB LED Strip Controllers manufactured by MiBoxer (Mi-Light) are equipped with a variety of wireless technologies like RF 2.4GHz, WiFi, and Zigbee to freely control your RGB LED strip and build your presonal colorful smart home lighting. Multiple controllers can synchronize lighting effects within an effective distance. Compatible with MiBoxer Mi-Light RGB remotes only. 

  • Dual Color CCT 3CH Dimmer SeriesDual Color CCT 3CH Dimmer Series

    Specifically designed for CCT led strips (color temperature adjustable strips), the controller uses RF wireless communication to match the Mi Light series' dual color remote control to control the color temperature change of white LEDs.

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  • Single Color 2CH Dimmer SeriesSingle Color 2CH Dimmer Series

    Designed specifically for white or other single color LED strips, the dimmable controllers use RF wireless communication to match the dimmers in the Mi Light RF series to control the brightness change of the LED lights.

     Miboxer Product Catalogue

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