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LED Fiber Optic Lights

What is optical fiber? - LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

LED fiber optic lights adopt high-purity core material, which can ensure that quality problems such as breakage and deformation, effectively reduce the light transmission attenuation, and realize efficient light transmission. No ultraviolet lights, no heat, no electrical damage, long service life, durability, and strong plasticity.

What is fiber optic cable?

The optical fiber cable itself does not emit LED light and transmits light to the intended place by constantly reflecting. Coupled with LED fiber optic illuminators can produce colorful visual effects, starry sky, waterfalls, various artistic patterns, etc. Widely used in hotels, bars, KTV, large stages, waterscape lighting, urban lighting, museums, cars, and other places.

What can you get?

Here, you can purchase: 1. LED fiber optic lights for your car decoration, add fiber optics to outlet your car. 2. LED fiber optic lighting kit, saving your time browsing the various products. 3. LED fiber optic cable with different diameters and lengths. 4. RGB / RGBW / DMX optic fiber LED light engine to control your fiber optic lighting effects through RF remote control or Bluetooth/WiFi. 


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  • Car Use Fiber Optic KitCar Use Fiber Optic Kit

    LED fiber optic lights for cars couple high-brightness LEDs and optical fibers to convert LED point light into soft linear light, suitable for car ambient lighting and exterior car night light decoration.

    Car LED fiber optic lighting kit includes 3-8mm diameter fiber optic cable to display a single color, red, green, blue, white, yellow, pink, purple, and ice blue, to meet your different color needs, and DC5V/DC12v 1-6 heads RGB lighting engines to control the light color that optic cable displays.

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

  • LED Fiber Optic Light KitLED Fiber Optic Light Kit

    LED fiber optic lights kit includes LED fiber optic cables which are available in different numbers and lengths, a fiber optic illuminator (with plug), and an RF remote. The fiber optic lighting engine supports one head and two heads, and the LED fiber optic lighting matching RGBW color mode can create various lighting effects, such as starry sky, constellation, hanging curtain, etc. 

    The fiber optic illuminator can be controlled by RF remote control, the control method is convenient, and it can realize a variety of control commands, change the brightness, change the color, change the dynamic mode, etc. 

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

  • LED Fiber Optic CableLED Fiber Optic Cable

    LED fiber optic cables are the main body in the optic fiber lighting system, using PMMA material, we provide fiber optic cables with different widths (0.5mm-8mm) and lengths (1-100m), which are enough to meet your needs. We have three types of the LED fiber optics, end-emitting, body-emitting, and side-emitting, choose the right one for your fiber optic lights decoration.

    When installing the optic fiber cable, make sure that the installation environment is clean and tidy. If dust enters the end of the optic fiber or the fiber cable is covered with dust, it will darken the light transmission.

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

  • Optic Fiber IlluminatorOptic Fiber Illuminator

    Select the right fiber optic illuminator for your LED fiber optic lights. The LED optic fiber light engine is available in RGB, RGBW, twinkle color modes, and DMX mode to create fiber optic lighting system with different colors and atmospheres. The fiber optic cable illuminator can be controlled by remote control through a RF remote or WiFi, Bluetooth intelligent control through a smartphone.

    LED Fiber Optic Lights Guide

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