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LED Fiber Optic Lights

Welcome to our LED Fiber Optic Lights category! Fiber optic lighting systems utilize LED technology to deliver stunning visual effects and energy efficiency. They work by transmitting light that is emitted by the fiber optic illuminator through flexible, transparent PMMA fiber wires. 

At SuperLightingLED, we offer a wide range of fiber optic products, including kits, illuminators, and cables. Explore our collection and find the perfect solution for your next lighting project. 

LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

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  • Car Use Fiber Optic KitCar Use Fiber Optic Kit

    LED Fiber Optic Lights For Cars couple LED light source and fiber optics cables to make interior car decorations. 

    What can you do with our Car Fiber Optic Lighting Kit?

    1. Interior Car Star Ceiling / Starlight Headliner: By installing fiber optic lights in the car roof lining, you can simulate the effect of a starry night sky.

    2. Dashboard and Center Console Lighting: Install fiber optic lights around the dashboard and center console to provide soft background lighting for the driver and passengers.

    3. Porch lighting: Install fiber optic lights inside the doors to provide lighting for passengers entering and exiting the vehicle.

    4. Foot lighting: Install fiber optic lights under the front and rear seats to provide foot lighting.

    5. Seat Lighting: Installing fiber optic lights around the seats or on the seat backs to provide additional comfort to passengers.

    Installing Fiber Optic Lights In Car: 

    Step 1. Plan the fiber optic light layout and select the appropriate fiber optic light kit.

    Step 2. Route the fiber optic cable through the holes or gaps in the vehicle interior according to your design requirements.

    Step 3. Connect the fiber optic to the LED light source, and connect the light source to the vehicle's power system.

    Step 4. Turn on the light source, check the fiber optic light effect and make adjustments.

    Elevate your car's interior ambiance with our captivating Fiber Optic Car Lights. 

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

    Car LED Fiber Optic Lights

  • LED Fiber Optic Light KitLED Fiber Optic Light Kit

    LED fiber optic lights kit includes LED fiber optic cables which are available in different numbers and lengths, a fiber optic illuminator (with plug), and an RF remote. The fiber optic lighting engine supports one head and two heads, and the fiber optic LED lighting matching RGBW color mode can create various lighting effects, such as starry sky, constellation, hanging curtain, etc. 

    The fiber optic illuminator can be controlled by RF remote, the control method is convenient, and it can realize a variety of control commands, change the brightness, change the color, change the dynamic mode, etc. 

    With our fiber optic starlight headliner kits, you can effortlessly transform any location into a dazzling starry environment.

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

  • LED Fiber Optic CableLED Fiber Optic Cable

    Fiber optic light cable is the main body in LED fiber optic lighting systems. We provide fiber optic light strands with different diameters (0.75mm-14mm) and spool lengths (1-100m) to meet your needs. Buy these end glow, full body glow, and side glow fiber optics cables for your home decorative lighting and outdoor ambient lighting. 

    When installing LED fiber optic cable lighting, make sure that the installation environment is clean and tidy. If dust enters the end of the LED fiber optic or the fiber cable is covered with dust, it will darken the light transmission.

    Note: A complete LED fiber optic lighting system should contain fiber optic led strips and fiber optic light sources (sold separately). 

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

  • Optic Fiber IlluminatorOptic Fiber Illuminator

    To make your fiber optic glow, you must have a fiber optic illuminator. We offer many types of fiber optic light sources to cater to your fiber optic decorative lighting. Our fiber optic light source illuminator can be controlled by a RF remote or a smartphone through WiFi and Bluetooth. Select a category that interests you to view.

    What is a fiber optic illuminator?

    Fiber optic illuminator is the light source in fiber optic lighting, it usually uses LEDs to emit different colors of light, such as various solid colors, RGB and RGBW changing colors. LED fiber optic illuminator can be connected to a car power system, powered via USB, or directly connected to the home grid for ease of use.

    How do fiber optics glow?

    Fiber optic itself does not emit light, it must be connected to a fiber optic light source to transmit light and allow you to see fiber optic light. Fiber optics and fiber optical illuminators are used together.

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

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Is fiber optic worth the cost?

Fiber optic lighting can be worth the cost for specific applications, primarily due to its energy efficiency, low maintenance, safety, and unique aesthetic effects. 

Is fiber optic better than LED?

Fiber optic lights and LEDs have different applications and advantages. Fiber optic lights provide a unique, starry effect and are perfect for decorative purposes, while LEDs offer versatility and brightness for general lighting needs.

How do fiber optic lights work?

The fiber optic cable transmits the light from the LED light source machine to the other end of the fiber, presenting the effect of end glow or whole body glow.

How long do fiber optic lights last?

Fiber optic lights have a long lifespan, typically lasting up to 50,000 hours. The fiber wires themselves can last indefinitely, as they do not produce heat or degrade over time.

Do fiber optic lights use a lot of electricity?

Fiber optic lights are energy-efficient, as they use a single LED light source to illuminate multiple fibers. This low power consumption makes them an eco-friendly choice for decorative lighting and landscape lighting.

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